Problem with ice and fire dps

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  1. Pumpkie Active Player

    With the last update they are OP powersets we already know this but when i run with my celestial which deals pretty good damage, i am always behind Ice and Fire as DPS at the leaderboard. Sometimes i have been kicked from instances because i can't deal damage like ice and fire do. i have 174 sp and i am 125 cr celestial dps. I ve run NgN today a ICE dps with 76 sp and 123 cr ( ive checked his sp) done 10mil damage and I have done 6.5mil damage. I cant stand that is happening. I don't want to play DPS anymore because of this issue. You can't know what being kicked from the instance means... Please fix this. Buff other powers to keep up with ice and fire or make ice and fire lower to the other DPS powers level. You are talking about balancing the powersets but havent you noticed half of the DPS population in DCUO is using ICE as DPS? please do something about it. There is a problem with ICE and FIRE. ( And okay im not complaning about why i cant be the one who deals best damage, i am complaning because even if i got more cr and sp one noob ice user comes out and passes me at damage with a big distinction like 4-5 million damage. It is bothering me...)
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  2. Epcot Active Player

    I still don't understand these types of threads... Just keep playing not everyone is a jerk and kicks the low dps, and if you don't want to play dps, support roles are always needed
  3. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Or, pick a might based power. It's not just Ice and Fire. Almost all the might based powers are putting out great damage. The precision based powers are the low ones. If you like your power though keep it and have fun with it and stop worrying about the score boards and find better groups to play with.
  4. Pumpkie Active Player

    It seems youre ice or fire dps too because you dont see it as a problem. youre saying play support role than really i dont know if you get my point but i hate people like who have your point of view.
  5. Pumpkie Active Player

    what about electricity? ha? or nature or mental? or quantum? as far as i know they are called might based powers too... I can pass all of them with celestial dps lol. not all the might based powers are put out great damage. My point is fire and Ice OP than it should be.
  6. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Where were you the past two years when people were kicking or excluding fire people from raids because of lack of damage....or wanting to run only one healer with a fire tank.....I bet you were happily dpsing as a celestial and went along with all those aren't nearly at a disadvantage now as celestial vs fire compared to before the fire revamp when you were destroying fire people....its all perspective.....grass is always greener...
  7. Pumpkie Active Player

    is it something like revenge of fire :p
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  8. Epcot Active Player

    I'm an altaholic I got a ice toon but he is low cr my main is a support role because I hate getting kicked myself for being slightly lower damage...
  9. Pumpkie Active Player

    yes i have same issue i dont want to see myself lower degree at the board. i just want to see what i ve done there. I afford too much i m cliiping combos using flex soders trinket etc everyother things that can increase my damage + my 4 year experience. I wanna see that at the not wanna see a noob ice with 50sp can pass me.
  10. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Electric got a good boost. Mental and quantum are also very very strong. If you are complaining about ice and not these then you ran into some bad dips.
  11. Pumpkie Active Player

    electric got a good boost? are you kiddin me? lol you made me laugh. there is no difference than before :D still cant compete with other power sets. go and check some threads on forum or go and see with your eyes man. Show me a quantum or mental passes ice dps at damage im going to delete my game man.
  12. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Electric DID NOT get a nice boost!
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  13. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    this is just like when quantum was op and look how long it took to fix that so i wouldn't hold my breath
  14. MrB Dedicated Player

    I don't see a problem with fire or ice. They are both good power sets that should be left alone. They have a mechanic that allows them to actively move in the fight to find the spot they like between risk/reward.

    Don't like your power? Then switch to another.

    I'm HL. I've been HL since I got my first dlc and tried HL. Did it have moments that it was awesome? Yes. Did it start sucking with gu 36? Yes. But i stuck with it because I like it, you should do the same. I'm still sticking with it even after this fail of an update.

    So stop trying to destroy other powers because the devs didn't do a proper job with your's or you don't like your power, because that makes you sound like a little ***** that likes to screw people over. Stop it.
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  15. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    No one wants to perform less because of their power choice. All the powers are ABCDEFG at this point, everything should be relatively equal by now.
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  16. Menttallo Well-Known Player

    Grass is always greener I guess.
  17. Menttallo Well-Known Player

    Have you ever considered that he is just a more skilled DCUO player than you.
  18. Pumpkie Active Player

    I didnt remember that i said i dont like celestial? why you people dont get my point? is it too hard to understand that ice is SO OP THAT we ( as other powersets users) want to deal same amount of damage like ice do. I am talking about balancing and you all saying if you dont like your power or change your power lol are you serious guys? is there anyone who understand me please lol
  19. Pumpkie Active Player

    agreed. definetely this is my point. im not happy when i do less damage with celestial ( love celestial) compared to ice which is easiest and OPiest dps power.
  20. MrB Dedicated Player

    No you're yelling for nerfs. And who yells for nerfs? That's right little ******* that like to screw other people over.

    You get the content done? Yes? Then there is no problem with fire or ice.

    Maybe score board should be removed so people like you stop crying for nerfs.
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