Primeval Demons spawn rate

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ARI ATARI, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    If this is working as intended, the intention is misguided.
    Please consider tripling not doubling the spawn rate. At least give it a 2.5x increase.
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  2. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    I've pretty much given up on this feat. I've run this mission so many times, and have only seen 3 primeval demons spawn.... The spawn rate needs to be increased.
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  3. ARI ATARI New Player

    just ran 4 envy missions and got zero.
  4. Will Power Loyal Player

    If the Prime demon spawned every time the Feat would not be 25 points it would be ten.
  5. ARI ATARI New Player

    this isnt true. and im not asking it to spawn every time, just enough to make it not take 6 months. BTW, ive been done with the 50 point feats in there for about 2 weeks now and havent felt the need to fill out a bug report on a feat before.
    Im at 173.8 without famring for bits or completing obot and mbot.... but i have no knowledge of feat values right?
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  6. Will Power Loyal Player

    It took 84 imps to equal 10 Feat points how many Prime demon would it take to equal 25 Feat points.
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  7. Little Sister New Player

    I just farm the area when I'm bored. I'm at 15 and that's with 3 of my kills not counting since jerks come up and just use Orbital Strike.

    Villains do seem to get them more often though, so I wonder if it is indeed bugged.
  8. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Grab 3 friends, all go to the spawn points of one area, kill kick, get 4 updates per spawn, takes about 15 minutes.

    Primal Demons have taken peoples days worth of time...

    I spent the first 2 weeks organizing with 2 leagues to make sure as many people get credit as possible. I'm at 5... Lowball guess of at least 20 attempts of 4 chances... so 80+ chances and 5 of them spawn...
  9. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    If villain gets them more often then they woudln't exist on hero side :p
  10. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    Im 2/19 for exalted style so far can we loop crappy drop rates of all trigon dlc together? that's 95 missions and only 2 pieces >.<
  11. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    :( that's bad
  12. ARI ATARI New Player

    punting imps took minutes, just had to make sure they had an empty back pack, you didnt even have to replay, just find out where they spawn and punt them...
    stay relevant please. so far your responses have had nothing to do with the fact that most people are sitting around 3 or 4 with this feat and the general sense i get from people is annoyance and frustration.
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  13. AlTheButcher New Player

    Finished this feat after about 3 days of farming the area. If phase was dead would use LFG chat to find a new one, took about 2 hours of farming each of the 3 days. Not once did I have a Primeval spawn when I had the mission, got credit for all 19 from others. Might be more difficult now with the population decline, but the spawn rate is appropriate for a 25pt feat.
  14. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Not all feats are intended to be completed in a matter of minutes. This adds replay value to the instances, when otherwise there may be none. I recently completed a 250 solo feat for example, I haven't needed to run solo content in well over two years, other than maybe for certain style feats maybe, but if I wanted the feat, I had to continue running the instances.

    The 5000 reaper feat in central city is another fine example. Long after needing any gear or marks from central city, I completed that feat as well. Now before you say this feat is different, would you rather have a small number of demons to kill, 19, with a low spawn rate, or a demon pop everytime and have an obsured number, say 5000? I'll take my chances with the small number, and hope that I can complete it at some point in time without constantly having to kill endless hordes of demons long, long, long after the content has any value to me.
  15. The Hornet New Player

    The difference here is, when you went to Central City you knew there'd be reapers there. You didn't have to pack a tent and a cooler and camp out with your nerd buddies in the Envy zone like it's dropping that new iPad.

    I farmed it for a couple hours. I've one, just like the one piece of Corrupted I've got on 16 Raven runs. Gotham Wastelands is basically dead to me, I'm not going to be strung along by the nose because the Devs want me to exchange badges for ****** drop rates. I'm also done resetting Nexus and Paradox, so I jump on and PvP a little, feat hunt a little, and call it good. Hope something changes in the three-ish months between now and the next DLC.
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  16. TheRealDeathern New Player

    You run instances constantly to complete style feats, yet the peice you need may or my not drop. Same concept here. Obot and Mbot gear same as Raven drops. I havent had much luck getting these items or demons either, but then again I am not complaining about it on the forums either. I wont replay these instances for loot. Its obsured to do so when I can go in once a week, kill Raven and see if I get anything. Its your choice to replay.
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  17. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I'm curious about what the devs intended on this.

    Assuming you get a different mission every 4 days which I think it's averaged to do. Then you get this mission every 4 days.

    As I said before I know I've joined up with people at least 20 times to try for this and i'm at 5. So if that spawnrate is correct that's 5/80 or 6.25%. So you'd have to get 16 spawns to get 1 guy on average. That's 4 missions. Or 16 days of farming dailies on average. So for all 19 you'd be farming dailies for 304 days. Most of a year farming dailies every day to get this done? ugh.
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  18. Will Power Loyal Player

    I'm saying you make the feat easier to get by adding more spawns per mission like a 4 Prime demons every time you close a summing spell you need to increase the number of Prime Demons needed to complete the feat. It would be nice if you could select the mission you wanted to replay instead of it being random of what you get but you know our Devs and every other MMO out there its all about the money people spend to play something. I'm sitting at 6 Prime demons and I could care less its not really that big of a deal. You just keep coming back till its done you could run a raid team and only get two demons. This content is still freshly new why do you want it over faster its not like the next DLC is tomarrow! Toyman's race is frustrating hell I almost threw my Controller when I kept getting knocked on my rear and I'd pick up the bomb and it still explode in my face to feet away from the next zone. My buddy Ballistic told me yesterday that he was replaying the mission in envy area and a player was closing the portals and 2 prime demons popped out but the player that summoned them ran off to his next mission with out fighting them and he got the kills. This mission also it a community helping feat however if I want to go one on one with the demon it may take months till its just me and the demon. However I got lucky and while you guys were grinding Nexus or PVPing for that rare gear I was playing my challenges and got to face him one on one a rare thing for me its the fight that I like. I can't wait till Tier 10.1 comes out so I'll have the damage of a T2 DPS on my Tank armor stats until then I don't mind replaying for a second Tank armor from 5.1 and mod it with Damage mods.
  19. ARI ATARI New Player

    fantastic math!
    im at 9 and all i do in the wastelands now is camp.
    that sounds like fun right?
  20. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Camping is your choice though, no one is forcing you to do it. Other feats in game consist of time sinks just the same as this one does. The other feats in the waste lands are relatively easy to obtain, cept the Raven gear... Shouldn't at least one feat be difficult to obtain to increase the replayablity of the content? Otherwise individuals would run in, get all the feats, and never step foot in the wastelands again.

    It pretty obvious why the spawn rate is not higher on these... they want individuals to play the content that they spent months developing more than just a few times, having a more difficult feat to obtain makes us go back to the wastelands more than we otherwise would.
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