Problems with base colors and emblems

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Hoshizaki, May 2, 2013.

  1. Hoshizaki New Player

    Sorry if this is a double post but it has been happening since the Tech theme came out, which I thought was the initial problem, but it extends to all bases it seems. I have noticed a bug when trying to change the colors of your can't. I press X and nothing happens. Changed the colors on my character to see if that did anything, still nothing. I tried to move my base location to see if that fixed it, and not only can I still not change the colors, but the three colors in my base pallet aren't even the ones on my character and SQUARE doesn't reset them or anything. Same thing with the emblem, you can't change which one it is, the X button doesn't work either. Yes it is just a cosmetic feature to the game, but I spent real money on it and I would like to use what I purchased. Thank you for your time.

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  2. Dark Warrior Active Player

    I've noticed this as well.
  3. Fighter Well-Known Player

  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Have you attempted to change colors to any of the other themes? Can you post or PM me your character names?
  5. AIpha New Player

    I'm not sure what caused the issue for me but my bases on all of my toons reverted to the same color pattern and none of them can be changed. I have the Tech theme, the bunker theme, and the cave theme and can not change the color patterns. I have tried switching locations and themes and nothing works.
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  6. Horrorshow New Player

    I have the same problem with my base. I can't not change the color scheme at all.
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  7. KidSentry New Player

    (1) Redecorate Lair
    (2) L1 for Edit Color
    (3) Current color scheme appears

    Hit 'X' to Edit and Hit 'Square' to Reset buttons do nothing at all.
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  8. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    If you own the tech lair, you are unable to change colors, or even change the emblem of it. This problem has been going on for a while. (Before DLC 7 Dropped for subscribers) Devs fix this asap.
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  9. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Wow. According to the patch notes. There is still no fix for this. Are you serious devs?
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  10. Xainexus Well-Known Player

    Because this doesn't effect your actual gameplay or stats etc... many probably couldn't care...

    ...but I would like to be able to change the colours and emblem icons in my base.
    The option is there but since GU25 it won't let me do either.

    Surely this is a quick and easy fix, please.
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  11. LaNay New Player

    I've sent SOE a ticket regarding this & they've told me that it's something wrong on my end. But everyone I know is having the same problem. I hope it's resolved soon. My base is bright, horrid & red. Lol
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  12. Xainexus Well-Known Player

    I have 2 PS3s with 2 accounts because my girlfriend plays too.
    She's really not happy with her colour schemes, though I did tell her not to choose pink and green. xD

    Too many others with the same problem, but it's at your end SOE not ours.
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  13. Caseyyeah Committed Player

    I too am having this problem as is a friend of mine. I just bought the penthouse lair theme yet I cannot change any of the colors in it. It makes me not even want to use it since the way the colors are oriented now are hideous.

    If you are having this issue then please vote up this thread!
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  14. Dynagirl Committed Player

    Seriously this needs to be fixed my new penthouse is is stuck on yellow and black :(
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  15. IamZACH Well-Known Player

    Yea Devs can you take a look at this please I can't change my base colors ether
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  16. Miahztwin Committed Player

    yeah i thought there was an opton to change colors just to tease you, because i can't change colors either lol
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  17. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    Issue for me as well... My new penthouse looks ugly!!
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  18. TheGreat SuperSaiyan New Player

    Hello Devs, please fix the ability to change the color scheme for the new pent house theme!! And as well, it seems none of the other lairs can be changed neither.. ever since the last update, update 25.
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  19. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    Yes! Noticed this yesterday when I moved my lair to a Penthouse themed one. Now the yellow I was using for the "gold" effect in my Asian themed lair is splattered on my walls and looks horrible. lol
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  20. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I use pink as a color but it seems to look purple. Think the colors are off or something.
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