Primeval Demons spawn rate

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ARI ATARI, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. TheRealDeathern New Player


    Then your doing it wrong.

    Have your buddies/leaguemates who need the feat let you know when they get the mission. Join up with them without aquiring your mission and try to get demons, if you fail, then get your mission and repeat the process (hopefully you will get the mission, and this will open it up for others in your group that need it...). If you get a group of 4 or 5 people, you can get the feat pretty easy... (take turns trying to replay the event, this will speed the process up and keep you from burning all your replays... instead you and the others will spread the cost out amongst you, or you can work on this with them when you log daily...).

    Another option is to camp out. Wait for someone with the mission to come along and help them kill the demons if they spawn.
    I executed both options to get the feat, and no I havent been back to the wastelands since...
  2. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    yep your absolutely right...25pts. I'm disgusted w/ myself now...what a noob 10pts...pssshhh ;). On another note...for you campers...camping doesn't quite work when Qing for any Operation or A/B runs. You will return to another location than Gotham Wastelands.
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    the wait method isnt feasable any more as noone runs these you might see two people a hour with the correct mission.

    and i do go there when ever someone in league says they have the mission the problem is the spawn rate as I personnaly ran the right mission this weekend 6 times in a hour or so using many replays in the hopes of getting the mission because i was tired of seeing it in my feats and out of all six times i ran the mission I didnt see one prime appear so that 4 chances each time you get the mission 4x6 is 24 chances and not one appearance not counting the couple of times i saw someone else over there while i was running my missions and waited while they did the mission also.

    the spawn rate was probably fine when everyone was running the content but noone runs it anymore if you didnt get feat while content was new your kind of screwed now
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  4. Kid Sorbet New Player

    The spawn rate is fine right now. Actually it seems to have been increased recently. Some league mates and I went from one or two demons to finishing the feat with a day or so of dedicated looking.
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  5. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I had forgotten about the feat, and lacked a few demons to complete it. I asked my league who still needed, we went in and finished it up no problem just recently. Sorry you're having trouble. Nothing garantees a demon will spawn. This is the main reason I refused to use replays on it, unless I had others in the group doing the same to spread the cost out amongst us...
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  6. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    It's not bugged SOE is mostly pathetic with syle drops and, these demons just got added to the list.
  7. DeathandHades New Player

    agreed. ppl just complaining because their not willing to put the time in.
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  8. DC-Doll New Player

    "Not willing to put in the time?" Maybe they changed it since I started doing that feat, but I for one and several friends would camp the area for that demon and we would be lucky to see one every few hours. And that was when people were actually doing the missions. Complain about casuals using synthetic mods. Complain about power levellers walking into Gates and Prime. But not wanting to stand in the same spot for hours on end for a kill for a feat is a valid complaint.
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  9. DeathandHades New Player

    thats the rate roughly, its what the devs put out and yes if your not willing to put in the time to get it than it must not be important to you. i did put in the time it took to complete not the time i thought it should take. and again if you dont want to stand around in the same spot for hours on end than dont its not required.
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  10. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Was this a valid complete when killing reapers in CC?

    True you know the reapers are there, but we are talking about a difference between 5000 reapers and 19 demons...

    I'll take the demon feat everyday.
  11. DC-Doll New Player

    As far as "putting in time" I'm on roughly 8-9 hours a day. Maybe you're right though. Standing around 3+ hours for one measly kill towards a 25 point feat is where I draw the line.
  12. DC-Doll New Player

    Meh. I see your point, but let's face the facts. A group of 8 can take out reapers in no time, plus you kill them subconsciously while.doing the CC missions. And let's also not deny the chance at rare drops/base items from farming reapers. Yes, reapers take some time too, but it's nowhere near as bad or fruitless.
  13. TheRealDeathern New Player

    When I got the feat, groups didnt get credit for each others kills, meaning all 5000 were killed by me alone. Not fun my friend, not fun.
  14. yoddadoom New Player

    u have to be near group members to get credit for there kills for the feats that is a new thing just so u know
  15. DC-Doll New Player

    No es bueno senor!
  16. cdicke2 Well-Known Player

    Disclaimer: I only read the first page.

    I got this feat in less than 2 hours. It may have been luck, but what seemed to work was that I would close every portal on one at a time. Normally I could get the last one closed before the first one popped again. About half the time the demon would spawn on the last one. It was way way easier when I'd get people to help me.
  17. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    You got it after it was tweaked... It was a total hassle before.
  18. AtrocitusOmega Committed Player

    The spawn is much better now all you have to do it just go to that area in wasteland and kill those demons they will spawn, took me like 45 mins to get the feat and you don't need the mission.
  19. Solutha New Player

    The spawn rate is still low but its not a problem now because you don't need the mission. Just click the portals. It may take an hour maybe two if you are unlucky to get the feat now.
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  20. AtrocitusOmega Committed Player

    Thats exactly what i already said. The spawn is still much better than what it use to be.
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