PS3 Rendering Issues

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MrMigraine, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. RapidRay Committed Player

    The quick fix for the Aquacultural kiosk...go to recent text with LFG on, hit the name at the top of the list and select "phase with" until you hit a name not already in your phase. The kiosk will appear quickly.
    This same trick can be applied when a briefing or investigation does not appear in a place you are certain there is one. I had to do it several times as I was running my alts through the Home Turf stuff on Arkham, Strykers, Steelworks and Ace.

    One of the reasons the PS3 is slow to render is data flow. I areas with high populations of players AND NPCs, you're surrounded by a lot of information. What everyone around you is wearing, any powers they may be using, the number of Joker Goons and Chemoids nearby...all of that information takes time to get to you. You are also broadcasting your own customized data to them as well.
    Again, if you are in a phase/area where a lot of players and NPCs are slowing down your rendering, go to a safe place nearby where you won't be attacked quickly, use the LFG/recent text/phase trick to until you find a phase that loads faster.

    It's not a universal solution, but a handy workaround at times.
  2. pouncake372 New Player

    cant stand waiting 10 min for things to render,gotta love being killed by phantom npc's
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  3. Ice Knight Well-Known Player

    This should be the first thing addressed and fixed before anything would solve alot of problems
  4. Thunderm2k New Player

    Has anyone else found switching to SSD giving there PS3 better performance?
  5. Warlan New Player

    Why is it when there are just four of us against two mobs (Batman/Catwoman) those mobs are invisible. This isn't a limitation on the PS3, it's either an inability to code properly or test properly. But hey, I guess I'm paying them to test their stuff so it's all gravy.
  6. Herx Active Player

    On 5/7/2013 on the USPS3 Villain PvE server, I went to South Gotham to farm a collection one of my alts needs. I was there in a one-block area for at least 10-15 minutes, and the other Villain players present never rendered (I wasn't in a group). I could see their green diamonds on my mini-map and saw sorcery and earth powers being used by them right in front of me, but when I went to the "Nearby" menu, no other players' names appeared, only my toon's name.
    I went into the Spring event alert, and when I came out, the same thing happened. The other players appeared on my mini-map, but when I pulled up the "Nearby" menu, mine was the only name there, even though I could see the flack from their fight with wing armors and bounders, etc. The NPC's appeared as shadows (not fully rendered) after about 5 minutes, but the other players never did render at all.
  7. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    It's unfortunate that one of the black marks against DLC7 is that so many of the cutscenes are unwatchable because of rendering issues.
    On Krypton, I watched a wall while Jor-El and Lara talked. :(
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  8. wilyfox New Player

    Wow. I have been complaining about my internet connection for days now. Apparently that's not the problem. I have to fly over an area and wait for the minimap to show me enemies first before I land so I don't get killed by enemies I can't even see. It's become pretty frustrating.
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  9. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    I really hope at some point the rendering of at least the stuff during the cutscenes starts to work. The story is the best part IMO but the majority of the time I'm left scratching my head wondering what is going on because I don't see any iconic characters, don't see my character walking in the cutscenes (like the beginning of the Hands of Fate Operations), and typically if I don't see them then I don't get their voices either so I'm just left confused on what the heck is going on storywise. Sound effects still play but none of the cutscene character voices do.

    I played the Operations for Origin Crisis and literally saw nothing in the cutscenes the first day I played them. I was talking in league chat about how I loved the look and feel of the new DLC but have no idea what is going on since there was no story explanations in the content. Then the next night I played Brothers in Arms really late at night and everything rendered. I was blown away that there actually was a story going on. I was so confused on what was happening on Krypton up to that point.

    Devs please let us see and hear the story.
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  10. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    At least you're hearing them. I am not even getting that most of the time.
  11. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    I absolutely hate the rendering issues that keep you locked in super movement and the UI disappears. You lose control of your character and keep moving in a straight line. Your only hope is smacking against a building or wall that locks you in place so the surrounding environment can load enough for the UI to finally kick in.

    The UI needs ultimate priority over everything.
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  12. Golden_Assassin Committed Player

    Yes the rendering in game on USPS3 is terrible. From watching the blocks form into buildings, to not seeing the detail of the characters in cutscenes and lag in instances where you are getting hit but can't see the enemy until 10 seconds later.

    This has been going on for over a year. Has any attention been paid to this (quality assurance, QA team, testing, etc.)

    - Gold
  13. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    There hasn't been any comments from SOE about this since this issue was reported. I'm curious if anyone in the Dev team can comment on if there is any headway being done to allow for us on the PS3 to see the cutscenes instead of just a camera moving around a blank room? Also we have been dealing with invisible adds, bosses, and worst of all invisible one shot attacks (i.e. invisible meteors in Black Dawn when fighting Tala, invisible gas at second boss in Nexus, etc.)

    If nothing can be done to allow us on the PS3 to view the cutscenes and view the adds/bosses/special attacks then I wish you all would be forthcoming with that information. I want to experience Jor-El talking in Brothers in Arms, I want to see my team walking into Dr. Fates study at the beginning of Black Dawn, I want to be able to see the Guise of the Nexus when someone first gets stunned by him not 10 seconds later. If these rendering issues can't be fixed for the PS3 then tell us please.
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  14. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I can hear crickets in the background....

    I'm half tempted to buy a SSD and see if it helps me.....
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  15. WorldsDown New Player

    I couldn't agree more.

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  16. Objeckt Well-Known Player

    I still haven't seen the opening cutscene of Nexus correctly. Most of the time, my character and team are only shadows, sometimes we're visible but everyone is bald, then whatever batman is supposed to be speaking is invisible. Was disappointing the first time I ran it because I wanted to get into the raid/story and it really takes away any immersion you can have.
  17. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Well, swapping to an SSD has been a night and say difference for me...

    Okay, the drive is in, the times were taken, and I'm a happy camper.....

    The old drive was a stock 320GB model with 280GB available......

    From game select on XMB to toon select in DCUO:
    HDD - 1:56.3
    SSD - 1:08.9

    From toon select into lair with everything rendered:
    HDD - 0:53.2
    SSD - 0:27.2

    From my lair in Tomorrow District to Hospital for Vengeance (waiting for everything to render after arrival):
    HDD - 2:19.8
    SSD - 0:45.8

    Loading out of DDPD and waiting for everything to render (always seemed long here so I checked it):
    HDD - 1:48.3
    SSD - 0:29.6

    Supersonic Flight from DDPD to ACE for T4 solos (waiting for everything to render):
    HDD - 2:03.9
    SSD - 0:54.8

    Average of 6 loading screens:
    HDD - 0:48.9
    SSD - 0:13.3

    SSD used is a Samsung 840 series 120GB. You can decide if the times are worth the $100 to you.... Had I not heard about the PS4 I'd say without a doubt, but now I might say I'd deal with the times for 6 months and put the $100 towards the PS4....

    After hearing DeadMeat say they made changes to the Unreal Engine to stream from the HDD because the lack of memory in the PS3 I figured it was definitely worth a try...

    It's definitely from the HDD's, and now the question for many is wait for the PS4 or go SSD for 6 months....
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  18. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    What about cutscenes? Especially the Operation ones (Hands of Fate or Origin Crisis). I almost never see any of the characters loaded in those, sometimes I get shadow people, but at the worst I get no voice or characters. I'm curious if those start working with the SSD installed.
  19. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Seems to be hit or miss. It used to always be miss though. I finally actually saw Batman & Catwoman during the fight in the T5A....

    I've heard sometimes they don't work on the PC side as well so it may be some programming issues as well?
  20. DragonusDarque New Player

    This is one of my complaints, too. Also, when you fly to a mission area and see no enemies or anything, but you are still taking damage. Can't fight back because no one is there, but meantime I lose half my health because I had to escape a not loaded mission area.
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