Precision-based moves...How are they calculated?

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  1. Gunny New Player

    This has been a long mystery that remains unsolved for many. How does a DPS + precision value turn into the damage you do for weapon attacks?

    Until recently, it was thought of as something as simple as a DPS value (weapon DPS + Precision/10) X (combo multiplier). This was thought to cover all weapon attacks.

    NOW, with the recent HB --> arrow fling, it was revealed in the hot-fix notes that there are actually different scalars for a ranged precision attack and a melee precision attack.

    The issue we face as a community now is that before, the simple equation above only had ONE unknown variable to the playerbase, which was the combo multiplier for each weapon combo. Now with this revelation, there are actually at least two unknown variables. Also, it includes a range somewhere, because the same combo produces a range of damage values with all variables held constant.

    This makes the community have to rethink its strategies if it was to discover exactly how DPS translates into white numbers.

    I swear, most days i wish it was as simple as Vitalization equations.


    Simply made this post for anyone daring enough to try tackling how these numbers work. This is a point not known previously and will definitely be invaluable in calculating accurate results.
  2. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    The first piece of the puzzle was found when someone pm'd a dev and found out that all white damage moves were assigned a multiplier for mean damage, and then given a variance (10% or 20%) to create the range of possible values. That helped a lot, which explained a lot of weird values observed as mins and maxes like for example [0.96 to 1.44] which would be a nice clean 1.2 varying by 20%.

    But it still didn't explain everything. When I tested more thoroughly, I found that many of the basic moves like weapon taps had clean damage scalars like 1.1 or 0.6, dev-like numbers. But for the most part, weapon moves had real bizarre damage multipliers with lots of decimal places like 1.918 or 1.215. It's not just error either as I'm able to get as low as 0.01% error testing the moves with clean damage multipliers.

    There just has to be some other variable turning these clean values into a mess and the hotfix notes more or less confirm this.
    But for practical use, it doesn't really matter which is why I'm not bothered too much about finding the mystery variables. As long as you have the final multiplier, ugly or not, you can figure out how much damage you'll be doing at any DPS and precision stat. It's not as easily memorable as might/ability base damages, but it still works just as fine.
  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    Shiny, I thought you left! Question for you. Why do you think the damage magnitude of the WM combo finishers varies so widely? I just can't figure out why you should get numbers from 3k to 15k for the same attack (Dual Flurry from Spin Chop, for instance), even with large crit mag and other variables, like buffs, damage modifiers, and opponent defense.