Precision affinity on pvp weapons

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  1. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    I don't think he is saying they wouldn't benefit. All weapon damage would benefit the same yes. But powers that deal damage using Precision benefit from the Precision buff more.

    You're looking too much into this when it's quite simple. Two powers, Celestial and Fire. Both gain 844 Precision from the weapon buff. Fire from that buff got his weapon damage increased to 161 DPS that's it. Celestial got his weapon damage increased to 161 DPS; PLUS the Celestial's powers got increased by that same 844 Precision buff at the same time. Add on the 45% Annoit increase and it's even further.

    The issue is not that Fire didn't gain any benefit (he did, the 161 DPS to weapon damage), it's that Celestial gains a much larger benefit from the weapon buff. Since it adds raw Precision onto the character which Precision based powers benefit more off of.
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  2. Gwalir Loyal Player

    Actually, he did say, "The extra precision added does not benefit everyone. It only benefits precision powers.", which leads me to believe he thinks only a few powersets benefit from having higher Precision. That was why I posted what I did.

    In any case, I haven't tried Celestial myself and consequently know little about it, but it sounds more like the Precision-based powersets are getting double the bonus they should from Precision boosts. If so, then it should also be that way in PvE as well and the powersets themselves should be adjusted. Just changing the PvP weapons themselves would make it so a Celestial who is using a 161 DPS weapon who got the 45% Anoint bonus would still be getting that bonus twice, since he'd be getting it to increase his weapon's damage and his power's.
  3. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Ah yeah I didn't see that, so my bad.

    But yes, that's the "imbalance" of Might powers vs Precision powers in regards to the PvP weapons giving these Precision buffs instead of just a flat number. The higher these Precision buffs get (Which they are getting quite high... The Season 2 gear is over 1400 I believe), the bigger the imbalance gets. Precision also adds onto power damage for Precision based powersets (Like Hard-Light, Celestial, and somewhat Earth). So yes they are gaining double the benefit where-as Might powers are only getting their weapon DPS increased. The new 45% Precision buffs only further push this issue.

    I honestly, as an Earth user, think it'd be best if PvP weapons were switched to adding a flat number, since the whole reasoning behind that was to keep them from being used in PvE. Which no longer even applies.
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  4. savageprime New Player

    So now the debate is unfair power sets in favor of precision based powers? Yes precision hits harder than might with weapons and yes I am HL but do you see me crying over advantages vs disadvantages with powers or how mental has grandeur making them pretty much invincible and can have lasting dots even with them not attacking due to being knocked down, or how fire tanks regen or maybe all the shields with ice and do i even need to say the words..photon blast?? I mean cmon there are going to be advantages and disadvantages to every power. My advantage of why i love HL is the burst damage. If i knock you down and you cant get a immunity quickly to get up then im going to melt almost half your health in one attack flurry. So i take the good with the bad. You want more precision then mod and spec into it more i mean God, how many times do we have to repeat the same thing.

    Everyone benefits from the affinity. LET IT GO!
  5. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I agree that precision affinities combined with precision buffs like anoint, carnage, and reinforce are a problem. Buffs should increase your base precision rather than your buffed precision. But I'm not sure if affinities actually add damage to precision-based powers like aftershocks.

    I was under the impression that those powers always take into account your weapon's dps + your precision stat in determining damage. If that's the case, there shouldn't be a difference between a straight 192 dps weapon and a 77 dps + 1150 precision weapon in determining aftershock damage. Has anyone tested this?

    I also know that counter damage is based on precision but I'm not sure if it's also based on weapon dps. I'd assume it would be.
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  6. Giggles Loyal Player

    I'm just not sure why they continue with this weak PvP weapon prec proc stuff. PvP is banned from PvE, why don't we just have a flat 224 DPS weapon? It's not like we can use it in PvE.

    Those buffs definitely need to be toned down by half. 45% is insane, and they stack on one another, although they do have diminishing returns, it is still very strong, it is too strong. Either might needs to be brought in line with precision, or precision needs to be brought down to mights level. However precision is currently clearly too strong of a stat to pass up.

    Also, for those of you that don't know, PvP weapons increase the damage of deadly block. So since those procs help things like counters, you better believe that anoint, carnage, and reinforce are going to increase that damage even higher. Those buffs need to be looked into as well as precision and might in general, so the two become better balanced between each other.
  7. savageprime New Player

    Why would precision not be stronger in general considering precision is weapon and clipping based it poses the biggest threat to be knockedout by bosses. Unlike might based who can sit back and spam dots with little to no threat level. So yes precision has a greater risk thus a greater reward. Only celestial can consistently sit back and spam precision and yet you guys are crying that precision is to strong? So we should make precision as might except precision pvpers have tp be up close to fight while might based can fly up top and spam and somehow all that is fair to you might based dps yet you sspeak of balance?? Sorry folks ignorance is not bliss. Again please stop crying trying to ruin pvp. You really want the devs to go messing with our weapons even more then they already do?? Smh to you all.