Prec not broken

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  1. ALB Dedicated Player

    Super speed, Gadsden, and elec entire supercharge system is. Prec has never been broken. I never seen anyone give an example that wasn't gadgets/elec or super speed
  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    You are correct and I’m pretty sure we, including the devs, know this. Which is why there was plans for a supercharge balance pass. It was not well received. Just another case of the players wanting something and then when it happens, or is about, the same players scream no. Granted the balance passes looked a bit off but it was up for testing and could have been tweaked. But Batuba left anyway so not sure who is being trained to take over so I’m sure it’s going to be a bit till it resurfaces.
  3. L T Devoted Player

    Don't go treading on me!
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  4. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    here's a simple test:

    1) if you have the omni neck built up
    2) heal with the prec mod - in elite duo
    3) dps with the resto mod - in elite duo
    4) yes - you can do the above - I do it inadvertently at times
    5) what this really tells me - is that the prec mod is nowhere near what it once was
    6) the odd thing is when I out dps another player - when I have the resto mod - though the other player may not be as well spec'd as I am or have high arts or etc etc....
    7) think about it - should you be able to dps w/the resto mod (keep up with the other dps)?
    or should you be able to heal w/prec mod in elite content?
    or maybe the tac mods - just don't count toward your stats as much as they did in prior years

    at one time - I could go into the anniversary solo mission - watch the numbers - and at the end of the next year - my prec numbers would be close...
    now - that's not the case anymore - I just expect more nerfing due to the 'squeeky wheels' and more might based players.
    it appears as if might stats 'scale' and prec 'stats don't scale as well anymore.

    and of course, I won't change - due to the fact it takes too long and too many resources to switch over to might - just the base generator will take you weeks to refill as might 42.4 mods - along with augments for the dlc and origin.
    and if you're doing might - you might as well invest in power - give yourself a bigger pool of power.

    I have a lot of alts - what if I had to do it for every single one of them - this could take months....

    just one other thought...
    you would think - if a player had all prec and might spec'd - this would be the most OP stance to achieve - yet the game really doesn't want you to get to this point even the 700+ sp players don't have an easy time achieving max might and prec stance (along with everything else you should take)...

    and the other thought is how often are you crit'g above 100K as might?
    because might allows clipping of powers - it's the clipping that really brings out the difference - a huge difference w/skill'd clippers

    vs a prec player? how do/can you clip prec? - style of play - really favors might in this game - since
    your clipping options are limited at best.

    so devs - eliminate clipping - and you'll level the playing field - quite a bit, I suspect - if not might will always be better in the hands of a skilled player. prec will always need a boost.

    further evidence can be found just doing a survey of active players - number of might vs number of prec players - that ratio - won't change - until you change prec or nerf might
  5. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    It's never been really about Precision in general. It's brawling -> ma and dual wield -> bow,

    When was the last time you saw a shield prec user? or rifle?? or anything but brawling or dual wield tbh. And really it fhey did hit those with a nerf bat it shouldn't be by a lot. I've noticed lately that a lot of might players are learning new power combo's that are pretty competitive with the prec meta's. Sure a nerf hit to brawling - ma and dual wield - bot might help a little but I'd rather them buff the other weapons for a little variety.

    I tried prec a few times with different powersets. Same combo again and again and again literally had me falling asleep at my keyboard.
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I personally think it does all come down to certain artifact combos and buff supercharges. But I’ve been using EoG on 3 of my toons on dps side lately. Might builds. So each uses a spammy one, 2 are using damage ones, one is using a buff one. The damage field ones are doing better than expected and honestly not even liking NVB but water toon so not many choices. With electric, pop NVB and cb and I don’t think it really matters if you’re prec or might. But I’d think prec can just run with EoG in 100% of the time vs might users wanting to tac swap it.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    But why should those weapons be nerfed? Because some players can’t do 2+2? Why punish prec dps because some players can’t figure out a loadout that works? My HL ST damage is a good amount higher than my prec electric. My electric has more aoe but that’s because it’s electric. So why should the only 2 viable weapons be nerfed? Brawling and dw are in a good spot right now. Not because they are strong but because they are pretty well balanced with a competent might dps. The potential cap of light is higher than precision because of the artifact options might has (how some artifacts scale). Tax swapping favors might dps because of channel abilities. Can a prec dps tac swap? Absolutely. But they lose more damage going into inventory to swap than might do. Even without tac swapping might is and prec are balanced.

    Just like might have a lot of unviable abilities to use, prec dps have a lot of unviable weapons to use. The difference is that the options for precision are easier to spot so the average prec dps will be better than the average might dps who uses bad loadouts.

    So why should those 2 weapons be nerfed? To make the bad dps feel better about themselves?
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Brawling and bow flurry are what keep up with might.

    The reason you don't see other weapons is because those other weapons need a buff

    People that continue to ask for brawling or duel wield, at this point, to be nerfed (further than they already have been) are either clueless or actually maliciously hoping to nerf precision into the ground, they're not even after balance they're just after making might dps the Indisputable king of DPS.
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  9. C3alix Committed Player

    Remember when 2-handed was FASTER? I liked 2-handed back then.
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  10. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I use brawling WM, it's not that it needs to be nerfed but the way it's used it's actually broken, no wm/weapon combo that has a cast bar should be able to be clipped, yet brawling wm is definitely being clipped all the time.

    I think other prec weapons should be brought in line with those as far as dps, but the cast bar thing should be fixed, if it's not possible with everyone why only brawling wm?
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  11. ItsSeven Level 30

    . In terms of balance, I assume it would be hard to balance some of the weapons because it’s not just as clear as making every weapon and weapon combo do the same amount of dps like some people think. There are other nuances that would makes specifically dual wield better than others weapons. In a raid setting just having the mobility flurry shot gives is a huge bonus and since dual wield does its damage at a constant pace, it doesn’t suffer very much from being interrupted mid combo.

    As an example, take HB into bow explosive shot weapon mastery, it’s super slow so it would suffer heavily from being cc’d or having to move out of an orbital in the case of TSDe. It suffers from running with good dpses too as adds will die faster than you can get multiple combos in. In that sense, I think some of those weapons that don’t have that luxury should do more damage to compensate for that(or speed up the animation but that’s probably out of the question.) I don’t think we’ll ever get a version of the game that allows every single weapon to be viable all the time so I think it should be like might, you change your loadout(in precs case, weapon) to suit the content. Content where you can brainlessly dps? Sure go with the highest dps weapon. Content that has more intricate stuff? Sure you sacrifice a little bit of the max damage but your dps is more reliable over that of the other weapons and even over might. So there’s the tradeoff, risk vs reward, run the highest potential but risk having a bad run because you’re interrupted a ton or choose the more reliable, but slightly less damaging option.

    It’s not the best idea, but I think all of us can agree that at the very least there should be more weapons viable than just brawling and dual wield
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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The clipping of Brawling WM isn't really the problem on WHY it's so good. It's because it's FAST. You could strictly use weapon buff > combos with it and do a lot of damage compared to other weapons with similar combos.

    In terms of comparison, Brawling and DW are by far the best because they have quick combos. If they nerfed the damage on them, it would be a noticeable reduction, but still would out perform other weapons.

    @OP It's a perfect storm thing. What is electric w/o EOG? What is Superspeed w/o whatever those two moves that slip my mind? What is gadgets w/o the jump clip/stealth?

    There needs be a balance pass, for sure. But I still need they need to look at the low end under performing powers.
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  13. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    The fast damage come from the clipping though, DW wm is the one that does damage, the only part that is clipped with it is the last part of the animation, the rest is pure weapon damage. however brawling you clip the WM part. BOTH have cast bars, but if you clip half way though DW you don't get the damage, if you do it with brawling you get full damage anyway.

    If you don't clip WM brawling you're not getting near enough damage, provided it's not as good perhaps as other weapons which is why I said on my other post that other weapons should be brought in line with damage.

    Yet you can get very decen damage out of solar flare clip from HB that's not tooooo far from the WM brawling(once you've spent all the sp on HB), yet one requires a lot more of sp to unlock. So there is that too. If anything lots of loose ends everywhere with every power.
  14. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Why should they not clip? Because thats what WM are? WM do not exist anymore. WM was removed at the same time AMs were removed. All we have now are cross weapon combos. If anything all weapon combos should be made to clip and adjust their damage to compensate. Clipping is the only "hard" thing left in the game. And i mean hard very loosely. Instead of making everything braindead easy why not encourage skill based playstyles?
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    2handed should never have been nerfed the way that it was.

    It could've come down a little bit that's actually a perfect example of something being nerfed into the ground rather than actually balancing it.
  16. Proxystar #Perception

    I think the important thing to note, if we're also being honest, is that clipping brawling is realistically what allows it to keep up with decent might based AOE powers/loadouts.

    The people truly struggling to keep up with brawling weapon mastery, as might, are the ones using garbage loadouts/artifacts and any other piece of trash they can find to incorporate in to their character, but then complain about how their damage output belongs in a waste basket.

    If you took away the clipping from brawling you'd kill the weapon entirely and be stuck having to look at the damage output of the weapon itself to offset the fact you took the clipping away just to bring it back up, so the question is, why bother removing the clipping, if doing so only results in a demonstrable imbalance?
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  17. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I agree with you, I call it WM because we understand it's crossweaponcombo and it's easier to write.
    But listen if it was for me I'd leave it in and same I'd change back the cast bar power to what it was before the last update.

    I'm just saying that the reality is that it's not working as it was "designed" and the thing is that the reality of the situation is that there is no consistency at all in how they're "balancing powers" and damage.

    Artifacts seem to be what thought would help balance powersets but it's done the opposite as well.
  18. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry proxy you can't have it both ways. I saw you very pro cast powers having their power cost on cast, because otherwise as you said it would be an exploit. Well literally no other weapon with cast bar can be clipped like what happens with WM brawling so it makes it an exploit.

    So which is it?

    I don't want to take clipping away, I love it, I don't want WM brawling nerfed, I only want consistency from devs.
    Cast bars-no clip or cast bars all clip. Simple as that.

    Time to bring "in line" other weapons.

    I say bring in line as they don't like the nerf/buff thing but it's realistically that.
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  19. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    It’s not working as originally designed because what was originally designed is no longer in the game. Weapon mastery was not going from one weapon to another. It was going from one weapon to another and hitting an ability at the right moment to get the ring animation to get the bonus from weapon mastery. That is no longer in the game and was removed. So we’re using specific abilities to get a bigger hit with an AM. You are not getting said hits anymore because AMs were removed. So clipping or not clipping is not part of cross weapon combos. Cross weapon combos is simply going from one weapon to another and that is it.

    So saying it’s not working as intended does not equate to what is happening
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  20. ALB Dedicated Player

    Have you ever played electric? They have 2 powers that dont split and build Super charges faster than any other power. They also have the best super charge in the game