Pride Boss Complaint

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  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Do those ones count towards the feat? I'm not talking about the Sentinels that are summoned during the Pride battle, I'm talking about the Sentinel loiters that stick around after the fight. They stand around the boss battle area in a ring, the ones that are summoned by Pride disappear after the boss is defeated.
  2. Sghoul Well-Known Player

    Funny to see complains about pets and stuff keeping people from getting away. I started a thread a ways back about changing the clipping so pets don't block you and was promptly told it was no big deal (in typical board fashion of "it is fine to me so shut up").

    This has been a general issue for me with the mechanics of the game. It wants you to be able to react quickly, but in general the game doesn't really let you. Long animations, slow reactions to block/roll, and pets/henchmen/players being in the way make things too unpredictable for twitch play.

    My one fight went fine. So my only complaint was no one was going the other boss so I couldn't get that quest finished :)
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  3. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Unless they try tanking, theyd never understand. If I die as tank, 95% of the time it's because I was blocked in by pets, henchmen and adds, and couldnt avoid the death spot on the ground.
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    It doesn't matter you get the feat finished within 3-5 boss spawns.
  5. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I think it's an alternative to doing the boss itself. It might come in handy if you're doing the mission and no one wants to do the boss. It'll happen eventually.
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  6. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I'll have to check that out, but I'm pretty sure you have to beat Pride to complete the mission.
  7. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I'll check, too, but I'm fairly sure the mission was incrementing with ticks from the adds before the boss went down. It's like the missions out in Doomed could do the bounty for instant completion or a ton of the side adds.
  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    its not as bad as people are claiming it takes about a hour and half to two hours. just stay on the outside and shoot into the pack and you will only be pulled in every once in a while
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  9. myandria Item Storage



    I think the boss fight is ok; however, I feel that the space for the boss and the mechanics are a little too tight . Within the next few weeks we will see less players spamming for the feats so that should solve the lag issues.

    If this boss was placed in that large wide open space of sand next to the tomb raiders, then I think that the firenadoes would be less of an issue as well as the lag.
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  10. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    If they had more space, they would probably add another tornado or two.
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  11. myandria Item Storage

    Maybe; maybe not. But there would still be more space to move out of their way and out of the way of other players.
  12. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    People are running into each other because they are trying to either get out of a tornado, get out of the path of the tornado or get away from a pack of adds. You could make the current area feel bigger if there was less adds and only one tornado, but when you have a village of adds and three tornados sucking up players, the area feels tiny. Plus with the all the pets and henchmen, it is even smaller.
    If there was a bigger space and they didn't increase the number of tornadoes or the number of adds, there would obviously be more room to maneuver. It is just my feeling that the devs would fill a bigger area with more adds and more tornadoes.
  13. Bloodwynd71 Level 30

    It is doable but annoying with the area effects of giganta, cheetah and barbatos all rolled into one bounty boss. It would be interesting to see what it is like in a year when only 5-8 people try and fight the boss with all these effects happening.
  14. Operation Failure Well-Known Player

    Constantly being pulled while also trying to avoid his charge? Yeah, this boss is annoying.
  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    They do. I picked a few off and checked counts between bosses....number went up by 1 for each.

    Conversely, I found if you were solo, and in DPS role, you barely get any credit for the 'summoned' adds while fighting Pride. I was in the thick of it for the whole fight and probably killed 30-40 adds (well participated in killing them), and came out with only a 5 count uptick in add count at the end. Some of those might have even just been the surrounding adds who got sucked in during the fight. It seems to be more lenient if you are in role, especially tank as I did it as tank and was pulling adds to me....I hit the 77 count feat in 2 boss runs and I'm sure I did less damage to each than I did when DPSing. This is pretty average, but since the adds are very squishy, unlike the flames on Injustice, the disparity is more noticeable.

    Long story short, if you are going to do them as DPS....get grouped if possible, at least till you hit the 333 count.

    EDIT: For the record, I didn't find the tornados that big a deal, nor the adds. But I was only doing a few per toon as I did my dailies. Maybe if I were plowing through the full counts in one sitting it would have bothered me more. Honestly for many of the toons I hit it on yesterday...I was mainly concerned with trying to get sucked up into a tornado for the feat.;)
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  16. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Yesterday I was at one of the DPS alts(solo), while I was watching a documentary about abandoned cities, somewhere in killed 40 bosses , I got an achievement for 333 soulless dead .... so in any case, after finishing 55 dead pride you will get 333 dead soulless .. .something like this...
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah...I'd guess YMMV, but I didn't feel like another Barbatos/Nightmare bat disparity situation, where by the time you finish the 50 should have more than the 100 bats done...with 3 potential each round.....yet, there I was doing a 58th or 60th or whatever Barbatos, just to kill a few Nightmare bats as most times you couldn't get 3 bats ever due to the glitching.
  18. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I did it last night it wasn’t that bad. The only issue is it’s hard to see unless you’re flying above it … even then the flashing lights can strain your eyes a bit it’s a nice extra 8 marks a week tho so no complaints from me
  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Last night i did 40/55 of this boss and my biggest issue with him is the tornados. Its bad enough he jumps all over the place and then you add the tornados that literally blind us so half the fight i have no idea where the boss went. Even after i went to sleep i was still seeing those tornados. When i finally do get my 55 done i never wanna see another tornado again.
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  20. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Last night on my first fight with the Pride boss, I got swept up in a tornado and I couldn’t get out of it lol. It sent me to the top before spitting me out and I got a feat for being carried to the top of the tornado! Sweet :)
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