Powers of the future guide: 11 new powers 22 trees

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  1. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    what power 2 do next?????/
  2. Vulmyss Dedicated Player

    I think shadow/darkness should be a tank, shadow walls and minions and leeching I think would just be so Tanky.
    But I love all you wrote, that is so awesome!!! Nice job!!
  3. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Atomic nor healer nor troller - it most likely Tank. Can absorb harmful energy, just like radiate it, alterate density & sometimes even size to reduce incoming damage. Moreover, it probably will able emit fields, those reduce enemy attacks, directed not only on player, but also teammates.
    Metal + Magnetic seems like viable tank too. Although l think magnetic mostly already covered by Electricity's Amperage tree, due polarizing mechanism Consumable described as MAGNETIZING enemies.
  4. cyborgwin New Player

    I think ghost based powers would be cool for controllers. Could be based off of gentleman ghost and deadman. trees could be spiritual and haunted. do stuff like terror, possession, phasing, etc
  5. Razarblademate New Player

  6. Razarblademate New Player

    I think that some of those powers can go for free level
  7. DCUO Post Loyal Player

  8. Cenariun34 New Player

    Great idea for powers if only these powers were in the game it would be far more enjoyable
  9. AtrocitusOmega Committed Player

    wind, and water :)
  10. Toshknight Loyal Player

    Blue lanterns. and indigo are the next healer powers
  11. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    ^Was this ever confirmed?
  12. Toshknight Loyal Player

    well being they were supose to make blue lanterns tanks. when red lanterns came out... reds were only suppose to be villians... but the ps3 was holding animation options back. they had leaked the blue lantern armor set, on twitter, during development. and they said by the time WOL 3 was out people would be lanterned out, and it makes sense. cause by the time WOL 3 is out all of mogo metropolis will be open.. as of now when you goto the invisible wall.. on the outside you see indigo mist, ergo indgo lanterns. and they had already had the blue lanterns in game , as npcs and they gave us saint walker , thers lots of signs, i was called crazy for saying they were gonna give us red lantern tanks as soon as they released the WEapon sets , i put everything on the line , and boom they came out,, ill give everyone the first 20 people that send me a forum mail when WOL 3 comes out and we dont have Blue lantern healers. ill give the first 20 people that send me a email 1 mil , thats how confident i am tthat we will have blue lanterns
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

  14. leapoffaithninja Committed Player

    hoping they say something at soe live

  15. Austin Scott Well-Known Player

    Dude...YOUR A GENIUS!!
  16. Austin Scott Well-Known Player

    It would be really cool to have the Shade's powers.But I also think another Controller power is needed.The powers of the Tattooed Man.
  17. Zpirit Dedicated Player

  18. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    How???? You do know what necroposter mean right?? No one posted here since November and I haven't made any comments referencing this topic??
  19. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    it was for Austin.
  20. Saevis New Player

    all of these brilliant ideas... that wont happen :(