psn down.......?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Msstat1c, May 17, 2014.

  1. Msstat1c Committed Player

    Can't sign in to psn on ps4. Anyone else?
  2. Meta Flare New Player

    It's ps4 only I think. I can sign on on pay ps3 but not 4
  3. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    oh joy this again :)...
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  4. DirtyPirate123 New Player

    This shut is really getting ******* old. What company is closed on a mother****ing sat night . Peak time at that. **** YOU SONY
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  5. Propel New Player

    I rarely post, but this is seriously insane with the PS4 logins again. There's literally no excuse anymore. No excuse. None. None. None. They are just terrible at their jobs. It's really that simple. Deserving of being fired immediately. It's astounding. I'm angry about it and overall just amazed they can be this incompetent for this stretch of time.

    I can't even anymore.
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  6. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I keep getting under maintenance alerts then it signs me out.

    Just have to ride it out...again.
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  7. Little Sister New Player

    I'm on totally fine, USPS. It may be regional. I'm southeast (Georgia)
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  8. chrisj31840 New Player

    Anyone know any info on why it is down or for how long? Mine has been down almost 8 hours now.
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  9. GreenAddict New Player

    So a raging wild fire is no excuse!
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  10. dozer New Player

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  11. Clip New Player

    Can i get this cool batman helmet now that the ps4 died on saturday? ^^
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  12. Blue Spectrex New Player

    I'm in Georgia too but it's still not letting me sign in. You might be really lucky.
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  13. OpRevolveR New Player

    I'm down as well.
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  14. Propel New Player

    Nope. Unless the last 12 PS4-only downtimes were also wildfire related, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they are just terrible at their jobs.
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  15. AJPro Committed Player

    Weird like certain accounts...says psn maintenance and logged me out only to not let me log back in...but my friends on ps4 logged on playing the game and can even use the psn store...with his friends list....
  16. winter13 New Player

    This is at least the second time today this has happened. "Sony Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance". I didn't see an announcement about this happening multiple times today. Oh well...I shut the game off.
  17. OpRevolveR New Player

    I finally got back on just to be kicked again. Tried to play another online game with the same luck
  18. winter13 New Player

    Hopefully this won't happen multiple times tomorrow too.
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