Producer's Letter: Daybreak Acquisition and DC Universe Online

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Panderus, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. BumblingB I got better.

    Naw, the only guy that effectively did this was Krystiana on test server when Rage was still in the midst of being tested. It was funny too. lol

    But I get your point.
  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    The tone of this sounds to be reassuring there will be no negative impact. But what about a positive impact? Often times acquisition by a new owner/majority equity investor comes with a cash infusion and increased budget for overhead, expenditures, etc. I anything like this on the near horizon?
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  3. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Never heard of 'em.
  4. DoctorP2 Well-Known Player

    If you read through the investor presentation on the EG7 website, you'll see some fascinating info about DCUO memberships, retention, and financial standing in relation to other Daybreak games. Even more interesting are their stated plans for DCUO in 2021: "Modernize visuals, upgrade key game systems and add brand new large content update to capitalize on the nextgen consoles growth cycle for significant growth opportunity." Sounds like very good things in the offing, especially for PS5+ consoles.
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  5. SkullGang Devoted Player

  6. BlueThunderLight New Player

  7. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    This is exciting! I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
  8. Helderman Dedicated Player

    The only change i would like to see is in the progression system. Let CR be only an entrance to content and let us XP level beyond 30 and up to 100 or 200. Augments are insignificant so XP leveling would be the way to truly become more powerful.
  9. Knightmare Active Player

    Ahhh Kris, wonder what the fiya tank is up to these days?

    As far as sparring dummy deaths anyone can do that whist playing creatively with Lernaea's amulet these days . :p
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  10. inferno Loyal Player

    It's good to see that DCUO is THE top of all of Daybreak's games, in terms of members.

    And what's this I see under Robust Growth Opportunities on page 19? I'm not gonna say it because I don't want to be a source of speculation, you guys can read it for yourself and wildly speculate.
    EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf (
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  11. BumblingB I got better.

    I forgot that the devs have a sadistic side and made that artifact. I've watched people die over and over again to it too.

    As for Kris, I'll be honest I don't know. He hasn't been active on FB for 2 years.
  12. Superbowl New Player

    They just spent 300 million dollars to buy Daybreak. What does that mean for the players? It means they coming for your money to recoup their 300 million you can expect lots of additions that you will have to buy with real money. They didn't buy daybreak to improve DCUO or any other daybreak game they brought daybreak to make money and squeeze dry every penny they can out of 170 million daybreak players plain and simple it is all business. So in no way is this good for the players and after they squeeze evry dime they can they will kick this game to the curb and move on to other money making ventures.
  13. inferno Loyal Player

    I am more than willing to spend more money in this game, If it's something that I think is of value and something I want to have. In fact, Bring it on!!! Put more stuff in the game I would buy. Big Hint: Superman Stuff.
  14. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    This is really interesting. DCUO is by far the most active daybreak game (Planetside 2 right behind, hey Proxy) and I didnt expect 40k subs or even close to that.

    Im really looking foward to the 10th anniversary announcements, I dont like to be opmistic when talking about the gaming industry but this looks good so far.

    And where did Panderus come from and what he does? He seems like a really good addition to the team
    so far. (Although Jack gave me a nice first impression on the forums and he just vanished in the shadows lol...)
    Edit: Oh, hes working in the game since 2019 it seems?
    Edit2: He just got banned? Well, it was nice to meet him anyway
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  15. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Its not really like that. It makes no sense to suck off a long time investment just to get some small profit margin and then throw it away. Your company loses prestige and confidence.

    Plus, DInk still holds independency
  16. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I'll just post this, again, without further comment on how difficult it is sometimes to create new game content...

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  17. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Eg7 also have big blue bubble and piranha games whom known for mechwarrior , duke nukem and need for speed titles.
  18. Elusian Crowd Control

    It's an investors presentation. Highlighting its for investors. It's the usual rainbow-unicorn-sprinkled promises with ideas and not facts that any of this is going to be planned or happen. I mean, they wanna have money from them to finance it.

    The best thing is to scrap this presentation out of your head so your disappointment won't be as big.
  19. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Oh ... my ... goodness ... actual NUMBERS!

    I don't think we've seen actual numbers since the Spytle/Larry Liberty era...

    Good to know that DCUO is still the biggest jewel in Daybreak's crown. :D
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  20. SeiyaDivin² New Player

    It's a shame that there will be no impact on the development, the team or the operations because the game has become a rotten pay to win where you have to farm hundreds of bosses

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