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  1. TheNexGen New Player

    PvP is lacking because it's not important enough to them. It doesn't make them any money.

  2. TheNexGen New Player

    I can agree to a certain extent. Allowing members the ability to unlock sp's for free isn't a massive source of income. It's a benefit for supporting the game 2+ years. Those who haven't played long barely have lots of skill points. Replaying duos, alerts, and raids would still make them enough money. Stabilizers is a huge money grab and discussing how much money is spent to get all the feats necessary for these capsules are a guaranteed $200+. I don't mind an increase in membership price if the benefits are worth it. As for PvP, I don't see it improving until we decide to do a massive patch on PvP. We would have to fix bugs, equalize powers and balance power & weapon instead of ALL power. The advertising is something many have discussed and should still be. DC Universe Online could have a much larger audience if they use their social media networks properly. With the amount of money they make daily, monthly, and yearly it shouldn't be an issue. Also i'm fine with a whole revamp if it means having a much cleaner gaming experience. The game is in 2021 and still plays/looks like it's in 2013. People are vocal for DLC's to come out and wonder why we get mediocre content.

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    Sounds pretty selfless considering PvP is dead. The only way you're getting 4v4 or 8v8 feats is if you find 16 people who want to sit and TRADE wins. I'm all for playing PvP, but good luck earning feats on stuff people no longer run. Also balancing PvP = Impossible .

  4. TheNexGen New Player

    I didn't come here for everyone to agree. I came for constructive feedback. I don't care how "hard" people worked for those feats. I want those feats as well but as stated above unless you have 8 people for 4v4s and 16 people for 8v8's, good luck catching those feats.

  5. TheNexGen New Player

    I always find people like you to be funny so let me help break it down for you. You stated that it's a "MASSIVE" loss of income. How much money is made off people unlocking feats on other characters? How many people do this daily, weekly, monthly? You also considered that my suggestions would have some "effects". Could you clarify by providing some Cause and Effect with reliable reasoning? I think the joke here is that you're justifying a game that could improve because by your logic "It makes them a lot of money". Nothing about what you stated was logically rational. My suggestions were very realistic. Money doesn't equate to quality. Also Promethium lockboxes are pointless. Also who stated they wouldn't be making money? Membership, Replay Content, Switch Power, DLC's, Marketplace. DC Universe Online is the only reason that daybreak is currently still alive. All their other games are trash and barely bring in any revenue. Also they don't need to make a definitive decision for us to understand that PvP is dead. I'm not looking for a handout on feats, but I can't get a feat that requires me "YET AGAIN" to find 8 people to trade 4v4 wins and 16 people to trade 8v8 wins.

  6. TheNexGen New Player

    There's a whole lot that needs to be done with PvP. When you mean "Fix" could you clarify? I could go deep into many of the things currently lacking in PvP.

  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    So you're going to question someone else on their statements about money made/lost by the company and then turn around and throw out some highly questionable statements of your own regarding the profitability of other games underneath the Daybreak banner?

    Interesting. Doesn't exactly bolster your arguing position, but it is interesting nonetheless.

    If they're making ANY money off of Replay Badges being used for unlocking feats, they're not going to give that up. Unless there's something that will replace or surpass that income, they'd be foolish to touch it. Say what you will about some of their decisions, but when it comes to stuff that keeps bringing in income they stick with what works. It's why we keep seeing new TCs, Stabilizers, Booster Bundles and the like.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Sure as long as we can just give away all the old PVE feats as well, anything older than say a year, you good with that?
  9. Darkarl Active Player

    PVP is one of the many and almost all mechanics that the originals devs left working and the current devs just abandoned. Why don't we face it already, NO FEEDBACK FROM ACTUAL PLAYERS is ever listened to, even in their own forum. The only purpose of this is to get filled with spam with obviously fake compliments to give the illusion of a community. I could keep trying to give feedback, but the devs don't care. All they care about is the sales, and we're just recycling content that the first devs left.
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    Lets be real, the legendary update is probably a battle pass.
  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    you're not wrong but high holy Hell is that a can of worms.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    I love a good Pandora's box :D
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If you have 400 SP, and unlock it at even the best return (pretend they are all 50 or 10 point feats...many are not), that's 10 replays a single SP, or 4000 replays. 4000 replays would cost about $100 to buy, even with the member discount....per toon. Add another $27 for 500 SP and 600 SP is over $150 to unlock.....again, per toon you unlock on. And those are optimal numbers, 25 point feats are more expensive (12 RBs per SP) and RBs aren't always going to be purchased in the 350 pack.

    Now while I realize if you have 50 or 100 SP, this doesn't seem like much, but I could say the same about Stabilizers. I never buy any, only using the ones I get for free. That doesn't mean I don't see that they generate a lot of income. Just because RB sales to unlock YOUR feats doesn't add up to much, you can't say they don't generate a LOT of income as a whole.

    And you are right, while that's not done daily or weekly, I know people who have 16 or more toons, all maxed on SP at 400+, and that spells a LOT of RB sales you would just see vanish.

    EDIT: Fixed some math
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