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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheNexGen, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. TheNexGen New Player

    Having heard that the Daybreak has considered updating legendary benefits, I actually have a few suggestions that I wouldn't mind receiving an input on.

    Suggestion 1: Being able to unlock feats on alternate characters without replay badges. I believe this would be beneficial to many of us considering a lot of us have 200+ SPs. This would give players the incentive to create alt characters with different powers and roles with minor issues. They would just have to level up their artifacts and grind their gear.

    Suggestion 2: Being able to unlock time capsules without stabilizers. I cannot stress enough how much my wallet cries when these time capsules come out. I am missing many SP's because of the massive paywall behind these. In my most humble opinion, time capsules should be treated the same way as promethium lockboxes. There's no reason to have 300+ time capsules when I am only getting 6 stabilizers a day. Is this some kind of joke?

    Unrelated suggestions.

    All PvP Feats should be given to every single player in-game. PvP as we know it is dead and I think we can all agree with this one. There is no more gear after 101. It is near impossible to get ques for 4v4's or 8v8's to get feats. Either bring a PvP revamp and ignite PvP back up to bring back a larger audience of players or just give us all the feats. Those are another category of sp's I could have just sitting there.

    The game should consider getting a graphic update and doing a global maintenance to cover all known bugs to provide a fresh new gaming experience. Of course a game will never 100% be free of bugs, but surely the amount of bugs in-game could be fixed to provide a smoother experience for the players. Nothing has changed with the game except the fact that we have a different skill point layout, elite content, artifacts, no gear mods, and more. I believe if we updated our graphics, fixed most pre-existing and current bugs, PvP Revamp with New Gear/Maps, tougher mechanics and harder gameplay instead of elite content, bring back in game moderators and apply player feedback, this could be the BEST MMORPG in the entire planet. Play your cards right and this could EASILY be a multimillion dollar game with the right advertising. I don't ever see a DCUO ad and you know how many DC fans exist that don't know about this game? It's been almost 9 years, it's about time we make it look more like 2021 and not 2011.
  2. Duskthedark New Player

    look man. daybreak isnt even owned by soe which is why pvp is lacking. Columbus Nova a shell and it ran like a skeleton crew thats getting a major rush. I was trying to figure out why it cost an arm and a leg for a old player to jump one toon to at least 290. its like 50 bucks. and i dont even get feats completed to that 50 boost. so im stuck grinding for sp point. Most of the pvp phase it broken. half the base dont bounce out fighting in base when you share a base, not to mention it is dead. lol im too old for feats. lol all i need is one win in a match and i have all but the duels done
  3. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I'm going to leave the PvP stuff you talked about alone as that's just its own massive can of worms.

    So looking at everything else, you're suggesting eliminating two sources of income AND the kind of update that could very easily delay any new content releases for a significant period of time.

    Yeah I'm sure they'll jump right on that.

    Some other things to keep in mind with that graphics update/bug bash idea? There's only so far a graphics update will go considering they give the game the same look across all platforms. They've never given preferential treatment to any one platform in terms of how the game looks, so if an upgrade won't work on all platforms it probably won't go live.

    Also, this playerbase has never really shown any patience for content delays. Ever. More than once a slight delay on an Episode release has been met with the "pitchforks and torches" crowd, so it's VERY tough for me to imagine the playerbase taking an extended break from content releases well even if it was to do a bug bash kind of update.

    And before you or anyone tries to tell me something like "Oh I'd be willing to wait, let's do it!" I feel the need to point out that I saw the exact same kinds of comments from players in another game when they put forth the idea of a bug bash to that game's dev team. They swore up and down that they'd be willing to wait for any new content releases and wanted the bug bash to go forward.

    Some of those same people were the first to start complaining when the bug bash started taking a while to finish.
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  4. Duskthedark New Player

    I think sims take too long. i dont even want to make it to round 13
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Absolutely not, if you want PVP feats then you play PVP or request that the devs do a better job of balancing it.
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  6. Kluwn New Player

    The ability to both unlock feats on an alt without using replay badges and to open Loot Boxes... I mean Time Capsules without the use of stabilizers will be really cool, but with the next DLC being free, only one of those options is most likely going to be tossed to the side.

    For the PvP part, I just can't bring myself to agree with giving EVERYONE all of the feats and I despise PvP in this game unless it's Legends. I mean, yes, it can be considered as dead but giving away those feats that some...most worked hard for is disrespectful. If anything a PvP update is more preferred in my opinion.

    My Legendary suggestion would be to just increase the amount of Replay Badges and add in a Seal of Completion with maybe 2-3 Seals of Preservation. Artifacts reaching 20% Breakthrough at rank 139 is just ridiculous, it's not even a meaningful breakthrough, it's anime filler.
  7. zNot Loyal Player

    They should give legendary members a faster way to rank up OP items and origin augments.
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  8. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    no one asked me but, I think something simple like a members only vendor with unique items for memebers bought with a members currency earned some way or another would work well

    in my humble obscene opinion
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  9. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  10. L T Devoted Player

    The thing with new member benefits is you have to make it so that they're recurring and can't be taken advantage of all at once, otherwise folks will subscribe for only 1 month and then unsub immediately.

    That's already a benefit. Use your unlimited cash to buy materials from the broker.
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  11. zNot Loyal Player

    Thats the money that i earned i didnt get that money for free its just unlocked.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As already mentioned you are cutting out MASSIVE sources of income...probably more from sales of RB and stabilizers than membership even. I'd honestly see more chance of an increase in membership price and we'd get a FEW more maybe a few Stabilizers granted each month a SOC/SOP/Nth pack, or more RB given to justify the raise in price WHILE we probably will also lose the 'all DLC' benefit if Open eps goes full time(it's been there for a year with no real negative impact apparently). Straight elimination of Stab sales for members? Not a chance.

    I could see some change to PVP, like a 102 set of gear to keep the grinders busy, but until there is a massive rework in PVP mechanics, I'd doubt you will see much effort pointed in it's direction. A gear set would not take that much work and would satisfy a need for something PVP to do for a while at least.

    And people have been lamenting about the no advertising for years. The last major ad runs I recall seem to have been around the switch launch and that platform is very much a wasteland. I'd guess that doesn't bode well for more ads. It would be nice if it were shown some love in the other media outlets like on a WB Tv show or in a movie (maybe Teen Titans Nightwing can be playing as Batman Iconic under a Joker mentor? What? Too meta?)

    Can't disagree on the graphic update or fixing bugs, but a graphic update means a whole game revamp, maybe DCUO2 even....and a ton of bug fixes means delaying a DLC...something most are very vocal against. Look at the burnout on Legion.
  13. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    pvp is stone dead for a good majority of players so it would be nice to have an updated pvp style vendor
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  14. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    That's what do you suggest they use to replace the MASSIVE loss of income??? Yeah, I get it, it's not the players job to figure out how they make money....but it's beyond stup... ridiculous to not even remotely consider the effect your suggestion would have.

    The only joke here is your suggestion that they get rid of the goose that's laying their golden eggs. Your "suggestion" is not even in the field of reasonable or realistic. It's more likely that they may give us a few more keys as members...but to unlock more than just a few more without needing keys, doesn't even smell real. The whole reason they stopped actively updating Promethium Lockboxes is because they weren't really making any money off of them. What makes you think they would want to go back to not making money???

    Don't look for PvP feats to be given out until they make a definitive decision to 100% abandon/remove PvP from the game. Until then any suggestion to that effect is a fools dream.
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  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Firs off, SOE never owned Daybreak...Daybreak WAS S.O.E. When the company was sold by SONY, they rebranded themselves from SOE to Daybreak. So in essence they are one and the same. After the sale many changes occurred, so's no longer the same company.

    Secondly, PvP has gone the way it has gone because they never really found a way to properly monetize PvP. The new owners of the company shifted the company's focus to projects that make money. Sucks, yes...but it's as simple as that.

    As for that not wanting to grind for want those feats, work for them. All of this entitlement bs needs to stop already. Nothing says you need ALL of the feats. Just work on the easy ones and forget the rest. Either way cut out the laziness.
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  16. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    They arent going to give up on massive income like capsules and replay feat unlock for nothing.

    Daybreak was acquired not long ago and they promised more ad investment, it probably already is happening, but I believe they are waiting for some major updates like the new ps5 launcher to push it further
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  17. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    This isnt 2013, 2014. Playing pvp is not really a option, you barely get queues for 4v4s and above on USPCPS, now imagine the other servers. We need a option to get PvP feats since there are no plans to balance it, either change how they can be acquired or give the hardest ones to everyone...
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  18. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Members get a once per month option to use the free item or it expires in 20 days, option to change character powers. Pre-existing marketplace item for at will change power per character continues as is.
    PvP game modes with currency rewards along with options including base loot (prestige for the league) and marks. DBD, Amung Us, side scroller.... balance powers? don't use role buffs when the role is not there. TDM, CTF, there has to be some new ideas and maps to use. ;) I expect to lunge any newb at the right moment and they'll be frustrated. :rolleyes::p An NPC is seemingly.... Trigon spits fire from his mouth, lunge him. can you lunge? CR skipper? /facepalm
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    No, they just need to fix PVP /end
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  20. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    They arent going to fix PvP and even if they did nobody cares about it at this point /realend
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