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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Helios Xenon, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Helios Xenon New Player

    Prom boxes seem to drop at rate of 1 per 6 hours game time. I would like to see some changes to the prom box and I've heard a few good suggestions since they came out; so I will just make a list of some things I'd like to see when you unlock a prom box.

    Receiving some new type of mark to collect: Mark of Promethium
    Receiving an attunable soder so you can make it AUX or ATK based on role or receiving random base items or exobit packages,

    Now the fun part: Make a marks of Promethium vendor which allows you to purchase rings or neckpieces based on CR level like the old winter gold jewlery. You can also purchase auras. You may also purchase reset badges.

    Because all it comes down to for the best gear in the game is luck of the box drop. And the gear change update we had in the past made it so the best gear available in the game was the gear earned by raid drops. which has fallen since runic carver gear and prom box drops.

    I know a fair market could be setup. Think of all the people that would buy the prom keys to open a box they know will guarantee them to reset tokens, a color aura to fit their character, or the jewlery they always wanted.

    maybe even make a set of promethium base items that reward a feat.

    and list the Helmet of OP for a ridiculous amount of marks of Promethium. I have never seen it even drop and I have over-done that raid.

    What does everyone think? 37 pages to go ?

    also, This is going off Feedback i've picked up on from the population. I have perfect jewlery so this isnt a I want I want I want topic.
    Thanks everyone.
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  2. Captain Spire New Player



  3. Zizzi New Player

    I like the Mark of Promethium idea. This was proposed before on the old forums and it had a pretty positive response. I wonder if I can find it and repost some of it that wasn't already mentioned here.
  4. NCR RANGER New Player

    Just make lockbox styles and items tradeable between legendary members.

    Problem solved.
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  5. SuperiorMouse New Player

    I believe this was Kristyana's idea originally. It's not a bad idea superficially however it punishes players who are simply lucky. Instead of getting the drop they want when they open the box, those players are now forced to grind Prom marks to save up and buy the ring or necklace they want when they didn't have to before.

    Additionally, what's the point of having a promethium box at all, if it opens and only ever drops a mark. Just get rid of the box completely and have a Prom mark drop. So, a simple change like this breaks the marketing plan entirely.

    Attunable buff soders is nice. The best solution is still to simply improve the drop rate of the gear vs buff soder rate.

    Each Prombox should drop:
    • 1 mark attuned to CR
    • 1 iconic style
    • 1 jewelry piece attuned to CR
  6. Tocimus New Player

    lets be honest, prom boxes where an attempt to see if they could make as much money as tf2 does. now its just a reason to sub, though from what i've heard by a few players that kept track, there is a supposed cap of 15 per month regardless of how many 6hour slots you pull in.

    and with the new content coming, pbg will probably still be the top end raid with the helm being lost to the ages. something needs to be done with it. adding it into the prom boxes would most definetely add to key sales or subs.
  7. Zizzi New Player

    Yes there is a monthly cap of 15per month. This has also been stated by the Devs.
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  8. Tesseract New Player

    This is what I don't get. If they really wanted money why cap it? There are certainly people who play more than the cap.


    As for Helios' idea..I have to agree. It's irritating to rely on luck. Though I'd be just as happy if things that dropped from Prom Boxes were unattuned. One of my biggest issues with the current system is the random chance of getting perfect rings/necks and getting duplicates (Of anything, accessories or otherwise)

    When you have 6 hour gap between drops getting another AUX-04 or a Tank Neck with a Healer Proc (When you're a DPS) is a pain.
  9. Msz Kitty New Player

    As others have said. Make them trade able! Would solve all of the problems with them.
  10. Zizzi New Player

    Easy. I could pile up my entire inventory with Promethium boxes. Sub for a month and have all the Promethium box items I'll ever need.
    They make very little money from Premiums buying Promethium keys, considering its much more worth it just to sub and open all of them for free.
  11. Tesseract New Player


    Easiest way to deal with that is decrease the time til expiration
  12. Eranthis New Player

    ugh i need another troll ring , troll neck , 2 healer , rings and a dark blue aura and red aura -.-
  13. Grimson New Player

    Thumbs up from me as well,I'd love to be able to buy the new 52 styles,I did finish the WW set but with only 4 pieces its not too bad with and alt or 3...however Cyborgs has given me a ton of trouble ; P

    Either a way to buy the things we really want over time orrr the 1 mark attuned to cr,1 style piece (or aura?)and 1 piece of jewelry we can attune works for me.
  14. Burt Reynolds New Player

    i want a black trans am from a P box.
  15. Burt Reynolds New Player

    yes this is my in game name.
  16. Tsavorentless Well-Known Player

    I have NP with the Lockboxes anymore . Now that they added the new necks it's really not a big deal to me because now you basically
    really only have to worry about the rings & overall it's much easier now because of this. If you want more lockboxes, you make another
    character & I think it's set up that way so you play on more toons, thus spend more money.

    My idea was take off the affinities and get rid of some of them to make room but now you just do the new solo mission to get a good one
    for PVE and buy the pvp neck & Mod that for PVP.

    The Promethium Boxes are fine now & it just takes a little time to get what you want. There has to
    be some hard stuff in the game & this should be one of them. Great Job with the neck Mods Dev's!
  17. Comixfan Committed Player

    Seems like something's changed with the lockboxes. I recently reached CR71 on one of my toons and opened three boxes that I'd been saving up. Since then I've played well over 6 hours and haven't received another box yet.

    I've put a ticket in about this but am expecting the usual "working as intended" and "cannot divulge lockbox secrets" response :/
  18. BlackSuperGirl Well-Known Player

    a interesting thing: when im premium account i receives more Promethium box drops that in Legendary account !!!!!!! gotta?
  19. Curse Bringer Loyal Player

    yea a few league mates have noticed that aswell, im going to play on a side account for a week and try a comparison
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  20. Premier00000 New Player

    When I was premium I would get a box almost every other day, now that I'm legendary I get one every other week. And it ALWAYS drops the same color aura or style piece I already have.

    If we can't trade the items from them between legendary players why not let them be account bound like the lock box colas they drop. I haven't gotten anything really useful from a lockbox in probably 5 months or more.

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