PS4 Client Hotfix - February 6, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I liked that my capes were rebellious. The man (in this case, physics) isn't going to keep my capes down.
  2. Radium Devoted Player

    You don't actually need to do that.

    Jusr press the PS button on your controller while in the game then click back onto the game. Keyboard should be fixed.
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  3. danielqpk New Player

    If not go to messages open keyboard when about to type something & go back to DC that just loads the keyboard up.
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  4. DarthSizzle Dedicated Player

    We know they are not ideal but here it is anyway on reset day and at prime hours. Best developing team heads up and more hours of lost time that paying subs wont get credit for ty team
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  5. Protecktor MKV Committed Player

    My download started at 20 minutes but now says it will take 38 hours to download after it stopped at 4299 megabytes and is not progressing at all
  6. Cyclotrode X New Player

    Will this hotfix address the hard freeze issue as well? twice in two days -_-
  7. ICYHURR New Player

    Thanks guys i'll try it after this update.
  8. Dogico Loyal Player

    Nothing there, there isn't a progress bar under the DCUO game app, and I can't get past the Joker loading screen.
  9. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    I could run 3 Assault & Battery runs in the time it will take for me to just get into the game tonight. Just to give you some perspective on how long these patches will take with someone that doesn't have the choice of higher speeds. Please really considering keeping PS4 patches until daily restart until the patch sizes are reduced. At the very least please give us some heads up. A zero minute patch patch is not good for any player who is either coming new into the game or had an issue that forced them to quit the game.

    I can't emphasize enough the importance of heads up with the current state of PS4 patches. It really is a problem to be forced to download a large patch during irregular and unexpected time frames. Time frames in which a league might have been comfortable scheduling runs in *hint* *hint* .

    PS4 players in general would have gone through the trouble of the PS3 and they were patient. The troubles with the new content was more than manageable and could have been continued to be managed until the next restart.
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  10. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yea I saw that mb download...I thought I accidentally deleted the game...but it's just an update lol...a huge update...
  11. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    The size of the update I understand is out of your control right now.

    But to implement it on reset day and during peak hours without notice....not cool guys. :(
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  12. Green Lantern New Player

    My goodness. 7+ Gigs
  13. Weapon XV12 New Player

    Are you guys going to address the keyboard issue when switching characters on ps4 not appearing anytime soon???
  14. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Any fix for the disconnects and the problems with the ps4 players having issues getting on .
  15. Joshuaroto New Player

    I'd rather they hold off on that 30 gig 1 day patch
  16. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    So I downloaded an update on PS3 that was 28mb and now I'm downloading a PS4 update that is 7gb?
  17. Sidgurd New Player

    A tip for PS4 users. If you're not playing anything else while the patch is downloading, try putting your PS4 in stand by mode. I don't know, why but downloads seem to go by a lot faster that way.

    *Shrugs* I just started playing, picked up war on light and sons of trigun and have just about hit 30. So, I'm not as invested as some other players, but I find that an "it is what it is" stand point makes things like this insanely more bare able. Should the team have given us a heads up? Sure. But there's a patch and I have to download it to play...OK.

    I have played other mmo's extensively and other online games as well. We all know things break, patches go out. Personally I don't even keep up with when they're going to. Patches and hotfixes happen. If your time is that valuable to you go do something you had scheduled to do later and get it out of the way. That way you're less stressed for time when you can come back, and you got something done.

    I know scheduling can be a problem, but if you had notice that this hotfix was happening today you wouldn't have gotten to go anyways and would have to schedule for a different day, which you will do now. So, if you have time to get on after the hot fix do what you would have done on the new scheduled day of the raid. Treat it as if you did know because it might as well be the same thing.

    Now for the team, I may seem willy nilly about my time but when it comes to plans I can get pretty serious. Even if I go to work and find that they send me home due to whatever and it's paid, I still want to work because I've already set up what I'm going to do and pre paired for the day. I might even have gotten attached to the idea. Now I'm not bummed, cause it's work, but we're talking about something we do for fun, something we look forward to.

    Now, I've been looking forward to gaming, relieve some stress, and just flat out relax. But now my plan is busted because of a fix without notice. That can be pretty frustrating. Yes, I'll find something else to do, but it wont be as good or enjoyable maybe. Had I have had notice I could have planned around it, and though I may still be bummed at least my train of thought and plans wern't derailed.

    That's your customer base, enjoyment and it's many aspects, and you know that, and we know that patches come out and hotfixes are put up. Sooo, why don't we start acting like we know that? *shrugs* I personally don't care either way, but I car about who this iis stressing out on the player side and the development side, because some of the things people have said, and will say, are, no doubt, going to stress you guys as well.

    As far as the fixes, thanks for fixing them. It's much appreciated.


    P.S. also...most of this is because I'm bored waiting on the patch, bit there is some validity in the points...chill, be understanding, both side and you'll see this game, ans community, go places you may not have thought they would. *shrugs* just some Chinese fortune cookie crap lol. Enjoy
  18. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX New Player

    Every time I see the hours left for the download, I die a little more inside. 1 hour…..4hours…..8hours...:eek::(
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  19. Joshuaroto New Player

    Played other moms lol
  20. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX New Player

    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! 7HOURS :)
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