Pss DCUO!... Batman Beyond.... exists?

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    Overly complicated is putting it mildly.

    And your analogy is false, because she wrote both. It would be more like Warner Bros Media taking and making a Harry Potter TV series w/o getting permission from JK Rowling all because they made the other movies. They had to license the title to produce the movies. It's no different than DC Comics and Batman Beyond. It was created from a different part and the IP is owned by different people than the Publishing part. Then throw in the mix that Daybreak/Dimensional Ink has a license to the Published characters.

    It can be done, but costs a lot of money and time to get it.
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It's because DC didn't fully invent Terry McGinnis. Batman Beyond was a collaboration between writers at WB and DC for the DC Animated Universe. Terry McGinnis wasn't even added officially to the mainstream DC Universe until 2014. Having a Batman Beyond episode shouldn't be an issue though otherwise we wouldn't have his Rebirth costume in game.
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    Well, it's nice that you don't have a clue as to how contract law or copyright law work, but that's fixable. The law magically changing to how you want it to be isn't.

    Argue all you like with the universe. You can even crack a book, or a web page, and learn, if you like.

    Or you can just argue with it according to your own personal logic. That'll get you far. Knowing nothing about a subject is always helpful to understanding it, after all. Getting courts to agree with you: not as easy.
  4. Ergotth Committed Player

    She wrote the book "Fantasrtic Beasts" which is non-narrative, so all the characters that are not Scamander don't exist outside the movie. But she also wrote the script, so we are back to square one.
  5. Ergotth Committed Player

    Maybe thats why forums exist in the first place? For people to SHARE KNOWLEDGE THROUGH CIVILIZED DISCUSSIONS? So don't be all condenscending and "hollier than thou" just because you think you have the absolute superior knowledge of everything. Just one iota of arrogance can really make a discussion undesirable.
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    No... Because the analogy is false. As they were written by her directly. You are digging your heals in the sand all because you want something othere are trying to explain to you that it is unlikely due to licensing. It is not impossible, but there are so many characters and stories they do have access to within their license that they can do. We got his suit because it was not Terry, but just a skin.

    Please, we aren't (well at least some of us) trying to be rude and say NO. I would love a Batman Beyond DLC, but I don't think it's happening anytime soon.

    I would love a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold DLC, which is more likely.
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  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Let's see if this doesn't clear things up a little...(Some info from WIKI)

    + Star Trek was originally a televisions series. (DUH!)
    + Gold Key put out a comic book version from 1967-1978. "...featured original characters and concepts,..."
    + Paramount gave the license to Marvel in 1979.
    + Marvel's license were barred from using concepts or characters created by Gold Key

    Gold Key is a very good example in this situation. Because they obtained licenses from several other companies. And in all cases Gold Key owned the concepts of their books even though they didn't own the actual properties they were based on.

    Because while they were created for the same universe, Paramount's connection with Gold Key was not work-for-hire. Therefore the original content was still the property of Gold Key. Even if Paramount bought Gold Key, that doesn't mean they automatically own all of the content. It would be Gold Key's contracts with the creative talent which would decided if Paramount would be able to use the final product in a movie or television show.

    And before anyone chimes in about Marvel's work-for-hire practices...Gold Key's contracts were much more talent friendly than Marvel or DC's. In fact many stories/art created for Gold Key were under assumed names so Marvel/DC wouldn't know they were working for two companies at the same time.
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  8. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    you're right. Batman Beyond does exist. but so do the Doom Patrol, Kamandi, Adam Strange, the Freedom Fighters, the Creature Commandos, Andrew Bennett, the Metal Men, the Watchmen, & the Seven Soldiers of Victory. &, honestly, I would rather see any one of those in-game before I see another Batman or Batman-related anything ( see also Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, & the Flash ). DC Comics has over 80 years of characters & lore. I would much rather see the game explore that richness than keep going back to the same old same old over & over again. but, you know, that's just me.
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  9. Controller Loyal Player

    Batman Beyond DLC "AND" a Milestone Media (DC) DLC, please.

    One can only dream.
  10. Controller Loyal Player

    Loved how DC was able to pull off the use of Batman Beyond in Justice League Unlimited's "The once and future thing parts I and II"

    As well as the use of Bartholemew (Bat) Lash, Jonah Hex and other obscure DC characters?

    Here's hoping ONE DAY the same could be done in DCUO.
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    I already explained, and you blithely counter-"explained" why your imaginary version of law must be true and reality untrue.

    It's not as if you asked questions. You simply declared that because reality didn't adhere to your logic, it's not your logic that needed to be modified, but that reality as I explained it wasn't so.

    This doesn't encourage spending much time repeating one's self. I was also simply dazed at how easily you ran with the idea that you can argue reality away.

    BATMAN BEYOND was not created by DC Comics. It was created by Warner Brothers animation. These are different corporations, albeit owned by the same mega-corporation. Contracts had to be written establishing the rights to the creations of BATMAN BEYOND.

    When DCUO was created, contracts had to be drawn up specifying what rights SOE, at the time, was licensing from DC Comics. These then included only rights to comics characters owned by DC Comics. Characters created by other arms of Warner Brothers were not included in those rights. Any later inclusions had to be subsequently negotiated separately.

    This continues and will continue to be true. Just because in your imagination all the DC characters, wherever created, exist in your headcanon does not mean that copyright law, trademark law, and contract law follow the rules of your imagination. They don't. This is about business, not art. (Or it's about the business of art, if you prefer.)

    I hope these links help. If you have further questions, I will try to answer them if the answer doesn't require an essay on my part. I grant that copyright law, trademark law (the characters are trademarked), and contract law, can be complex subjects, particularly where they overlap.
  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Take a look at the copyright notice at the end of the credits for any movie and you'll see "the author of this screenplay for copyright purposes is [STUDIO]."

    Creators own the rights to their own rights and may license some or all of those rights. Movies are made by corporations and the corporation typically owns the copyright, not any of the writers the corporation hired to write the screenplay or story. (Typically many writers work on movie scripts, typically under a form of work-for-hire in which the writers retain no rights, though it can also be more complicated than that, depending.)

    But simply put, Rowling owns the copyright to her books, but not to movies made from her work, including movies where she was hired to write the script.
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    Not just you sir, I think you make a very valid point. Before we go campaigning for more Batstuff, let's explore some more of that rich DC lore that has nothing to do with the trinity or lanterns or speedsters. Please.
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  14. Ergotth Committed Player

    nah, that J. K. Rowling analogy is dead on arrival, lets forget about that :p
    And while I'm not saying it should happen SOON, it would be just nice to see DCUO TRY to give it some attention or closure SOMEDAY since recently new content feels kinda recycled, while we got some new stuff like Perpetua, the rest of it feels like just recycled, recolored and reskinned material without much focus on the finer details. Either that or like Legion where we get a huge map, new zones, new NPCs, but just... 2 missions, and thats it :p Maybe because there wasn't a narrative plot to adapt like Judas Contract (1 duo, 1 alert and 2 raids plus HUB world) or Metal (2 parts), but recently DCUO feels unfocused and scatterbrained. Picking something more oldschool and dwelving into it with more depth could give us SOMETHING to look forward to. Although this Legion of Doom episode is "part I" or a grand story, so lets sit back and wait.
  15. Ergotth Committed Player

    Dang it! Thats a good point! xD
    I actualy think Daybreak dropped the ball by not giving us some DOom Patrol content when the series hit season 2 or 3, and this one is old-school DC at its best, plus related to Beast Boy to develop this character further.
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  16. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    man, I would love an open world Danny the Street!
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

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  18. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    I approve of this message lol.

    Though for story I wonder if they would cover his early comic history like from Batman/Superman Annual #4 from 2006 and the comics he appeared in prior to the New 52? Or would they cover his New 52 era comics which were directly tied to many other characters New 52 stories? Would they cover the Futures End story and how Brainiac was taking over Earth and how Bruce sent Terry back to the past to save the future? Honestly, that one even has elements of our DCUO lore of a possible future apocalypse at the hands of Brainiac and going back in time to prevent it similar to our own characters origin stories. I could honestly do without the Tim Drake Beyond storyline, tho going with some stories from Batman Beyond Rebirth wouldn’t be bad. Heck, we already have his costume in game from it. I highly doubt we would see stories from his Animited Series, his comics from the early 2000s that followed it and were still in the Animated Universe, or Return of the Joker all due to licensing although that would be neat as hell lol.
  19. Ergotth Committed Player

    After Flashpoint Paradox in DCUO, I don't want ANYTHING with Brainiac involved xD that little "plot twist" was unforgivable!