Ps5 announced for holiday 2020! What are Daybreak's plans for dcuo?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by TeflontheIcon, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. TeflontheIcon Well-Known Player

    I have watched a lot of vids on this and I could of swore I saw a clip of Dcuo in one of them. What are the devs plans? Will this be one of the games at launch? Will it be one of the backwards compatible games or a PS4/5 joined server? I can go on... But wanted to open up this line of discussion. "I so excite!"

    As you where men.
  2. C3alix Committed Player

    Most likely the same thing they did when the PS4 launched. They'll still share the server until Sony decides to pull the plug.

    But i'm speculating DCUO is going to be one of cross-play games that'll work better on the PS5.
  3. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    Until the information changes otherwise, DCUO will be playable on the PS5 which is supposed to maintain backwards compatibility with PS4 games. Therefore there is nothing that needs to be done to prepare for the PS5.

    As for the speculations, hopes and wishes that players have for some kind of magical graphical will find yourselves sorely disappointed and will have no one to blame but yourselves for it since Daybreak/DCUO has not at any point mentioned any major upgrades for the upcoming PS5.

    This doesn't mean that there won't be any improvements or additions to the game...just that there are ZERO announced plans (currently) to upgrade the graphics beyond what they've done with NPCs, styles and other cosmetic additions. They will still continue fixing things and expanding on Quality of Life additions.

    As for any other "plans", they won't give us any kind of roadmap anymore...too many things change at various points and that causes forumites to get up in arms whenever something announced doesn't come to pass. So they'll dole out info as things are close to dropping as they have been doing for the last few years.
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  4. Batman2099earthcold New Player

    **** i have the ps4 since december 2017. AND i before that i played the game in pc for a while until my PC can't handle
  5. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Zero. New hardware isn't the problem here.
  6. Has2besaid Committed Player

    So you don't think they are working on dcuo 2 on the dl?
  7. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    This is my theory on why there's so much reused content. Yes, it's wishful thinking.
  8. Lugo Well-Known Player

    Something tells me this will never happen. Why should they have special plans for the PS5 or a DCUO2? You all seem happy with the devs just adding more of the same to this ugly, outdated game.

    I feel like DC is in sort of a sweet spot where they've got a loyal but small base that'll pay for anything they push out unconditionally. It's as if they won't or maybe can't do anything big or expansive or any major overhauls when they can just put new makeup on Gotham or CC. Or a hundredth time capsule. Or new ways to buy your way through the game.

    Maybe it won't attract and hold new players, but DC doesn't have to since the old players who are used to and enjoy the mediocrity will sustain the game for as long as it remains subpar. It's a nice spot where you get decent returns for minimal effort.

    But then again I don't know the numbers, this is all speculation. I'm just going buy the dead low tier queues and the personal experience of everyone I've introduced the game to calling it ugly and deleting it within days.

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