Up-Votes Needed Progressively worsening Lag in Zeus Battle

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    The lag has been getting worse and worse over the past several weeks in the Zeus boss fight in FGS. Also gets worse and worse the longer you’re at that fight. Wiping and even entire group relogging doesn’t fix it. Not a huge problem for most reg runs but has literally been responsible for 80%+ of my disbands in FGSe. We basically get three to four solid attempts before the tanks start getting severe lag spikes where it freezes for a couple seconds and once it unfreezes they’re dead. Or rage tanks rage crash despite hitting their cancel several times. Combo powers can’t complete half their combos which renders atomic tanks unable to tank it at all. Celestial heals have had issues during cages if other healer is caged, especially if tank gets caged and aggro drops.

    Timing the cage breakouts gets messed up too. Either delays cause simultaneous breakouts or people spam square too much thinking there’s still room in the bar and end up melee tapping out in to the lightning. I could list other issues but I think the point has been made.

    I guess my personal life benefits from not having the option to be in that raid longer than an hour, hour and a half tops, lol. But really we should be given the option to have some perseverence, especially if going for the no death feat. As it is, we get 3-4 shots at it. Even if were super lucky and it’s a rare time that lag is a little less and the raid is completeable, there still no way the lag won’t solely cause a few deaths making the no death feat autonomically tougher than it already is and should be.

    Honestly, I’d take that bug from early in DLC where Zeus doubled frequency of mechanics over this lag hamds down. That was annoying but doable. This lag however is pretty much game breaking.

    Edit: Also, you might have noticed my main is gadgets. No, this is NOT stealth lag. Not only is stealth lag uniquely different from this kind of lag (mainly affects just power responsiveness and clipping) but it’s equally as bad when I run on my atomic alt or join the group late after multiple zeus attempts before I get there or troll and rarely use stealth or even if I’ve taken it out of my loadout altogether. Also have seen it be just as bad on several Twitch live streams. It’s also come up in several conversations with other players and nearly everyone has had near identical experiences.

    I know you guys are crunching full speed ahead on the new DLC, but we got another month or mor and between there only being one raid and the difficulty being one of the tougher elites in the game (which I welcome and appreciate where it’s intended) there’s still a much larger percentage of the games population that would normally have been full elite that are still trying to get their renown. And even though I’m full, I’ve always been willing and happy to help others with theirs but I find myself a lit less willing due to the lag. I know I’m not the only one who feels the same way about that too.

    Puh puh pleeeeeeaaaase find some time to break away from new DLC and address this. I for one would gladly have the nee DLC pushed a week if it means we get a fully playable current raid between now and then.
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  2. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    Just finished a the regular raid and the lag was terrible. I might have gotten the worst of it in my group but I was having problems with power cooldowns throughout both boss fights (but almost never with just adds). During the Zeus fight, I was getting stuck in the cage when there wasn't even a cage around me. A few other people said they were getting lag as well, including the tank. The only person who gave any information on what their lag was like was another DPS who said that it was more like a delay for them.