PS5 crashing at an unacceptable rate..

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    I've crashed a total of 11 times over the last 2 days. I crashed 7 times in 3 hours yesterday. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, and have now crashed 4 times over the last hour while trying to play with a friend. I have no other games that crash like this. It's a problem. And short of just uninstalling and leaving the game for good, I'm at a loss now as to how to go about fixing it. I've turned down all the graphics options and on screen information I could, as I said already I've gone about uninstalling and reinstalling the ps5 version of the application.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix being worked on? Should I just leave it at this point? I didn't even have an account here until just now because it has become such an issue. I've played for a long time and would really rather not step away from it. Just need to know, from staff, if this is a known problem and if something to fix it is being worked on.
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    Gonna make sure this stays bumped till there's a reply from the staff...
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    Ah yes. Gotham sub forum - the best place for bug reports.
    Why not posting and up vote the existing BUG REPORT in the BUG REPORT sub? Do you think this here gets attention from the devs? They don't even look at the "popular ones"
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    I'll continue to post and bump, if only because your ******** comment wasn't needed.
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    Post bugs in the bug section.
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    i mean. technically a forum mod would have moved this to bugs an hour after it was know...

    on the other hand, its a 2011 game on a ps5....i dont expect much