PS4 crashing 12/10/12 code CE-34878-0

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by Zim, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Zim New Player

    Title meant to say 12/10/13

    Got this code several times in a row. Then rebooted the PS4 twice and both times once I logged in was kicked from game and got the code again.

    Never had this issue until today and I got my PS4 at launch. Any suggestions?
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  2. Solutha New Player

    I know on the PS3 you could force a file check at the intial loading screen. Maybe try doing it for the PS4. not sure if it will work.
  3. WreckTech New Player

    Ever since the psn maintenance, and the maintenance to DCUO itself my game has been crashing, and crashing, and freezing, and crashing...I used to have a very similar issue where after every single pvp match I would get disconnected on PS3. I have still not gone back to trying because I just gave up on it. On PS4 the issue is even worse. 90 percent of the time I start a pvp match, the game will crash before it even starts, and then the the game will just crash upon logging in.

    Additionally, I just tried once more, and this time the game froze. I was forced to use the power button as everything was unresponsive, and reboot, now after submitting my thousandth report to sony it shows the DC is still running. I tried to close the "application" (game) and it has been sitting here attempting to close DC for nearly 20 minutes.

    Not to say I didn't expect this kind of crap, but seriously guys...the game is literally unplayable.
  4. Joykiller New Player

    My PS4 seems to hard freeze when I'm scrolling through the menu bar too fast (going from one menu to the next and back very quickly).
  5. Super duper cooper man New Player

    I've reinstalled now multiple times and nothing has happened. Now it is doing the same thing again and guess what no admin replies. Thanks you guys really helping there.
  6. Zim New Player

    Can I get a green name to comment on this please?
  7. Super duper cooper man New Player

    Lol of course not.
  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is a generic crash/disconnect that we are working with PSN to track down.
  9. Playhard New Player

    I have crashed 3 times in a row just logging in and opening menu. You have to open menu immediately, to you know, fix the mic sound issue that will never get fixed. I thought all the fanboys said all the issues were because of PS3?
  10. Solutha New Player

    I'm surprised the mic issue still exists on the PS4. Since the PS4 is based off PC tech it seems they would have fixed it. To my undrestanding PC doesn't have this issue. Only thing I can think of is it has something to do with how the settings are saved on the PS3-4 side. Only reason I think that is because it saves my setting files every day even if I don't change them.
  11. Playhard New Player

    Well I'm on my 6th DC in only a couple hours. My league is laughing at me. I am not laughing though. I've been sending in my crash reports every single time. You'd think they'd actually do something.
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  12. Super duper cooper man New Player

    I just want to play again on my next gen console. It hurts reverting back to ps3 please, please, this should become dcuos top priority i get some people have mic issues or game problems within instances, but some people who paid money for this game can't even play :( please help us first.
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  13. Ragnarok New Player

    This is still happening. 5 times in a row - literally 5 apart tops from each other. I will try hardwiring the LAN connection instead of using wifi and see if that helps at all. It happened yesterday too, anytime I opened or changed the style tab. Today's disconnects were just from questing around.
  14. DarthNighwing New Player

    I am constantly getting this error ever since the update yesterday. I have uninstalled the game reinstalled the game and I still keep crashing getting this error.
  15. Ragnarok New Player

    Update: Since plugging the LAN cable directly into the PS4, I have had no major crashes or glitches. In fact, I'm wondering if a portion of the game isn't streamed server side or if its just packet-heavy code as the whole engine seems to be running faster. Less pop in for sure, and definitely less slow down or screen-judder when in crowded areas.

    I'm interested in feedback from others who have tried this.

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