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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by JokersFun, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. JokersFun New Member

    Hi Guys! Im going to make some DPS alt (im fan of DPS Class :D) and want to try some new powers. Im not referring "THE" Best DPS Class, i want to know your opinións and experience with DPS powers.
    I Already got experience with Rage, HL And Celestial DPS and i love them <3. Now i want to go 4 Sorcery and Gadget. So i want to know mostly the experience of DPS that use this powers but im open to more powers :)
  2. Lantern Niz New Member

    Gadgets is pretty fun from what I've played, and dabbling in Quantum- which is fun as well. Rage is still my favorite though.
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  3. Errorcode1058 Well-Known Member

    Earth. Ineffective, but really really fun. Best animations in the game to boot, but nothing beats Jackhammer for just plain fun.
  4. Van Tooren Active Member

    Gadgets is really good but you need to be in mid-range to use so makes PW a bit of trouble. Just takes getting used to but I liked it overall. My main is currently gadgets but I only go on him to PVP nowadays which is a lot of fun. It's definitely one of the best PvP powers out there.

    Sorcery is getting a few buffs in GU 34 so we'll see how it goes, I guess. But, before GU 34, it's not one of the top tier powers. I know a few people who enjoyed dps-ing with it though. No experience with it, personally.

    I am a strong advocate for Gadgets. :p
  5. RunningOut Member

    I enjoy using Quantum I find it a hell of a lot more fun than the other powers (Rage & HL still top the fun list).

    I think you should give it a shot if you're legendary or have the DLC definitely worth it.
  6. HeirToThaThrone Well-Known Member

    Rage and HL are the most fun to me, followed by Celestial and Gadgets. After that, Id say I prefer Ice.

    The only dps I havent tried is Earth and I plan on keeping it that way, lol.
  7. SoCalKingg New Member

    I've used HL, Ice, Celestial, Electric, Mental, and Rage. HL blows all of them out of the water for me, but to be fair, my rage character isn't even level 30 yet so I haven't given it a fair shot. My brother and friend have gadgets and hate it, but tons of people swear by it and says it's a top DPS power. I can't comment, never used it.
  8. Johnnylagz117 Active Member

    If you don't mind being the strongest or best dps then make one using a new power or power you think sounds the most fun..

    Fire is fun but can get annoying for now with the nerf ..

    Electricity is ok

    Gadgets is fun

    Rage seems to be ...I'm gonna avoid the line here but seems to be all the fun ? These days lol

    Quantum looks like fun sorcery too

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