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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Jackster, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Jackster Developer

    Hello DCUO!

    It’s been a busy couple of months since I joined the team, and I feel that now is a good time to share some thoughts in the form of my first producer’s letter.

    If you’ve read anything about me, you know that I’m a very passionate fan of the comic space and that I’m very excited to be at Daybreak working with the DCUO team. I’ve spent quite a bit of time now replaying DCUO with my character as well as rolling new ones to gain an up to date understanding of the game as it stands now. I’ve also completed meeting with each and every person on the team, getting to know them and comparing notes on what they feel would make DCUO even better.

    I’ve also been spending a lot of time getting to know the community by reading the forums, and the Q & A. I was particularly interested in how players felt about the game and the studio. I feel like now we can begin to sketch out potential solutions to longstanding problems. While none of these will be surprising to long time players, we’re still not ready to discuss these initiatives. We will when the time is right.

    Expect to see more letters like this from me, and to see us trying new things. Know that we listen. We hear your questions, concerns, and suggestions, and we’re going to try to address them and push the game to new and better heights. Some things we try will work. Others won’t. That won’t dissuade us from trying. That’s a big part of who I am and what you should expect from Daybreak and DCUO.

    Now, on to some details and our summer!

    Wonder Woman 75 and the Summer of Wonder!

    You may know this already, but Wonder Woman has a big birthday this year. I am so excited to be kicking off Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary with the Summer of Wonder in DCUO. She means a lot to me and all of us as a character, and this summer we’re inviting you to celebrate her legacy with us in several ways.
    First, make sure you watch our Wonder Woman 75 tribute video, see what Wonder Woman means to us, and share what Wonder Woman means to you.

    Second, log into the game starting TODAY (Wednesday, July 20) to claim your very own Wonder Woman emblem. The new style will be available to claim throughout the Summer of Wonder (for free), and will likely be made available (not for free) in the future. So get it now and wear it proudly! I know I will. Side note: you will get 7.5 hours of double XP when you collect the emblem.


    Third, we are implementing Open Episodes for about a month, also starting TODAY. This means that ANYONE will be able to play Episode content, regardless of their membership or purchase status. If you own the content, either from a purchase or through membership, you will keep the standard loot lockout times. If you don’t, you will still be able to play with everyone else, but with extended loot lockout times.

    You may be asking why, and that’s a good question. I want to encourage everyone to play together, to see the whole game, and have fun saving the world. I want this summer to be one of the best times to advance your characters, get back into the game, or go further than you ever have. Hopefully, open Episodes will do just that.

    Suicide Squad, Belle Reve, Deadshot, and PvP

    Speaking of big DC Comics happenings this summer, is anyone NOT looking forward to the new Suicide Squad movie? I definitely am, and as a team we couldn’t resist the opportunity to put our own take on Suicide Squad into the game. We will add a new PvP map set in Belle Reve, Amanda Waller’s prison facility, and we will add new PvP gear inspired by Deadshot.

    The new map and gear will launch this August as the movie hits the big screen.

    Announcing Time (& Space) Capsules

    Remember how I mentioned we are going to try new things? This is one of those. Looking ahead, we plan to add a new method to unlock awesome items, from Time (& Space) Capsules. Capsules will drop across the game, open with a key you can purchase from the Marketplace or earn in gameplay, and contain items that are useful and level-appropriate for your character.

    What can you find inside capsules? Good question. You will find a wide range of mostly tradeable items, including a new Future Batman-inspired gear set that is level-appropriate for your character, Supercharged and Critical Strike Head Mods, new collections, feats, styles, auras, and more.

    That’s what we’re working on now. I will be reading your comments and looking forward to talking to you again. Thank you again for reading and for joining us for the Summer of Wonder!

    Jack Emmert
    Austin Studio CEO
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  2. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Looking forward to the livestream. Hopefully they explain in better detail what those Time & Space Capsules are. I just hope they're not going to be monetised like crazy. They do make it clear that they can be earned through gameplay, but we'll have to wait and see how. I have a feeling we'll finally be seeing those Mist Auras in these Time & Space Capsules :)
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  3. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Are the Time and Space Capsules launching today ?
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  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    No, this is planned for the future. More detail in the livestream at 9AM PT.
  5. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Cool! Are the capsule keys a legendary perk like Promethium keys?
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  6. ChillCat Loyal Player

  7. BumblingB I got better.

    Wait, why are you adding another lockbox? Couldn't you streamline the ones we have already? Will the keys be a perk of legendary?
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    No, all players can earn keys through gameplay. We'll have some more detail in the stream.
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  9. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    Nice! :eek:
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  10. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    Taking everything said with a grain of salt.
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  11. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Agreed. I ******* HATE RNG boxes. HATE THEM. The contents can be traded so it removes a bit of the sting but the very mention of more RNG turns me off from the game even more.

    Also, I really want details on this:
    because, if these keys have such abysmally low drop rates as to be practically nonexistent then
    will most definitely be the worst kind of pay2win in that you not only have to buy the keys but also have to cross your fingers and hope the mods actually drop.

    You have my attention, Daybreak. I like the game but I'll be gone forever if this turns out to be what I'm afraid it is.
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  12. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Yeah I'm interested. I wonder if the keys will be a membership perk. Might keep some subs up.
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  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    where is the Flash Emblem?
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  14. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Nope. Confirmed by Mepps in the discussion.

    I have a bad feeling about this. I believe this could be another sign that the game is heading in a direction I may not personally be able to tolerate.
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  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Thanks for giving us the benefit of your thinking!
    Completely trivially, I've never seen this phrase before, and I'm not quite sure what it does and doesn't encompass. But that doesn't seem important. :)
    Excellent stuff! I thoroughly approve!
    Er, okay. That's fine, although I wonder if more than a handful of below-30 players even read the forums. But if you think it will help draw in new players, cool.
    Good news, good development.
    How are these different from Promethium Lockboxes? At first description, they sound like the same thing by a different name. Of course, more cool stuff is always welcome!

    [After reread: oh, I see: different way to earn the keys to open them; will have to see how that works before commenting further.]

    I will! I'll wave to my screen when I'm watching so you'll know I'm there!

    Oh, and give us more female hairstyles, please. (I'm a dude, but really, compare how many hairstyles male toons have and female toons have; it's ridiculous.)

    And I still would love to see a time-traveling DLC that takes us into the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes and then back to the Justice Society in Metropolis/Gotham of the 1940s, and then all of us fighting together (against the Time Trapper? Mordru?).


    Thanks again and see ya after the livestream! :)
  16. DarthJafo Committed Player

    They aren't replacing lockboxes are they?
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  17. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    The wording on the Future-Batman gear set has me interested. It seems to be actual gear and not just a style ?
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  18. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I will hold off judgement of these boxes till I see the drop rate of those keys.

    That being said I can't wait to see some of the new styles. I love me some styles. :)
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  19. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Hopefully we don't have to craft keys...
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  20. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Those keys should definitely be lie the Prom keys for Legendary players. There are not enough perks to legendary, especially in the next few months. Just saying. I don't understand why this is beind such an ignored problem to the Developers. It doesn't even make me mad, which is something new for me, just makes me sad they don't really care.
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