Premium ultimately not "playable"

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  1. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    So what reasons will you tell new players/Premium players to purchase DLC7-9 when Tier 6 is here? Oh the new powers? no thanks, I already chose a power when I made my character and at 1000MC, I'm certainly not thinking about buying a DLC and then a power token to change to a power which offers no benefit over the power I currently use. The instances, right? Nah, I'll just farm marks from the earlier instances as Marks of Reality won't exist in a World with T6. Plus I've heard the T5 instances are really hard and I can't be bothered with that!

    Basically, you can mask your opinions with various fear mongering statements, but it's glaringly obvious that the only reason you oppose a change is because you feel you're being short-changed. This, despite the fact that a $20k cash cap (currently with a maximum of $28k by the time DLC13 is released) is still a cash cap and doesn't remove any perks you pay for from your membership.

    Oh and if you could tell me which free instances I can farm the T5 plans from? Because I was under the impression that somebody at some point had to pay in order to access the instances which these plans drop in.

    Oh and FYI, I am a Legendary subscriber.
  2. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Ahh, paranoia. So what you're basically admitting there is you only oppose it because you're paranoid and that any business logic or defense against it is founded on paranoia that you're going to get screwed.

    All SOE need to do is enable Playstation 4 players to have unlimited, subscription based access to Everquest Next(?) and whatever else they're putting on PS4 and all of a sudden, you have an amazing perk for being a subscriber to DCUO. A perk which more than justifies a minor increase to the cash cap depending on a persons loyalty to the game measured by the amount of DLCs they own.
  3. Hero of Justice New Player

    It is definitely possible to enjoy the game as a premium. I had a lot of fun playing this game Premium, which was most of my time in the game (I only went Legendary recently). I went Legendary because I loved the game and wanted to experience it at its fullest, not because Premium wasn't sustainable. I wouldn't mind a small increase to their cap (5k to me gives better tiered levels to the game, and it doesn't hurt Legendaries, who can make millions in days). But I strongly disagree that Premium is "unplayable."
  4. T20thoughts New Player

    I'm Premium, and I've easily gotten around the cash cap for repairs by having stacks of Type I interfaces in my inventory.

    This is not to say that I haven't spent money on the game. I've bought all the DLC so far, and I've bought 2 or 3 extra inventory slot packages. When I was gearing up to T5, I also spent some pocket change on exobit radars.

    The cash cap is a very minor inconvenience unless you're dying a LOT. I bought the week-long access to escrow when I was hunting for Home Turf collections, but even then I didn't actually have enough money to get all the collections via the broker, so that didn't do much for me.

    If you're a semi-casual player like me, who tends to take breaks between each new DLC, then you'll be fine not paying a monthly sub. You'll notice that you're not a sub, but it's really no big deal.
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  5. Hero of Justice New Player

    Agreed, the only time I felt the crunch as a premium was if we were having trouble in a raid and I started running out of the Sodas I stacked. For the most part premium does its job.
  6. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    The purpose of buying those dlcs to to get MOT faster... Just as people buy t4 dlcs...

    Basically u mask ur begging for freebies with some nonsensical reasoning that it will help "sell more" dlcs... But it's blatantly obvious that u have no bearings on how to make money... Because when I talked about getting a possible increase by purchasing an increase, u completely ignored that option...

    And when did I state as a freebie u can farm expert plans? If u read properly, I stated "trade"... Which means giving to a premium member so he/she can make on their own...
  7. psi-knight New Player

    I am premium, not a subscriber, and I am just saying that anyone against raising the cap should take a look at the subscription and sit down for a moment. The subscription perks need to be fixed before anyone should be allowed to talk about business models of anything.
  8. Minnion Devoted Player

    So what do you say about my idea of selling an increased cash cap as a stand alone product? Not retroactively added to anything I've already bought but just as another micro-transaction that I can buy in the future like more inventory space or extra character slots...
  9. WildPegasusrs Dedicated Player

    Maybe there could be a Premium + category depending on how much one invested in DCUO since as it stands there's no difference between someone just paying 5$ and someone paying 500$ in content. Maybe people who has spent on dcuo at least the equivalent of 1 yearly subscription could go Premium plus with a higher money cap as a reward for supporting the game in their own way.
  10. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    Card house paradigm.

    Don't touch anything or all falls apart
  11. Has2besaid Committed Player

    The world in DCUO is a dangerous and un-fun place when you fall from Legendary to premium. Picture Mr. Burns having to take the subway. IMO Its better to never have been Legendary at all than to drop to premium.
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  12. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    How am I begging for freebies? A cash cap doesn't even apply to me. I am a Legendary subscriber. Just like you. The difference between you and me, though, is that you're focused selfishly on yourself rather than the other players who support the game, too.

    It WILL increase the sales of DLC. Think about why and when it finally clicks in your mind, you'll understand.

    It will also increase the sale of Escrow passes as Premiums are able to sell their farmed items on Marketplace for more than the $40k limit so far on most items. Players are more likely to unlock when they have plenty of money in their Escrow. The faster they build it, the sooner they'll want access to it. Unlike now, where especially on the EUPS servers, items are so expensive, that it takes months to build up a decent enough balance to justify unlocking your Escrow.

    I also didn't ignore your option at all. I dismissed it because it's a poor idea. Why should Premiums have to pay AGAIN for an increase? Especially when you only need an increase if you're supporting the development of the game through DLC purchases? and especially when so many Legendary subscribers are currently being paid to play the game (in the form of Marketplace rewards being given to the player that far exceed that of the price they pay for the subscription)?

    I would support an additional paid for cash increase if it was game-breakingly good value to the point where I could buy enough to never need to subscribe again, but otherwise, no. It should be part of the DLC and it should reward those players who have chosen to stick around and support the game monetarily in a different way than the overly generous Legendary subscription model offers.
  13. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    I completely agree that there should be an option to increase ur cap.... Like $1000 increase for $10 fun too a new cap of like $8k...
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  14. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    would it kill any of you to spent $14.99 or just buy seven day escrow u must have spent some money to become premium
  15. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    They should have to pay again because that is the subscription model they choose to be in... Any additions to a dlc should benefit all subscription levels, not just targeted to one group of subscribers... But it's no point arguing... U have ur point of view, I have mine... And arguing this is pointless since we aren't making the decisions...
  16. Madara Well-Known Player

    They only been benefitting one level from the start..which was subscribers (go away with that legendary crap)

    I see what OP means..I played all the way to HT as premium and now as a subscriber I feel bad for premiums because they get like 1-2 shots at a raid even if they bought the content before they are broke..unless they spend hours preparing in advance..even though they paid.

    SoE has failed to make premium a viable long term access level, which is the problem. This seasons last tier of PvP is unobtainable by F2P cuz its $1900 a peice..does that mean next season will be over 2,000 ?


    Its pretty simple..let premiums pay to raise cap to a higher limit that is still unusable for 40K. Won't hurt anyone, and if you come here with that "i'll stop sub blah blah qq cry entitled" nonsense then why are you subbing now ? Buy 150 interfaces 2s and stop..derp
  17. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    No one cares for F2p.... They don't support the game so there should be a point where they shouldn't be able to continue toon progress.... And most of the benefits should go to legendary because we pay EVERY MONTH.... Not every 3 mths... Premiums have the luxury of having more money in their bank account because of savings... I don't feel bad for them... I spend more... I SHOULD have a more convenient player experience... They save money, they SHOULD have to spend more for additional luxuries... This is how the subscriptions are set... I don't understand why the constant QQ... I really do believe there should be an option to increase cash limit via a marketplace purchase... But no matter what there should be a cap... Maybe like 8k...
  18. T20thoughts New Player

    If they did that they'd be shooting themselves in the foot, wouldn't they? If they excluded Premiums from a big portion of the game, they'd lose said Premiums for future content.

    And honestly, if you've been playing the game for long enough to get to the last tier of PVP and you haven't even spent five bucks yet (which is, from what I remember, all it takes to reach Premium status), I'm... honestly kinda impressed. That's some dang patience and tolerance for running the same content over and over and over and over and over and over again. The fact that the content feels samey is what keeps me from playing for too long at a time, and that's with me having ALL the DLC.

    I will say, I did have to rely on my league for doing mods higher than tier 1 mods when I was gearing up for T4/T5. THAT, in retrospect, was the biggest stumbling block for Premiums. However, with synth mods they've done away with that particular speed bump for premiums. So again, we're left with the cash cap being the only noticeable inconvenience for non-subscribers.

    If they increase the cash cap, there's far less incentive to subscribe. So make it a habit to get yourself a few T1 interfaces every time you've run an alert/duo/solo. Trust me, you'll have plenty to sell to get'em.
  19. Madara Well-Known Player

    8k is fine...10K is fine..the point is the option isn't there

    10$ a month for sub doesnt seem like much but for some people it is..and ya alot of premiums only buy dlcs and stuff they REALLY like from market..but these same premiums are also never buying escrow..adding the ability to raise the cap perm even if its a small amount would incline people to keep playing as premium and inevitably keep spending money on dlcs etc..

    the issue we have come to is that it has come to the point of 1-2 raid wipes and a premium is done..this drives folks away as no one likes spending a few hours for nothing..and the only reason they cannot continue is the cap and how repairs keep going up and up with each dlc

    thats the problem..sadly it won't ever be added until it absolutely has to be added..which should be within the next 2 DLCs is my guess seeing as how repairs are in WoL

    i know both perspectives..i know premium pretty well as i played as it til after HT

    know what kept pushing me from the game ? repair cost/wiping in raids 2-3 times and being done

    did it make me sub ? no actually..i subbed cuz the pricing was right..the all access is coming soon..and feat unlocks incoming so the replays/sc will soon come in can stay in a raid and wipe 300 times if i want..

    but no its a failure of a model and only pushes people away because they quickly see spending 90$ on dlcs but only being able to try 2-3 times in the content they bought before being broke isn't worth it, i mean think about it..

    90$ on dlcs is a AAA B2P game and a time fee play forever...unrestricted.

    i say its a failure model cuz the pc population dropped like a rock a few months after f2p launch..directly related to the fact the game on PC actually has F2P competition..a lot of competition..
  20. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    There are many reasons for you to subscribe. But you;d rather put a man down, then to simply step off his back. I've done the calculations before. if we add all legendary benefits total cost for the course of 1 year, you are saving on average almost 250 dollars a year. You choose to believe the money cap is the only reason to sub. its not a reality. You won't put your money back in your pocket you will simply spend it buying the DLCs you no longer have access to and buying all future DLCs that year