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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Raikken, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Superskull85 Loyal Player

    For a 10 Mbps consistent download I was done after 5 hours. DCUO will come with the client itself and update 31 separate downloading at the same time.

    So DCUo is not live for PS4 atm....hmmm
  3. sAssyCc New Player

    I was number 1 last night here in Texas at a Best Buy ~

    I also keep getting the failed to connect and retry option ~
  4. Cirocband New Player

    I was #11 in Nashville at Best Buy for the PS4 and I let mines download overnight. Woke up and tried to get on DCU and it failed to connect to the game server. I switched back to my ps3 and was able to log in just fine. :eek:o_O :mad:
  5. Fightingbudha New Player

    Connection failure here as well. Can a developer please update us ps4 people with eta to getting us online? I knew there would be issues with GU31 there is with every update , but I didn't think it would have effect on my ability to log into PS4.
  6. LisaLoeb New Player

    I am playing fine....

    This sucks. Sorry to hear that. It would be nice if someone responded since the customers have been up all night downloading and trying to play DCUO.
  8. Fightingbudha New Player

    Did you do something special for it to work? I am running out of ideas on how to get this to work

    I'm sure once the "green" team wakes up that they will offer their sincere apologies and ensure you that they are "investigating", "sorry for the "inconvenience", and that they will work hard to get a hotfix out for the "known issues SOON TM"
  10. Physique Committed Player

    Couple of questions for those with this issue. When you started your PS4, did you get a prompt to download any sort of firmware and, if not, did you check to see if there were any updates to install from PSN? My understanding is that a day one firmware update (1.50) was being deployed and would be necessary before online play was possible. If that has not been installed, that could be a possible reason why connection is so spotty.

    Outside of that, there may be router addressing issues on either the PSN side or the SOE side of things because up until launch, all of the server data had been routed differently. This could as simple as either PSN or SOE throwing the big "ON' switch or could be a more detailed procedure which will require additional download before you gain access.

    One of the first things you should do at this point, if you still have been unable to connect, is open up a support ticket, let them know the connection issues you're having as well as any troubleshooting steps you've taken to resolve it. Do keep in mind that SOE Support may not actually have access to a PS4 to actually know what you're looking at so be as detailed as you need to be and maybe upload an image of your screen so they can see firsthand what the issue is.

    So far, there have been a number of people who've posted both here, on these forums, on Facebook, and on Twitter citing similar issues so odds are good that SOE may already be aware of the issue but none of the official forum-posting Green names are in-office yet. That should happen fairly quickly (in Mepps' case, anyway) and he'll probably enlighten us (after taking something for his headache and fast-developing ulcers).

    Edit: I was rooting around the PS4 site (this seems to be a PS4 issue and not an SOE one) and found this information about firmware update 1.50:

    If you haven't done this, there may be your problem.
  11. 13igtyme New Player

    What did I tell you about using logic! What is this nonsense.
  12. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    That sounds like something went bad in the network card. Most likely due to the overuse of it and the fact they may have never really cared for wired users and expected everyone to be wireless so they used subpar hardware.
  13. Kyzax New Player

    I still haven't been able to get on DCUO via PS4. Have been back on PS3 while waiting for the issue to be resolved.
  14. DatTroll New Player

  15. graydogg51 New Player

    I can't get in either. All other other games online functions work properly but DCUO at the moment so I don't think its a PSN issue. Thankfully I have a few other things to play for now, but want to play DCUO the most.

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