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  1. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I hesitate get into this, because I honestly don't care. But, here goes.

    Endgame CR is meaningless when it comes to powersets. The only thing that matters at endgame is what performs the best. Players generally won't invest hours of time and money for something that can't maximize their effectiveness. And, many will buy a power change token without thinking twice.

    New power sets are generally for new characters and selling membership. Sure, some players will buy tokens but it doesn't matter if the powerset is well represented in end game.

    Membership has recently changed and the value of it is questionable, when compared to paying for DLC content, cash access and the lairs system. I think that membership needs to have more value added to make it more than a currency/xp handout system. New power sets would be one way to add more value to membership.

    I think it's pointless to argue about Dev resources, they'll put them where they think they can make money. Selling something new and flashy creates excitement. And, while there may not be a new power set in the foreseeable future, it doesn't mean that it's impossible. Almost nobody thought that Water was a possibility months before it was announced.
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Or you could go back further with Quantum. Heck, Spytle would straight up lie to players saying no new powerset because of PS3 constraints, then turned around and said, "Surprise! Spord found resources!"
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  3. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Yes, they did. Those were the standard talking points everyone making public statements was making. And the moment the CEO made an interview and stated they would be in DCUO's future every single quote and comment you're referencing became invalid and out of date. And pretending that they aren't superceeded by the CEO and continuing to try to shut down discussions about powersets everytime you're triggered *is* unequivocally misinforming people. If you leave out the most important quote and voice on the topic you're misleading and LYING in your reply. Stop lying to people to shut down discussions you don't like.

    The correct response is "there's nothing on the board currently, but the CEO said at some point in the future they want to do more." That's the *correct response* that isn't influenced by anyone's personal bias. Anything other than that is misleading or outright lying.

    There are many reasons.

    This literally never happened. It's an outright lie. There was no point in the game's history when content stopped coming out, or that it stopped coming out because powersets were being built instead.

    You may have misconstrued what someone said into that, but it's never been said to us. EVER and wouldn't be because it's not true and anyone who understands development would know it wasn't true instantly and they'd be called out on it.

    Framework? What framework are you talking about? Hire new people to train? For what? You're just dropping in words you think make you sound knowledgable. It's word salad.

    When I see these kinds of comments and replies I can tell right away that you don't understand the topic you're presenting yourself to understand.at.all. Absolutely none of this is correct and furthermore telegraphs a lack of understanding of the actual work involved in making these modules (game objects). You're throwing together words because you think they make you sound authoritative on the topic but you're not.

    Some art & creative direction, systems design and VFX get tapped for building new powersets. That's it. It's maybe a handful of people tasked. They don't require any special DCUO specific training on "framework" and making this stuff is not unique to DCUO requiring any special training despite being on an old platform and graphics engine. For example, no one on the environment team stops doing work because powersets are being built ... that said, IIRC Oceans also does double duty doing VFX so outside of role overlap situations this wouldn't be normal.

    For clarity; because I remember how you use to pretzel Spytle's replies to you into totally different statements, no one here is saying that new powersets will ever happen and there's no guarantees at all. By all appearances the game is now in a maintenance or custodianship phase of its lifecycle and no significant additions will be made to the game going forward at all, (the most recent game update took steps to make the game easier to update and maintain internally going forward). And the game's CEO and direction could change again, and then again, negating everything we've been told up to today. That's the nature of the industry and product.

    ...What *is* being said is that according to the only opinion on the topic that matters (the guy in charge of the product), yes, new powers are coming at some point. Jack's answer is definitive and authoritative. If Mepps or Panderus would like to "correct the record", that's fine, but they'll have to acknowledge what they'd be presenting is in contradiction to what their boss presented to media during the game's 10 year anniversary.

    And, yes, you're the one misleading in your replies.
  4. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Rather than looking at who said what, I would argue that the biggest change to void all past statements is the new membership model. If the game is going to continue to release content and those episodes are free. There aren't any 'flashy new items' to use when promoting membership anymore. In my mind that's the strongest argument for new power sets in the future. From a marketing perspective, the membership has been reduced to being 'the value option' for invested players. While new content might create excitement, a power set is something that is actually part of the membership or marketplace.
  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I understand and agree. I'm compartmentalizing the argument here though. Official statements and business arguments are separate topics/issues.

    The official response is as above. As for the business case; you're making the same case I made in the membership thread. I totally agree. Without the game offering the thing most players want from a game in this genre, I don't see a path forward. Logic alone dictates they'd have to start making more powersets -- but of course that doesn't mean anything ;).
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  6. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    I think we should be able to utilize the the Iconics tree by making it a feature to create your own Powerset kind of like the R&D, it would be pretty cool to be able to craft your own powersets using the existing Iconics power, It would be like a nice plain cupcake but only that you're adding sprinkles on top. lol
  7. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    I actually was curious to make a character who uses just the iconic powers as a joke character because gameplay wise they would be trash lol
  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    The hero version could be Plastic Man which is now in the game soooo.... :D
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  9. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    This will be my final time posting Date because ultimately this is a thread for power suggestions but I feel I must address the content vs new power discussion because once again its a false statement. I am going to list episodes 1-33 (stopping their for a reason) and the dates they came out along with a few additional events that came out. I will also list the DLC power dates either next to the episode or in its own bracket.

    Episode 1 - 9/2011 - Light
    Episode 2 -12/2011 - Electric
    Episode 3 - 3/2012 - Earth
    Episode 4 - 6/2012
    Episode 5 - 8/2012
    Episode 6 - 1/2013
    Episode 7 - 5/2013 - Quantum
    Episode 8 - 9/2013 - Celestial
    Episode 9 - 1/2014 - Rage
    Episode 10 - 5/2014
    Episode 11 - 8/2014
    Episode 12 - 11/2014
    Episode 13 - 2/2015
    Munitions - 4/2015
    Episode 14 - 5/2015
    Episode 15 - 8/2015
    Episdoe 16 - 9/2015
    Episode 17 - 10/2015
    Episode 18 - 11/2015 - Atomic powers
    Episode 19 - 12/2015
    Episode 20 - 1/2016
    Episode 21 - 2/2016
    Episode 22 - 3/2016
    Episode 23 - 4/2016
    Episode 24 - 5/2016
    Episode 25 - 6/2016
    Episode 26 - 7/2016
    Episode 27 - 11/2016
    Anti-Monitor event - 1/2017
    Episode 28 - 5/2017
    Water - 8/2017
    Episode 29 - 9/2017
    Episode 30 - 11/2017
    Episode 31 - 3/2018
    Doomsday event - 5-7/2018
    Episode 32 - 7/2018
    Episode 33 - 11/2018

    The main thing on this I want to focus on is Water powers our most recent power. Because Water throws the whole new powers conflict with content thing out the full open window. As we can see Atomic came out 11/2015 around Episode 18 . Now the reason I bring Atomic up is because we must remember their was a poll up that lead to Water becoming the healer power. This poll was up I want to say After Munitions but before Atomic powers that was suppose to originally be a healer. So that means truthfully Water was in the books to be made before 11/2015 but since I dont remember or know the date this poll was put up lets just start from when Atomic dropped. From 11/2015 to 8/2017 ( not continuing those dates though) gives us 11 different types of content inbetween Atomic and Waters release dates. In fact lets take a closer look at the year Water itself dropped. Not only did we get 3 episodes the Average number of episodes DCUO normally does because those were the back to form full scale episodes not monthly episodes.
    But we have a brand new type of content get introduced at the start of 2017 the Anniversary event with the Anti-Monitor at the start of the year as Water. So We got a new seasonal a episode then a new power followed by two more episodes 1 of which dropped 1 month after the new power all before 2017 ended. Reason I also included the 2018 content was to show that even after Water was dropped the content cycle still stayed nearly the same as previous years. So I will ask this one more time for those who believe this what is the negative impact New powers have on this game?

    As a consumer I will fully voice things I would like to see in this game. I am all for new content but honestly what new content have we really gotten recently? Episode 41 gave us a new hub sure and allies I dont remember people really clamoring for but its a cool feature but honestly we havent had new content to run since Flashpoint and we still have to December to get new content so November is giving us what exactly old content? And before Flashpoint is the Legion Episode that is all of 1 Alert 1 Raid and a World boss, only includes 3 Legion Members Brainiac 5 isnt even in Game. That "fresh" content instead filled in gaps with Titan members for some reason and Static who honestly only purpose to be their was to give us his hair. So what fresh new content has honestly came out post Water that wasnt new dungeons to run, World boss, 2 new styles, 1 gambling time capsule around that time and possibly new hub location that may or may not be a variation of the two main cities in game that already has a bunch of other variations. Dont get me twisted I love this game and will continue to play it but honestly I did not renew my subscription last month after having recently came back from a break of this game since Metal part 2. Their just isnt a reason for me too. Episodes are free and the daily gives me Dr.Fate selling outdated vendor stuff from the vault and so far it had 2 very niche items I dont care for. And I actually have a character for ever power in the game so I have magic users but until something comes out I feel as a consumer I can consume and enjoy it I will just support the game as a free player. Everybody plays this game for their own reasons like some competitive which in a PVE team game to me isnt my thing, some to socialize and cosplay, some to gamble booster bundle and time capsules, and some to enjoy playing as various super characters they made. Either way more Player options should always be pushed because clearly those Dev answers were lazy and outdated I will not excuse or be a apologist just because we get the same wash rinse repeat. I will enjoy Legion of Doom but honestly until we get some new and innovative that feels like its worth my dollar thats what I speak with. And its not just powers. A arch-enemy system like Champions online or customized and improved sidekicks just something new new.
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  10. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    But that's the thing, if the Developers was to expand the list of Iconics and make viable for competitiveness , then the requests for new Powersets would decrease as players have more options, you want a shadow powerset? cool throw in some shadow powers and give it some power interaction, and just do the same for other elemental, melee and magic based Powers.

    I would sure appreciate this over a whole Powerset that will take years to create with new animation etc. while just giving us new Iconics so that we can theoretically create our own Powersets.
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  11. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    The requests won't decrease. It'll be time wasted because players won't get what they want from new iconics.

    1) The devs have already talked about planning to expand iconics. Barring a change of plan this is happening.

    2) Iconics are not a replacement for powerset powers. Because of how powers and powersets are made in this game, Iconics will not satisfy anyone looking for a new powerset. The powersets are designed with synergies and mechanics within a powerset that makes them work and function/viable in endgame play. Iconic powers won't have any built in synergies or mechanincs and therefore won't be viable as replacements for powersets the way some people are imagining they would be if they were introduced/expanded on. You might be thinking; okay so build in synergies and mechanics then... If they were to build synergies into new iconics, it defeats the purpose of adding them instead of new powersets because they'd end up doing all the same amount of development work they would making a new powerset more or less. So, if they happen they'll be shallow basic ports from Legends characters that won't be a replacement for powersets.

    The real solution is to add in iconics (for flavour as Spytle use to describe their purpose) and also add in new powersets.
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  12. Super Lantern Active Player

    cool so Bizarro Iconic powers are/is a possibility.
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  13. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Assuming they base new ones on our lists of ones we want (freeze vision and cold breath, with shrinking and growing, are usually at the top of most of those lists over the last decade of requests for this) I think it's safe to expect.
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  14. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I'm kind of tired of hearing the same old excuses concerning the lack of focus on anything but new Episodes. The new content never offers enough longevity or sustainability to allow them to focus on anything else. I enjoy the new Episodes like anyone else but this game is in dire need of something to freshen it up, a new power would definitely do it. If the community was more patient and the content offered better longevity, the developers could start focusing on adding new powers amongst other things.

    I'd also love if they would stop making new TCs for a minute and allocate that manpower to making a new power.
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  15. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Powersets offer players a different way to interact with the game and content. Aside from the marketing draw of fresh powers, they offer customization, character creation options and depth; essentially more replayability. The value of new powersets goes beyond sales totals from token swap purchases.

    Ps. as stated above, unless there's an exceptional situation (like Oceans filling multiple roles), the character team (who do most of the TC work) wouldn't be working on powersets. TCs could continue while new powers are worked on.
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  16. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Good to know, I thought it was the same team. Either way, it seems some of their focus would have to be drawn back from whatever they're on in order to put in the work on a new powerset.
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  17. Celesis New Player

    and to also bring Magical powers as well!
  18. Celesis New Player

    Such as Red/Purple besides mental and rage/sorcery
  19. Celesis New Player

    I agree with you on this one, We do need more new powers to allow us to escape us from our enemies !
  20. Super Lantern Active Player

    Personally I wasn't interested in munitions or water, however with king shark pieces I have reconsidered water powers, just wish I could afford every power and a bunch of character slots, I have more characters I want to make.