PS4 Release Will Kill DCUO if....

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by H2 Pwn, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. H2 Pwn New Player

    This game will not be able to be playable on the PS4, I do not plan on getting a ps4 right away, and I would be heartbroken if half the community stops playing DC to play new PS4 games. Devs please make this game playable on the ps4, im not asking for you guys to make a brand new version for the ps4 only, in fact I think a great Thing to do will be to put the ps4 players on the ps3 server. I know people will not leave DC right away once the ps4 is released but the population will constantly go down at a fast Rate probably in the following 6 months.
  2. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Hmmm. Well seeing as how people are still playing FF online on the PS2, I think DCUO may survive even if it doesn't get to move to the new hardware.
  3. Ilunis New Player

    Yeah, when they announced no support for digital titles (which makes no damn sense to me), I got a bit worried. Keep in mind, OP, that this is not a decision by the devs, but by Sony.
  4. Kain New Player

    Eh, its not like theyve been giving us anything good to do anyway. Just keep trying to give us new reasons to play old content.
  5. risen New Player

    I don't plan on rushing out to pick up a ps4
  6. The Kitsune New Player

    I would not worry. The announcement was just yesterday. It will not get released anytime soon. SO give it time to see will happen.
  7. Im Charlie New Player

    All games die off at some point, its a part of life. Even if the ps4 and dcuo arent compatible its not like there is gonna be a ton of new titles games out there when it is released. DCUO will survive at least a year or 2 if the devs continue to dish out content.
  8. WorldsDown New Player

    Likewise... after being an early adopter of both the PS2 and PS3, I am holding off this time around. Besides, I feel like there is plenty of stuff still left for me to play on my PS3. And my 360, for that matter.
  9. graydogg51 New Player

    I waited years for the PS3 before buying. It was Arkham Asylum and this game in development that put me over the edge on buying. Ill but a PS4 launch day if they can set up a launcher for the PS4. I'd pay the service plan for the cloud service on top of my monthly legendary fees to play on PS4, assuming we get better game and visuals performance than playing directly on the PS3. #DCUOFORPS4
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  10. Hallows Eve New Player

    ding ding ding
  11. FrankDma1962 New Player

    I'll be holding off on the 4 until a generation or so goes by. Usually the first ones out have problems left and right. Look at the fats they had for 3. I went through two of them before getting a thin and it has lasted (knocking on wood) over two years now.
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  12. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    I too will be holding off on the PS4 until it works properly (unlike my 80GB Fat PS3), has games, and perhaps a better customer service (only so many times you can get told "sorry but we won't help") that answer drives away my business. And it not being able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, or the PSN Download PS3 games (like DCUO) also drives me away from making that purchase.
  13. Super_National New Player

    I didn't know that, but then again my kids aren't the least bit interested in the PS4 (nor were they in the PS3) anyway, and are dedicated to Xbox.

    Well, Warner Brothers owns both Turbine and DC Comics, so if DCUO ends-up eventually going under, it isn't like WB couldn't get another produced. Then again, unless the MMO market changes for the better in the coming years, I seriously doubt they would even consider it. Not that I'm convinced Turbine could do it well, anyway.
  14. Ladypheenix New Player

    Funny thing is i had been sharing ps3 with my husband till he got me my own recently so yeah it will be a while before i get the ps4 besides everyone knows the first gen are full off bugs and pretty expensive i'm in no rush sine i would need to buy 2.:confused:
  15. SpagTheTapdancer New Player

    I wonder if the people who make these threads have any clue WHY the ps4 isn't going to be backward compatible.
  16. OMAAR New Player

    Is it because of the CPU structure? Cell vs x86?
  17. SpagTheTapdancer New Player

    that's one of the bigger chunks of it.
  18. WorldsDown New Player

    Cutting out backwards compatibility also cuts down on the production costs.

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