PSA: CR 263 Knocks You Out Of Two Sources of MoVs.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrMigraine, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    With the advent of Justice League Dark, we once again move up the relevance chain, trading out the ability to get Marks of Victory from Titans content to JLD content.

    And that's par for the course.

    However, if you've been farming MoVs from Death of Superman content, that gravy train also stops as soon as you hit CR263.

    If you want to hold onto some of that shiny new JLD stuff for a day or two and grab a few extra weekly chunks of MoVs, nobody will blame you. :D
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  2. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Yea why even get op gear because of this stuff
  3. myandria Item Storage



    This is why it isn't a good idea to rush to get to Elite content and gear with each new content release; you get less content enjoyment and longevity. As for my characters, they will be enjoying JLD, Atlantis, Doomed Metropolis and Titans because none of them are higher than CR258. Farming marks has never been much of an issue for me; keeping a good amount at all times is the problem. ;):D
  4. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Because the scaling new gear will start higher the higher your CR is.

    It’s a good PSA though if you’re still needing MoV
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  5. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    It’s a dumb psa. What he failed to mention is even tho your losing content that gives mov your also aging new content that gives mov.
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  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    He's simply letting people know.
    How is that dumb?
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  7. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Oh no you didn’t just insult my Migraine !

    He’s saying instead of losing 1 DLCs worth of MoV we’re actually losing 2. You seem like the dumb one.
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  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    This is why there were more people, like myself, doing this older content today. Getting the extra weekly bonus stuff out of the way one last time.

    *thumbs up to OP*
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  9. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Sis walking away from this thread like
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Although I was aware of the double loss(and will be sitting on gear till at least next week's reset), it's nice to see someone spreading info some may NOT know. Good PSA.

    I forsee Doomed Metro getting a lot quieter in a week or so.

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  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Just as a FYI, Paradox wave is still a great place to hit each week. 5 Mark's of victory drop weekly. Plus, I like helping low levels get all the feats. It's a win win.
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  12. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Appreciate the heads up! Though I always seem too flushed with MoVs-- tfw you finish an objective and get the red text that you couldn't collect your MoV reward. Feels bad :(
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  13. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay not that I do not dislike the whole "relevancy" set up in general but with out even looking (since I have yet to even try but I am assuming the new DLC is still being uploaded and I could not if I wanted to) I am going to assume all you mean is at 263 players lose the MOV ONLY portion of the Death of Superman content. A player can still go and collect Tributes? My highest Alt is CR 258 so that means I am five CR away from not getting any MOV running the daily/weekly stuff in doomed Metropolis. Ummm that same alt has a full set of armor from EVERY vendor in the game. NOW I am still running to Constantine and buying Catalysts when I get close to 200 MOV and of course I pay out a few Marks every 60 days to keep all my utility belt toys at tier 3 but that's about it. I assume that as I do the JLD content I will be getting MOV from that.... which will be used to do the exact same thing since I have no other use for those marks any more. Now I also still get 1 mark a day for doing the vault and any lock boxes I acquire are also handing me a mark...

    Now personally I do not like being all but locked out of lower content and getting no marks at all while I am running any older content that has a feat I am still working on but with what little we can even use an MOV for these days.... Does it really even matter?
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  14. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    never saw the point in rushing...ill get sorc or my rage or my gadgets..someone will step onto those maps and kick A when they do...jus' sayin'...btw...if you wanted to real money monetize the old A.M. system in DCUO youd create "artifacts"...yes/no??!!
  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Well the title of the post is:
    PSA: CR 263 Knocks You Out Of Two Sources of MoVs

    So, yeah....that assumption should be safe.

    If you don't need MoV, the PSA was not for you. Do you call the TV stations and say "HEY....I don't do drugs, so quit playing these 'this is your brain on drugs' PSAs" Do you call the Surgeon General and let him know you don't need the warning on the side of a cigarette package because you don't smoke?

    It's super awesome that you are flush with MoVs....I feel happy for you. There are others on the game who like farming them for Cats or whatever. 263 will lock them out of 2 sources of MoV and on a normal DLC you lose 1. Guy was just giving a heads up in case someone had not thought of the DD stuff going along with TT content.
    You keep like 30 sets of armor on your alt? 300 inventory/bank slots? Thought I was nuts for holding onto my old OP items and that's like 25 pieces.

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  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Money, money, money, money.

    Our marks buy Constantine boxes, the contents are able to be sold on the broker. This is a very easy way to make money. I'm sitting on a good amount of unopened boxes myself.

    Just saying, they are not worth nothing, and to those who think it's not fair, it is.

    End gamers would kill the broker with caches and material for artifacts. It would get out of control.
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  17. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    See my other response. This isn't a bad thing. There has to be some kind of limit or check in place.
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  18. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Let me answer the question in RED first.... YEAH I have over 30 complete sets of armor I Carry around daily. Ummmmm Have you heard of this thing we can do now called SALVAGE? I BUY the armor and get the feat for having the full set. I salvage the armor and use it up up the level on my AUGMENT... and I CARRY around 1 set of gear on my back and a second set that is the armor for my "other" role in game. The other sets are LONG since gone... Unlike some I do not horde a pile of useless crap ... like to get rid of it so I have room for the stuff that I actually do want and need.

    Now let us take a quick look at another portion of MY post shall we......

    YES we are losing two ways to still get marks but it has no effect on getting our CR higher but since The Death of Superman content does not ever award any type of armor that anyone can salvage it doesn't affect increasing a players augments. And since it will still be handing out Nth metal this change has no effect on increasing a players artifact level until they hit a level like 120, 140 or 160 where they NEED a catalyst. IN short.. The world will not come to an end
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    This is a good PSA

    Smart people will farm these marks out for the week and take a few dailies before moving up in CR.

    This is good advice.
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  20. myandria Item Storage

    Hahhaaa! Sorry, I could not resist!
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