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  1. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    This is false. On paper, yes. Though you are able to refresh VWD with riptide, you end up losing on damage due to clipping/stopping for a second when you could be doing an extra flurry combo. In fact, its better to do tornado pull/weapon buff and phase dodge and only do those 3 every time phase dodge is off cooldown. Ice does best with snow devil/ice bash and phase dodge and you don’t even have to spec into might/power
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  2. stärnbock Devoted Player

    this is true ^ it has changed with the last GU that nerved the buff. also i agree on ice :D
  3. Pepito19 New Player

    if you want to see how much damage the dps precision does, you can watch the DCUO False Idols Elite video - Speedrun Dps POV 23: 59min (24:39 end time) I have no doubt that the developers lowered the precision damage although I and many more let's not see it
  4. gemii Dedicated Player

    i think most powers are pretty balanced with precision.

    Rage really exceeds those boundaries due to beserk. this supercharge is truly out of line and way superior than just about any other dps supercharge. most elite prec players go rage for this reason alone.

    its to powerful of a supercharge to just be on a 12 sec cooldown with a supercharge cost of 5000. should be increase to 10000 or make the cooldown 45 secs.
  5. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    I’m aware, precision is somewhat more brainless now and parses pretty much the same. I know might parses higher on sparring dummies but prec flurry is way more consistent and safer overall especially in elite over the course of a raid. Everything is pretty much the same, might excels on the adds and even boss damage if you are stationary next to a healer who spams the gemini for the group. This has always been the case even with VWD pre nerf. In regular content and some elite instances might gemini spam> prec. In most elite boss fight prec>might due to lack of super regen for might and the fact that you have to move around a lot more. If a group is clumped up together with a healer spamming gemini might takes it every time, otherwise prec.
  6. Rushsteel Active Player

    Nah man I get what ur saying but I don't think u realize how hard it is to use berserk in elite content. I just started using it because rage is so bad without it but I have to constantly time when I use berserk. For example I use it on phoenix in fi e right after he swoops down and if the tank is using lasso. I use it on bard after balls on gorgon if heals are op. Use it on mino before charges and cerberus after his charge. The fact u have to time it right after and still have the chance of dying makes it worst. Plus don't get me started on the amount of useless berserks I had. I also like can't use berserk on second boss of fi e because his skull aoe hitbox is messed up and hits people behind him so I just neo in that fight. On top of all that ur healers need to be feeding u or u are barely going to be able to use berserk. Also on last boss it's kind of meh cuz u have to wait until after a reflect phase to use it so U don't get screwed over. Mome u have to wait for freeze skull and pray u don't get pulled if u decide to berserk. On Ivy u have to hope the adds don't kill u and at lb it's pretty much useless vs red death. The fact that it's 5k sc really risky and can be wasted along side the chance of having zero feeders at time makes it balance imo. Not many rage players even berserk in elite raids and I havn't till this week cuz I needed to learn the proper timing to be able to berserk. Just like in every dlc some boss have a timing where u can use berserk but it's just a lot of work. Also most dps mains arn't rage. They are all nature might and gadgets prec. The tanks go rage cuz its a really nice tank power and berserk is decent for adds.
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  7. Kimone Devoted Player

    yeah, and simply - we couldn't have a comparative conversation of this nature two years ago because during AM? Everything was Might by default. Before that? Everything in WM was Hybrid, and ultimately - whether anyone wants to admit it or not - probably the most immediately balanced of the revamp changes we've had. This is probably the first time in game history where "Precision DPS" was a thing.
  8. L T Loyal Player

    Rage's supercharge is only good for single target because of the way it splits now. Plus it's melee only. If you're choosing a power set for its supercharge, I'd think Circuit Breaker would be better, since it can be used at any range.
  9. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Sad. I like it how everybody screamed “Nerf prec”, despite not even knowing what it was capable of. Prec is consistent still but it lacks any real AoE and supercharged that take advantage of multiple enemies. Ever since gemini came out, or even currently, might was always capable of beating prec on single target. It’s just situational now. I blame the people who nerfed or even had any business talking about it without knowing the capabilities. Prec flurry was never parsing higher than might especially with the castor’s watch spammed relentlessly by the might users.

    Yeah sounds about right, top prec powers for flurry are prolly gadgets/ice/electricity. I’d probably have to give it to electricity now since you can spam circuit breaker off cooldown if someone in group spams gemini
  10. Careless Active Player

  11. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Snow devil does more damage than tornado pull. You can have 2 snow devils if you use snowdevil/weapon buff then clip snow devil again with phase dodge. Snow devil is a DoT but works as AoE. In terms of boss damage, ice will take it every time. Snow devil is basically like having a crit on your tornado pull every tume you use it as rage. Gadgets or electric might be top because as electric you essentially have a circuit breaker that gives you 60% of the damage with 15 second cool down versus neo venom boost’s 50% increase and 45second cool down. Gadgets has the potential to be top because of clipable turret and stealth but it’s harder to do well with and you have to be mid range for stealth.
  12. Careless Active Player

    What would you recommend for a good ice prec loadout?
  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Thats just not true, its not only very risky to use berserk in elite content it also not worth doing it if the group stays on max range rotating supplies and supercharge generation u lose out on dmg in the long run, sure for normal content its strong but u mentioned elite prec players so ...
  14. L T Loyal Player

    The other thing about snow devil for precision is that it's CR based damage and doesn't depend on might. So you can put 0 SP in might and still get the same damage out of snow devil.
  15. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    If you can get it off in Elite for 5-6 seconds sure. But can you do it consistently without losing out on damage? Now, ask yourself how many bosses you van melee for the duration of your berserk without them jumping or being too far out of range? A lot of times you will be wasting your super charge. Maybe not in all fights but in most, you will... You have to be in a boss’ face to get it off and if a boss jumps a bit too far out of range you are missing out on damage you could otherwise be doing with either snow devil or circuit breaker. Berserk is very situational and it’s hard to get it off consistently on bosses, mom e on mr freeze is the only time you could pull it off. Yes, you might get more damage than an electric using circuit breaker bit prec is good due to its consistency not short bursts that require you to get up in a boss’ face. Most times you will be sitting on full berserk waiting for the time you could use your berserk or you could just stay max range as electric and spam circuit breaker back to back. In addition, as electric you could actually use your sc generator and get damage out of it unlike rage that pretty much requires you to use relentless anger to get sc back. You can use it and get ac back but the damage doesn’t proc unless you actually let your toon lunge. Your argument is valid but in 99% of the instances you will get rekt as rage using berserk versus someone who spams circuit breaker.

    That too. If you are using the CoG, you can just go ahead and put all your SP into health to get more prec out of your CoG

    Snow devil/shatter/ice bash then clip another snow devil and phase dodge. Wait for shatter restraints to get off cooldown and clip it with ice bash. Don’t refresh VWD every 12 seconds, keep spamming flurry for 18-20 seconds instead. There’re a few loadouts you could use. Easiest would be snow devil/ice bash/phase dodge. Wait for phase dodge 16.5 seconds + 2 extra flurry combos then do 1,2,3 together again. Or you could do snow devil/shatter/ice bash/phase dodge and do 1,2,3 together, wait for 1 and 2 (snow devil/ice bash) and clip them with phase dodge. Try to dps closer to 20 seconds instead of 12 to maximize your damage before refreshing weapon buff. Pretty much the same load outs it’s just getting snow devils out as much as you possible without losing any time on animations.
  16. Kimone Devoted Player

    yeah, but if you get it off, boss soup - that's why it's considered a risk - reward move. it doesn't always work, but when it works, it Works.
  17. Careless Active Player

    you would run shatter restraints over reflection?
  18. Kimone Devoted Player

    ehhh, that's the thing : people see "ooo it does damage" and immediately hop on the train, or get mad that it does good damage differently than how THEY do damage, and out come the QQ Nerfy Nerfy guys. It took five hours and a little math to debunk "parser targets numbers versus live numbers"; not that it matters. People tend to see what they want to see, and will engage in tremendous mental gymnastics in order to continue seeing that thing.
  19. Kimone Devoted Player

    yes, Shatter = breakout, limits interruption during the start of attack cycle.
  20. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    A breakout is just extra tbh, I actually just use it as a timer for my 20 second weapon buff duration.

    Right, a lot of those people who do that aren’t even that good with their powers to begin with. They see a video, run one instance with a prec user and get rekt then post on the forum and are qualified. A good might user can beat a good prec user but a bad one won’t. You have to be a good orec user to beat a food might user, a bad prec player will never or ever could a good might user

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