Power Tree Specialization

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    Turn on Annotations.

    Some things not included in the tutorial though:

    Each powerset may have a different specialization from another powerset, although the crit bonuses they grant remain the same for each power. Since my toon is Ice, it grants two different HP bonuses. This is the same as Fire, but when compared to Mental, you will realize that it will grant either a Power bonus or a Stealth bonus instead. Specializations usually reflect on what role and what type of abilities the powerset have. I will list them all down later when I have the time.

    There is also currently a bug that, when you have the same amount of power points spent on both trees, when logging out, the game recognizes only the first tree as the specialization, even if you had intended the second tree to specialize. That is, if I had spent 5 points first on Cryogenics, which is the second power tree, and then 5 points on the Storms tree, which is the first tree, and then I log out, when I log back in, the Storms tree will always grant me the specialization even though I had intended my specialization for Cryogenics.
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  2. Araxis Member

    If you're going to make people read anyway, it's generally a good idea to make it a text guide with pictures instead of a video where they have to wait between each line.
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  3. Drift Hazard Well-Known Member

    It's a little hard for me to do a picture guide. Not really my thing.
  4. Irmensul Active Member

    I really like picture guides..someone should step up & do omarr style mental dps & nature dps guides
  5. Rai Bo New Member

    Thanks for this explanation.
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    HL lends itself to that style the best because it's simple combos.

    for HL you're just doing Ram snap fan, or Snap fan, or Claw-ram-whip/ram-whip. These are easier to just name as a whole (RSF, WCS, and NCN is what I listed) instead of listing each move. I can have the same Loadout and do, NCN, AAA, FFF, RSF, WCS, ECO, RSFV. K007, etc So it's terms of what to do with the powers you have and not a list of powers to do in order. There's no rotation for HL really, it's more combos with other things slipped in between.

    Take Mental though. You're doing Pyro-MT-Tb-PS-MT-TB-PS-Terrorize, and doing that in rotation or something like that. it's involving your entire loadout, not combos from 2-3 powers. That's basically listing all the powers you're using. Do you want a picture for that entire rotation? you can't really break it down in to parts.

    it just doesn't work for all powers.

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