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    I think firstly you need to understand the difference between precision and might, they aren’t supposed to do the same job. If you look up the definition of Precision it tells you “the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.” From my understanding precision is supposed to be a lot of damage in one individual place. Now if your in a raid and there is only 1 target it makes much more sense that precision will smoke any might DPS because that’s what it is designed to do by definition. When you play as a precision player you knowingly make the sacrifice that if there is a DLC with multiple bosses for example let’s use PANOe last boss. There are multiple targets and it’s alot quicker with might DPS because they can hit multiple targets at range doing a lot more damage and ending the raid quicker. The reason you all want it to change is because the DLC’s right now are being catered towards Single Target DPS and as stated before Precision is the most accuracy definition for Single Target. The way I look at it is that Might doesn’t need to be Nerfed there just needs to be DLC where it can show its full potential. Raids like Ultimate Soldier are also useful with might DPS because of the insane amount of adds. If you enjoy playing might that’s fair enough but you should also igknowledge that there are certain negatives as there are benefits. If they make Precision and Might more alike they take away there unique benefits, and as far as I’m concerned making them all the same doesn’t allow people to play how they want, if someone wants to be a high damage dealer on single targets that’s fine because you know when it comes to adds Might will easily beat any precision. But again you are the one that makes that sacrafice when you choose Might over precision and I also think the devs need to help players such as yourself understand that there is a difference between them and they both have there purpose.
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    You also have to take into account the players ability, this isn’t always true but from what I have seen most prec DPS know when to attack, they also are more consistent with damage and are usually a higher tier of player then might DPS, usually might DPS are slow and lazy from what I find at the higher levels of EUPC/PS.
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    In terms of AOE you have a point given equal skill. In terms of pure ST, a top DW is the clear winner in every DM E run unless it's a Nature w/ 200 Strat (which is also in a league of its own lol).

    Wonder why :confused:
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    Precision is superior in single target encounters.

    Might is superior is AOE encounters.

    I don't see a problem with these differences. During Atlantis, players were complaining that Precision was incredibly weak, because the content was so AOE focused. It's not about changing the players; it's about releasing a variety of content.

    JLD, Metal I, and Metal II have all been heavily focused in the single target encounters. Little to no trash between bosses (which I consider to be an improvement). But bosses are just a single huge bloated pile of hit points that takes forever to kill, and AOE specs are just wasting large portions of their damage potential because there aren't enough targets. VARIETY. We need to make sure that every new episode doesn't play exactly the same. We need some fights to involve multiple bosses, or heavy add spawns, or heck, just fewer mid-fight cutscenes so that the Might players don't have all their DoTs expire repeatedly.

    There is room in the game for a single, huge health boss that takes forever to whittle away at, but there is also room for big warlike fights that have multiple enemies. If we return to having a variety in our fights, then we will have a need for a variety in types of DPS.
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    DME and PCe first bosses are bad examples. Flurry takes it no contest due to consistency and mobility. In a stand still situation where you don't have to be mobile like PCe final boss there are quite a few might power sets capable of beating prec except for maybe top tier prec powers such as electric and water since those can actually make use of excess supercharge. Other prec powers can't really make use of excess supercharge since they are using neo. Fire, mental, gadgets, muni, celest, light might are all capable of beating prec powers except for the ones I have mentioned. It is situational for sure but if supercharge is a factor and mobility isn't in play prec loses to might. You ain't touching might dps as prec with 2 healers giving you infinite supercharge and 4-5 people dpsing in your gemini which you can keep dropping non-stop. Situational.
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    situational my mental a@@.
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    Heat Vision>Phantom Flames>Telekinetic Pull>Terrorize>Repeat
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    you must play with very poor dps.
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  10. AV Loyal Player

  11. L T Devoted Player

    Tk pull was weak vs other single target abilities when I tested it.
  12. AV Loyal Player

    I'd check it again. Is their hardest hitting st power, esp w Grim reliably establishing PI, and it doesn't have the framelock dovetail of Tornado Pull so the rotation flows properly. It's clean, simple, solid, power efficient, consistent, and you don't have to dick with Invis and the inevitable DPS lost to interrupts, range, and whatnot associated with it.
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    What’s the celestial single target load out, I’m tired of using flurry lmao
  14. AV Loyal Player

    Can do either HV>Consume Soul>Defile>Consume Soul>repeat or, if you want to, you can take advantage of Celestial's unique +2% crit on SC-gen head mod and sacrifice some DPS to do HV>Sacred Light>Defile>Consume Soul>repeat.

    I prefer the non-SC gen variant as it's higher damage and, since you have to trade 5% SC per Neo for the SC-gen cariant, I don't fine it comes out ahead, esp when you can just throw weapon buff into the 4th slot instead to up ranged tap clip dmg and provide an additional reliable clip for safe RS spawning.
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    The funny thing is prec can top dps in aoe and st. Doom spin until u get to boss and then Dw flurry shot. Nobody is talking about doom spin and lets not forget how op smoke bomb was on adds. Back when ppl were spamming smoke bomb u can create a gap so big you could actually afk a few bosses
  16. ALB Dedicated Player

    In boss fights with big warlike fights that have multiple enemies, AOE dw would get killed. It's not weak, but it's no where close to the top might dps. This is the problem with always asking for nerfs and not balance.
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    Crash grim sets terror pi not dazed. So it should not be helping TK pull.
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    That's correct, I misspoke. Sets up for Phantom Flames and not Tk Pull. Tk Pull still hits hard enough and with a fast/clean enough animation that it's the optimal power there though. Tornado Pull is an option but its dovetail frames are problematic and pwns it for use by any power but Rage (can sub it with a few others but... eh... they don't need it like Rage does) cuz it has no other choice. I don't have my spreadsheets in front of me to quote the actual raw value but it was ultimately the best performer.
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    What’s hv? And I was hoping you wouldn’t say Consume soul since it’s melee range. And thank you, by the way
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    Heat Vision. Shouldn't be melee range but I may have misremembered the power name or written down the wrong thing. I do all my initial testing at max range, try to avoid mid if able, and only consider anything shorter than mid for special cases. I'll double check when I get home.
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