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  1. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    I am well aware, like your Sorcery revamp thread is barrowing most of the resources that are in the game currently, which is what I think we can do with new Powersets, I just cant see myself waiting a whole year or two just for one Powerset, I would rather a nice big expansion to Iconics, and I'm sure many would too, also I can see the Movement tree getting some attention too. Maybe add in Teleportation to all movement trees and just charge 200 skill points to unlock which would make sure players are competitively hindered, so no abusing the situation.

    But if we can get a overhaul to existing Powersets, I would take that any day, because you were correct about the Celestial not actually being related to that of the Spectre and Eclipso from a lore perspective, most of the powers we have are cookie cutter in nature, which is why I'm so in support of more Iconics since imo they're not too far apart.
  2. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    Honestly both things should happen. With additional Iconic Powers which is where we can put a Teleport escape type of power and various other powers themed from DC characters. While Iconic powers do need attention it shouldnt be a priority over a new power. Maybe like 2 or 3 new Iconic stuff during a waiting period between powers or do like 5 before new powers come out and 5 after. But Iconics are not used by everybody and doesnt have the same draw or pull as a full blown new power. Also it wouldnt be you waiting 1 or 2 years for a 1 new power. Powers drop in 3s generally Controller, Healer, Tank its the traditional order they drop. And at least 2 of those powers normally drop the same year the other would be either late in the previous year to start the rotation or early in the next to end it.
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  3. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I wouldn't be surprised to see an artifact that that aids players in choosing all iconic powers for their dps powerset. Perhaps for a common PI or damage boost when all abilities are iconic. The Dev Team aren't shy about allowing iconic powers and movement mode powers to create metas that completely break the power sets. It seems like something that could also be monetized beyond heat vision. And, it would be a reason to add to the iconics tree.
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  4. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Exactly what I had in mind, the Iconics can be a gamebreaker when it comes to introducing newer abilities that players want but just wouldn't fit in a whole Powerset which is really what I was trying to convey, when I bring up the fact that Iconics can serve as a substitute for Powersets, the new Iconics and movement Powers are a potential meta, just need the right ideas behind it all and how they want to monetize it.
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  5. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Uh I meant "Borrowing" stupid phone lol.

    I'm sure the main reason players don't use the Powers from the Iconics tree is 1. because it's not good when you're competing in PvE, 2. because lets be honest the tree doesn't have much options for someone who wants a shadow power, or other magic abilities besides Sorcery or Celestial, those are basically the only options for magic based characters so ofc players will stick to the Powersets, it's a win win since you get good damage, heals, power regeneration etc. and more abilities for your character whether it's magic or Earth etc. wanting a Whole Powerset is like wanting a closed in room with the same flavor of Ice cream offering variations of the same flavor while you can get different rooms with all sorts of flavors that you can select from.

    Not to mention, there are Powers that players want from each individual Powerset and would love to mix and match, now since that probably would never happen, I think Iconics is pretty much the bridge to craving new abilities whether it's a whole new Powerset or even new weapons.
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  6. Super Lantern Active Player

    I love Iconic powers, I can have a GL that's also a Kryptonian.
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  7. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    It's a suggestion I put forward in another thread last year -- I think that's the one where Catastrophic melted down on me *snicker*... maybe I'm remembering wrong though.

    Anyhow, it's a good idea but I wouldn't count on it and even boosts from iconics can't replace synergies within powersets like the rotating shield concept of ice or the layered defence of Earth. And like I said earlier, it we were to talk about adding mechanics like that to the iconic powers it defeats the purpose of adding iconics. The devs like the idea solely because it's a straight transplant with just damage tuning and no [minimal?] other work involved. Suddenly adding mechanics to them means they may as well make a new powerset.

    A single artifact could boost iconic powers; iirc in the idea I posted I suggested specific themed artifacts could interact with specific iconic and movement powers based on their theme. For example Solaramp interacts with heatvision to alter its behaviour and change its VFX. A new artifact called (example) Kryptonian DNA could interact with heatvision, freezebreath, and several movement powers modifying their functionality too and updating their vfx.. allowing players to have a specifically Kryptonian themed character. Or whatever the concept behind the art is. I came up with a bunch... but it will still always comeback to the mechanic behind a powerset. I don't think using Arts in this way can overcome this issue without significant time/resources the devs seem disinterested in investing so far.
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  8. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    With Iconic Powers, you can live your favorite heroes through your character that you created, it offers bigger future for players like yourself and I.:)
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  9. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Exactly this. Put powers that would go beyond being tied to a theme into iconics and the ones specific to powersets stay where they are.

    Ideally a Teleportation movement type would be made with its own abilities (including escapes).
    Ideally a number of iconic abilities get transplanted from Legends.
    Ideally new powersets that cover stuff not do-able in the game currently (like Physical, Shadows, Wind) would also be added.

    Let's take it further (I know Charon is shaking his head reading this) and add powerset style systems so each powerset can have VFX variations of it made down the road. Players could turn their Celestial into Green & Black like the Spectre. Sorcery could go Zatanna Vegas Act style, or Dr Fate. The styles could be monetized. Watch players get their cake and eat it too -- DCUO profits.


    No, they're not viable in endgame. They need whole powerset mechanics/synergies built into them.

    I've been using an "Iconic build" on my main since beta and it's not viable. In addition most of the vfx of existing base powersets are immersion breaking.
  10. Neb153 Level 30

    New power discussions on here seem fundamentally doomed since most people don't seem to understand everything that goes into making them. They have to make sense to be in both factions, fit the lore, and not break the engine completely(Plastic Man and Clayface).

    I agree with Obsidian's opinion on powers regardless, but if the devs are gonna add anything then the selections are really limited, with a Star Sapphire healer being the most obvious one. Most other ones I've seen aren't flashy enough, too redundant with other powers, or just nonsensical for hundreds of characters to be running around with.
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  11. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    There is a bunch of stuff that could be done.

    Weather /wind & temperature
    Sound & Vibrations
    Robotics /cybernetics /nanotech
    Serums, potions & gases
    I'd like to see a precision powerset designed to work with weapon mastery. Martial arts with Whip thrash from legends catwoman for example.

    The Clayface stuff, could be similar to Nature's alternate forms. You would need to enter a new form(s) to use the shape shifting. The animations would be the same for all character types. In addition you'd use the forms to create objects similar to munitions or hard light. It's not like games combat system is build around disguises, sliding under doors and bending through air ducts

    One could argue that Munitions is a nonsensical super power, yet they did that.

    It also wouldn't hurt to remove some of the less useful powers from existing sets. This would create room for new powers to require fewer animations while maintaining a balance.
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  12. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    By the time we get a new power on this game, it will surely be our children or grandchildren who will enjoy it, just like the Star Citzen game :D
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