Precision DPS

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  1. Careless Active Player

    Which powers are currently pulling the highest precision damage?
  2. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Didn't Precision Damage die from drowning in the tears of overly competitive (in a cooperative game, mind you) Might Damage players in this recent DLC Game Update?
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  3. ALB Dedicated Player

    Gadgets, because of turret clipping. It's exactly like bot clipping that was fixed, but for some reason the devs never fixed the turret. Take 0 power and can be super clipped
  4. Blightwing New Player

    What the poo is clipping? I keep hearing this term and have no idea...
  5. Careless Active Player

    Its animation canceling
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  6. Pepito19 New Player

    I have two dps cr 281 sp 472 precision and power, the dps accuracy is still very high, it should reduce the precision damage a bit more.

  7. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    ehhh, jury's still out.

    2h is in a better (ish) spot ATM; unfortunately the top performer in that weapon is a ground zero melee combo, and Hammer Throw - > Arrow Storm basically needs to be doubled at this point in order to match output for that combo. I'm sure there are a bunch of similar horror stories as well.
  8. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    precision doesn't need reduction, you're thinking about earth and rage.
  9. Rev Almighty Level 30

    Gadgets and Rage are the top two powers for prec right now. Prec is better than it's ever been. Hope these videos help.

    For the gadgets video I would use two handed doom spin over smoke bomb. Loadout can be something like Cyclone push, buff, turret, SS movements and stealth with sc. Just an idea :] ST for gadgets I'd throw PDART instead of taser pull for bosses with adds around him.
  10. gemii Dedicated Player

    prec overall is in a good place right now its already been nerfed we dont need it nerfed to the point where its a disadvantage.
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  11. Careless Active Player

    How do you think water competes with these powers?
  12. Rev Almighty Level 30

    Not as good but it's top with prec along with mental and elec i think
  13. Rokodou6 New Player

    I would love to see how Mental Prec would do to other dps similar or less than probably gadgets minus turret in their loadout.
  14. Korlick Loyal Player

    Regular M.A. Smoke Bomb, right? Or you mean the Bow>Smoke Bomb Mastery?
  15. Careless Active Player

    Okay thanks i was either gonna go water or quantum. Is hard light anygood at prec?
  16. ALB Dedicated Player

    How many times would you get that off in content? Yes, it do great numbers, but it's not practical in content.
  17. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I tested Two-handed in MM Elite and i could easily Melee the first boss (and the adds before of course).
    Its not a good idea to melee
    Second and Last boss tho.;)
  18. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    with five shields it becomes very, very easy to do.

    Certain raid bosses are a little tricky unless the healer and tank are on point, but aside from that, spin spin spin...
  19. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Nope. I'm still topping the boards. :D
  20. Pepito19 New Player

    when they put the next survival, everyone to ask for dps precision, is still very high precision