Top Bug - Fixed Problem with The Rundown / Can't Stop mission in Central City

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by darth_paul, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    I have a problem with "The Rundown" mission in Central City that you get from Zoom on just one of my characters, for some reason it is glitched on just this one, as I have been able to complete it on all of the others. The character is my nature villain, Plantasma, I cannot get the speed force power from Zoom to be able to run after the people and steal their speed. It just does nothing, and she will not change movement modes. I am actually beyond the CR for this area and mission, but now it is stuck in my log and I can never complete it or get rid of it because of this error.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We have identified the issue here. A workaround may be to go into wolf form and then grab the speed boost.
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  3. Hero Cavargas New Player

    This is a mission from the "Lighting Strikes" Episode in Central City. The NPC Flash is supposed to grant me super speed to start the quest, however the super speed mode last only a sec or two. After getting close to the NPC my character tries to get into super speed movement mode but comes back to the flight mode immediately. There is no even time to exit the starting area of the mission. When not in flight mode the character doesn't even tries to get into super speed move. It doesn't matter at what angle I come flying in I always get the same result. I'm playing on Nintendo Switch and since this is my main character I have not yet tried with another character. I have hide and unhide the quest, log back into the game and transport to other places, this has no effect in resetting the quest.

    This same issue was discussed a couple years ago in another tread that is currently archived on
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  4. Gronen New Player

    Still happening as of 2/7/2020.
    I have two toons that can not complete this mission because Flash will not give them the speed boost.
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  5. oldschool1980s New Player

    I have the same CANT STOP! quest on my PC/computer to where the NPC Flash wont pass his speed Force power to me to run alongside the running infected NPC characters, this nonworking Flash NPC bug started happening directly after that Valentines Day event, usually when a player comes closes enough to the Flash in CentralCity for the Cant Stop! quest, he zaps your character with the speed Force, now the speed force isnt aquired at all-IT's NOT WORKING AT ALL on the PC, DCUO has Dev issues favoring the other consoles like Nintendo Switch and PS over the PC/Computer when the PC needs bugs fixed, But lot of PC DCUO players been supporting the DCUO game as far back when SONY first brought DCUO as a open to public free-to-play, so DCUO needs PC bug fixers to get in there to FIX THE EVENT AFTER UPDATE BUGS like this Central City Cant Stop! bug with the NPC Flash not passing his speed force to you so you can run with super speed alongside those infected citizens to stop them for the the quest showing in your journal.
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  6. oldschool1980s New Player

    Its still February,Sunday the 23, HAVING THE CANT STOP! BUG A FULL MONTH on the one character i have of the whole account whos stuck with the flash not being able to pass his speed force to VixenJLU, the account name is classicRPG, isnt there some way you Devs can RESET THE CANT STOP! quest on the computer/PC server? VixenJLU is the only character on that who account whos bugged by that NPC Flash not being able to talk to the Flash, Help her out will you?!
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  7. oldschool1980s New Player

    this CANT STOP! bug appeared on my VixenJLU directly after that Valentines Day update and really needs to have my character VixenJLU board in Central City reset on my PC computer to where VixenJLU is able to talk to the Flash,so he can pass his speedforce to her, as of this writing,my character is stuck not being able to talk to the Flash.
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  8. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Bug did occur with nature powerset too , nature player have to use wolf form to keep the buff from flash.
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  9. oldschool1980s New Player

    Well then,the Devs needs to FIX the bug for the nature power set on that Central City CANT STOP! so the player can talk to the Flash, wont they !:mad: I know most players like the Legendary dont care much for the Premium account, But i've paid QUITE ALOT into the DCOU game over the 7 DECADES that ive been on this game, and until DayBreak took over from Sony, Yes ive been on DCUO that long thank you very much:p Ive seen Sony's Devs make better attempts to repair those bugs after the seasonal and new content update bugs
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  10. Hero Cavargas New Player

    I will try this, since my main is a nature powerset.
  11. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    You do realise that Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak are the same company, right? They just change the name when Sony decided to drop SOE.
  12. VolcanixSteel New Player

    So I started tracking the quest "Can't Stop". I followed everything I needed to do up until I talked to the flash...but the thing is flash said he could or would boost me etc but I was never given any such speed boost to get through my quest, so I tried talking to him a second time and still nothing only this time I am not given the option to talk to him at all...i can't interact with him though the quest tells me I have to talk to him for this speed boost....please help. I tried to relog and switch maps (even tried relogging on a different map and re-tracking it but I am not able to talk to the flash at all...m
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  13. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    In Central City (DLC2), accessed through the teleporter in the Hall of Doom Hangar, Professor Zoom isn't granting us Speed Force stuff to do the "The Run Down" mission, which requires us to run next to Speed Force "infected" NPCs while under the effect of Professor Zoom's Speed Force.
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  14. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    This has been bugged for over a year now. I forget which update did it, but it has something to do with powers that have a form change. So nature (maybe ice?) can no longer do this mission, but quantum or fire are ok. It was a ticket in the old bug system also.
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  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

  16. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Thank you, Lorax. I "liked" those threads as well. Ugh... yeah, it's not working on my Nature character. So it goes with what Shadow Dragon said. :-(
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  17. Wildcat Committed Player


    everyone here: give a like for Tabby post, so devs can see this bug
  18. Cr0cUb0t_420 New Player

    I completed the mission can’t stop but when I went back to turn it in it said I had 0/8 absorb speed force energy when I just did it. Now I can’t talk to flash or anything. So in short I am unable to turn in the quest to complete it and no way to reset it.
  19. JLazeZ New Player


    While I'm on the topic though, I think some of these missions are too slow when compared to their story equivalent.

    The "pick up enemy and move them here" mission in this episode has them siphon your speed so you're forced to walk, that's fine but the times you have to do it stays the same and so is the Mark reward. I think a change to either of those would make it feel worth all the walking.

    The speed in which you close Rifts are also surprisingly slow. It's slow enough to where I think you can even double the mark reward to 4.
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  20. Sprout Robinson Active Player

    This fixed it for me, thanks. SUPER weird that it only works on wolf form. I tried hound form as well just because I was curious but no dice.
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