Promethium Drops?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Danielle_Tgurl, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Did I miss a post or announcement on this? I did a few things on all 24 of my toons today and not 1 lockbox dropped. That's VERY odd. Never happened before.
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  2. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    They're dropping for me.
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  3. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Very odd then. Thanx
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  4. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    They're still dropping babe. I logged onto my HL troll and the first add the DPS killed dropped a Prom box for me. I wish they'd up the drop rate, if the Devs find them absolutely worthless why is the drop rate still every 6 hours of gameplay knowing the loot inside is completely and utterly RNG based, which is a bad thing given how many styles are actually in them.
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  5. Swamarian Committed Player

    IIRC, it's 6 hours per character. With 24 characters, you could be on continuously for several days and not get a drop.
    (I got one yesterday, too.)
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  6. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I got one yesterday, and the day before. I've been playing much more often with this new episode.
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  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I do wonder if the frequency of Time Capsule drops might be affecting the perception of how often the Promethium Lockboxes are dropping. I've been seeing Promethium boxes as usual, but I have to admit after seeing Time Capsules drop so often it sometimes seems like I might/should be overdue for a Promethium Lockbox while playing.
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  8. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Still dropping for me, nothing new though.
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  9. bmce84 Loyal Player

    it's a cumulative 6 hours on a single character, they don't share the timer so using multiple characters in those 6 hours wont speed it up.
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  10. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    if there was a glitch from some kind of Prom/TC box drop conflict they fixed it awhile ago several times now I have gotten both boxes from a single defeated foe...there is no relation between the 2 boxes dropping...
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  11. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Still having the issue of them not dropping at all or only getting one. I don't expect them on every character of the 24 I use. I know that much. I was just saying between running all my toons alternating nothing dropped. I have gotten 3 lockboxes in the past 7 days. I'll just send in a ticket. Just wasn't sure if it was just me or other people as well. Thanx for the reply, I see its an issue with my account.
  12. Telangana Dynamite New Player

    I do think they should reduce the timer on them. It's ridiculous. They are advertised as a part of perks of a Member, yet we rarely see them drop. :/
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  13. VariableFire Loyal Player

    It's hard to notice a Promethium Box dropping when you've probably had 18 Time Capsules drop between the last Prom box drop. Moreover, with the inflated loot table of Prom Boxes, the chance of getting anything useful is rather low. Good luck trying to get the items needed for the Prom Box feats. Since they've expanded the table I've probably seen two of the exclusive feat related pieces. Even the broker isn't that much help. Between the cap on MoV and the return of DLC exclusive currency, there's no need to be so stingy with these. I'd drop them to at least 1 every 2 hours, if not 1 every hour.
  14. JDMKingSTI Level 30

    these have become trash as of late ... I always find myself taking the compound omega ..the style items are lame. I wish it was directed more towards faction. Like if you are a hero only villain styles will drop from the boxes vice versa. I use to love getting these boxes, but now they are such a waste. When you aren't subbed its a constant drop rate. As soon as I sub its cold turkey and freak my life if I could ever get a cosmic material from it ... jezus I open them all the time for years and NO!!! just some peoples luck.
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  15. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I too as a Sub (for Now) Member would like to see the drop rate brought to every 3-4 hrs I feel 6 is a bit Harsh, Since many people actually have lives outside of the game.
    Sadly I mentioned this to Mepps During an Ask DCUO Session and he flat out said NO..To Prom Box timers being reduced.
    He stated that the play to box drop ration has been carefully timed out.

    I would love tro see maybe a weekend where Prom Box Drops were increased but not holding my breath
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  16. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You should see one approximately every 6 hours of gameplay per toon. If you play several toons it'll be a while till they hit that 6 hour threshold.
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  17. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    As previously stated, they drop every 5-6 hours on a per character basis. If you keep switching between characters you will not get one until one of them gets 6 hours of playtime. They all have 6 hour timers racking up, when one gets that much playtime then it'll drop.
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  18. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Been an almost constant member since 2011. It always seemed to me I would get one every so often no matter how many toons I switched between. Play an hour on one then switch to another and back...kinda based on the situation or people I'm with. But no matter how many toons I run Ive always gotten 1-2 a day. But never 3 in 7 days.
    I understand what some of you are saying but that's not the case. I was just asking if it has been happening with others. You all said no so I sent in a ticket before I went to work. I came home and when I signed in 1st enemy I killed I got my box. Did not get a response but so far it seems fine again.
    Thanx again.
  19. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    If they're not going to add better things or increase the rate of the good stuff they might as well increase the rate of the actual box. So many are complaining about DC not caring for paying customers and I see SOME of the frustration. Promethium drops are as moot and outdated as the vault now.
  20. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    8 hours I played to get one with nothing i needed in it again why why why please fix this and stop the buying of so many feats