Livestream Preview: ATLANTIS

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    Livestream Preview: ATLANTIS

    Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, October 24, 2018, for a livestream preview of our next episode, ATLANTIS. You know Aquaman and Mera. You have seen and faced Atlanteans on dry land, and learned much about Atlantean society. But you have never been there. You have never faced them on their home turf. You have never traveled deep beneath the sea to the bright city of Atlantis.




    The livestream will begin at 1PM PT tomorrow, October 24, 2018.
    • What: Atlantis Episode Preview
    • When: October 24, 2018 @ 1PM PT
    • Where: The official DCUO Twitch channel
    Join us in chat with your questions!

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    Yay :D
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  5. MrMigraine Devoted Player


    Hmmm ... Mepps mentions the term 'Home Turf'.
    Home Turf was the DLC where Lairs were introduced.
    Confirmed: Underwater Atlantean Lair Theme with Storm, the Swimming Seahorse Pet!
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Also confirmed, underwater Lair PvP!
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  7. Jensu Well-Known Player

    please give us Ocean Master armour
  8. EconoKnight XIII Legion

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    While I'm certainly excited to learn more about the content, the question at the forefront of my mind is this:

    Which Aqualad are we getting? Garth or Jackson Hyde/Kaldur'ahm? Or both?

    Can't wait! :D
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  12. sweetbabysabes Active Player

    I'm all for this! It would be really nice if they do drop an underwater base, along with perhaps a waterfall, and another water element creature or something. However, I hope the gear is something other than water based, since we just recently had manta, mera and the drowned sets. Time for something a lil different. Just an opinion, but would love to see perhaps full darkseid gear?
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  14. Pestilance New Player

    Sorry to sound rude but that is completely off topic of the actual episode, ofc it is going to be based off of the episode, every dlc they released has been like that
  15. somto New Player

    COOL, I know im not the leader, or work at dcuo, but im just asking as a suggestion, or something, can you make non members able to recieve mails, from anyone, with attached items.
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    Let me be the first to say this? Do people play this game?
    lol settle down wank pheasants its sarcasm at its finest well maybe not finest its easiest then
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    well we have had 4 atlantean themed suits so far including the drowned style before we've even gotten an atlantean dlc so that's sort of a problem. we have: the atlantean monarch pvp style, the atlantean warsuit (seasonal), the remora suit (basically the warsuit without water effects), the mera suit style, and the drowned. now that i think about it that's 5 with two of them being the same suit just one with upgraded cosmetic effects. similarly the plot sort of suffers, since we've seen circe, ocean master, and the upcoming corum rath (who was the master mind behind deluge) all initiate this sort of plot. so it's sort of expected that plot/style design might have to suffer a little due to repetition (which is why i think making the drowned style the one for this up coming dlc might have helped episode 33 not sink so low into batman levels of over use). personally i'm just excited for the possible base items and doing a little tourism.
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    We have been waiting for you............