Prouders letter for those who havent seen it

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  1. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Still can be.
  2. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    I didn't, either...

    I guess we can see if some of the items are in the broker... but, even that doesn't mean that anyone actually paid for them...

    They could have bought them from the Skeets vendors using earned (Legendary) points.
  3. Plowed In Loyal Player


    The reality is you don’t know as it may simply be correlation and not causation. You’re free to hang your banners - but we’re able to weigh in as well, as long as it’s in accordance with the ToS.

    And Ry’s number was tied to those referencing “strike,” and not your over generalization. End of the day - it doesn’t matter, but you should hold yourself to the same standard as you’re holding others - out of fairness: “ Don’t misconstrue other poster’s words and try to gaslight people into your wrong thinking.”
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  4. Ryll Committed Player

    I know it was in game. I play on both EU and US servers. It didn't last all that long and what actually made it into the servers was indistinguishabe from the regular LFG / Trade chats about the sky is falling.

    The only video I saw pop up about it talked about how its silly to not think they have stopped working on the game. It also talked about how the lack of communication was from DCUO not having its own community manager. I do have a channel on YT and subscribe to a number of DCUO related channels. None of which took any effort to post a chicken little video.

    I have never once said it didn't coat the game money.

    I did say that it is laughable that to it appeared in any notion close to real time to anyone at eg7. Do you think they have a monitor constantly being watched of the bottom line for DCUO?

    I prefer the advice of "don't take advice from someone you don't know online" over yours.

  5. Ryll Committed Player

    I understood it just fine.

    I fully acknowledge that cancelling subs affects revenue of the company.

    I truly believe the board of directors at eg7 was not aware in the slightest of the "strike."

    The same way that the CEOs of big box stores aren't aware of product returns. They know they happen...but know its apart of the business. Much like people unsubbing.

    It doesn't matter if they sold 1 or 1000 bbs. The "strike" called for no sales.
  6. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    Ryll said:The "strike" also included not buying the bb. Yet they still sold! That alone is proof enough the success of the "strike".

    Yeah... But... Why would anyone get excited if they only sold 1?

    At that point, the strike would be considered a success.

    Heck.... IF they did less in sales (regardless of how many) from the past ones.... that should be considered a success.
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  7. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Ahhh lol maybe I’m naive but I doubt Kendricke would give us the producer’s update letter if we were that much in trouble. However all the naysayers on here dismissing our complaining as nothing don’t realize if they really suffered a huge loss of revenue through sales and player drop off then yeah three to six months from now we could be in trouble. I guess we’ll see in May. If after the first week of episode the game is dead on US PSPC then yeah I’d say some prayers because obviously the players didn’t remain as sticky as they hoped.
  8. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player


    I've been as negative as I've ever been in the face of no information heading into the end of the first Q1...

    I see the producer's note as a positive... and I am a lot more hopeful for the next year...

    ...but, I still got my doubts.:cool:
  9. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Yeah, but I don't doubt it. I've seen many games have a whole game plan planned out just to never make it passed step two.

    They can have all the plans they want, in the end it's up to the higher-ups if they decide the game is pulling enough "weight" or not. Plans are subject to change.

    A producers letter with stuff we already knew doesn't take much time to create (even if some of it sounds A.I. generated but I won't go there...). ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  10. Dene Devoted Player

    Attacking people *in general* is wrong? Right?

    Because it was not one sided.. if you do not like it then blame posters from all points of view.. people were attacking others for simply being being even mildly optimistic.. that is just as bad as your assertion.
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  11. Multiverse Creator League

    No need to go to other games....

    We have seen it here first hand;

    We already know that it could happen that they change their plans.
    It could happen that what they announce does not happen.
    Or it could happen years and years and tears later.

    Heck just look at the PS5 update... that was announced years ago.
    But finally... here we are.

    So yes... it could happen that what they do announce does not happen.
    But at least it gives them something to aim for....
    And it gives us something to look forward to.

    If they succeed..... Great!!!
    If they do not manage to deliver everything......
    they adjust the plan and keep on moving forward.

    But not having any announcement for months and months like we just got....
    That should never happen.
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  12. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Yeah true, it happened with the planned "new system" on the roadmap as well (in which was revealed to be something to do with cross-faction), that has since gone MIA after the devs working on it left.

    I'm just being realistic. It's great to have optimism, but for some to act like a measly letter telling us stuff we already knew in fancy manipulative wording fixes everything... Like come on now. Just funny to see people like "whew, I guess everything is okay now and I can open my wallet again!"

    Definitely not disagreeing though, naturally. Any communication is better than none at all.

    Yet still, actions will always speak louder than fancy words written in a way to manipulate minds. I'm not being pessimistic, I just personally won't get my hopes up yet.
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  13. Multiverse Creator League


    Talk is cheap Bub....

    The time for half-measure and talk is over.

    Or something like that. ;) ;)
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  14. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Personally, I credit Proxy or Raven or whoever it was that posted the parody producer's letter. I think it made Daybreak either say "Oh, okay, we can put out something to appease the players and we don't even have to lie," or say "Oh, crap, we'd better get behind this and post a real roadmap, before players start thinking that crap is real."
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  15. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Exactly, it's Marketing 101. Buzzwords and enthusiasm, with very little language actually committing to anything outside of the Series X/S client and 2 new episodes. The reason it sounds like AI is because that's exactly how that kind of thing normally sounds, even before ChatGPT was a thing. If you want a good example of just how much companies can say without actually saying anything, look up "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Mission Statement" on YouTube.

    But, at least we finally got to hear some reassurance from someone at the company that the game will still be around at least until September, which is more than we'd been hearing from the company in at least a month.
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    It was me and as much as I'd love to take credit I highly doubt my satirical take on the producers letter prompted the response, it was probably always coming, albeit in an incredibly late fashion.

    I was pretty clear to make it sure that my parody letter was fake so no one would take it as real, but apart from the actual content being parody I guess I wasn't far of real.

    I'm afraid the next DLC is certainly going to be more of the same and in fairness its the episode after this one where any new development ideas are going to be more visible, if that episode is more of the same, that's when I'm personally going to be more disappointed.

    At the moment I'm on the fence and honestly the real producers letter did very little to appease my concerns, I'm just not wired that way, all respect to Daybreak for posting it after incredibly periods of silence, but I'm more looking to see actual changes, not just some marketing outlining what those changes "might" be.
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  17. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Proxy made the parody producer letter, I made the parody roadmap lol.

    Exactly. Although, I don't believe it proves the game will be around until September, as my post on another thread "I’m here till the end…" explains.
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  18. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    That would probably be why I didn't remember which of you did it.

    Oh, I agree it's still no guarantee, but at least we know they have plans for September, so they're anticipating DCUO still being around till then, which is more than we knew a month ago.
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  19. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Fair 'nuff. I personally had no doubt they would release a letter eventually, regardless the state of the game. Would be marketing suicide if they didn't heh
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