PS v PC - Should I?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JustSome_Chick, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I have been playing on the PS3 on and off since 2012. I've got several level 30 characters so you know I've done all of the never changing level up content enough times.

    However, I also got an SOE All Access pass to pick up EQ and EQ2 again, and as I sit here downloaded 20GB of updates to DCUO I am wondering if PC is that much different - or if I should just stick with the PS.

    I don't relish paying for 2 memberships when I could consolidate, but I don't particularly relish the thought of starting from scratch with all of the time and money I've put into the PS - especially if the experience won't be much different.

    For those who have played both - I guess maybe it comes down to hotkeys vs console controller limitations?

    Are there any other noticeable differences (besides being able to access test server) that I can look forward to?

    Thanks for any insights :)
  2. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Please do, maybe the PC guys will stay out of the PSN DOWN AGAIN thread...

  3. Proxystar #Perception

    I played on PS3 a long time ago and eventually moved to the PC and never looked back.

    The PC is smoother, the graphics are better, the economy isn't as ridiculously inflated and the community is generally speaking pretty cool.

    The sales are better (as mad as that will make the PS3 guys, sorry :D) I'd just switch, USPC server is way better than EU too
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  4. evil keebler elf Well-Known Player

    Go and read some of the comments left by PC players about the psn being down. Should give you an idea of how the pc n ps community differ
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  5. ChuckLess New Player

    PC is way better. You can even use a controller instead of mouse and keyboard if ya like.

    Just the visual difference would be worth it alone.
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  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    PC. You get free access to other games. The PC test server, and better sales.

    I only choose PS because of the population and friends that are on PS.
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  7. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Honestly, the thought of being able to do combat using hotkeys is one of the biggest reasons I am downloading it right now (since I'm already paying for All Access for EQ offline broker rights LOL). I am just wondering if that will be satisfying enough to make up for having to start from scratch and not return to all of the marketplace content I've bought (but don't really use all that much anyway I guess - I mean how many star skins and glowies can a girl wear anyway heh)
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  8. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I gotta say - 15 gigs of a 20gig patch done in a little over an hour sure beats the heck out of the update download times on my PS3, same internet connection. Fascinating, that ...
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  9. evil keebler elf Well-Known Player

    Ya i would love to sit in front of a screen that is a fraction of the size of the screen i use for my ps4 while sitting on the couch....across the room. And from what ive read by pc gamers on some posts, im really glad im on the PS
  10. MrBeefCakes New Player

    I play on both but if these attacks keep happening then I would move to PC. The thing with moving is doing the grind all over.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Because you can't have your PC hooked up to a massive LED TV.
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  12. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I have to sit close to my TV to play anyway - it's not small it's just a thing with my vision. Also, I have back pain issues from mild scoliosis and there's only one comfortable chair in my house- which happens to be the same one I play PC games and console games on (and watch TV in) anyway. So, while I totally get that aspect of it, it's a non-issue for me. I have a GIANT monitor (not for my vision, just lucky that a client upgraded and gave me her gorgeous castoff) so it's not even remotely tiny to me.

    But, i do get that for sure.
  13. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Multiple platform is the win for that. I couldn't watch Netflix last night on my PS3 so I just hopped on my tablet and streamed via Chromecast. Ah, good times. Anyhoo...
  14. MrBeefCakes New Player

    That's rough, I'm just glad my Netflix worked on my ps4.
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  15. ChuckLess New Player

  16. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Console peasants....

    Don't they teach people about PC Master Race in schools nowadays?
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  17. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I hadn't even gone into the PSN down thread because I already knew what was happening - but reading through there now I find it amusing I post this topic on the heels of it. What timing.

    I've been a PC gamer since DinoWars on my TRS-80 in the early 80s and a console gamer since the first Nintendo (and an arcade gamer since I could reach the paddles or buttons) and I think the whole argument about which is better is SILLY.

    Both platforms are awesome. Games! In every way every day! I just wanted to know what the differences in the game itself are, or if hotkeys vs static button combos are the only difference.

    "Can't we all just get along... and play lots and lots of games??"