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  1. ApolloMystique New Player

    for a while ppl have been wanting the capability of changing the color of their powers...for example changing mental's powers to a crimson red, or atomic's powers to green...this should be fairly easy to implement and would go a long way in keeping ppl's interests as it would add another layer to character customization
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  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Lol fairly easy to implement. Would you make them static or would you make them accept all hexadecimal color values?
  3. ApolloMystique New Player

  4. Owl Devoted Player

    There are several reasons why Power colors can not be customized:
    1. Warner Bros licensing - animations must match DC comics brand
    2. Limited PS3 system memory (256 MB) - power animations are loaded in memory
    3. PVP - players must be able to determine an opponent's power as some animations are shared between powers
    4. Client performance - additional customization negatively impacts data transfer and rendering
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  5. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    Someone on here does have common sense...I agree I know people want to have powers of different colors...but is it really for people wanting more lanterns colors or because the think it would be cool? I think its more people wanting lanterns colors than anything else, that's an opinion of course. Everything you just said is correct and I really don't see any other games like FF14 or ESO changing their power colors.
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  6. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    No! I hope they never implement that. Lanterns aside, 90% of everyone else would be red or black.
  7. VillNess Well-Known Player

    Warframe (yes not mmo) has energy color which can be changed. It really makes a huge difference and can really make the powers feel fresh
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  8. Backseid Devoted Player

    Power colors would be amazing. It really would go a far far way into character customization.

    I don't think this has anything to do with DC. We're not iconic characters. None of our powers (aside from Lanterns) are iconic. It is a PVP issue. The Devs commented on that once.

    1. Screw Lanterns. Have them just keep their current colors.

    2. Screw PvP. No one's looking at power colors. C'mon, that's reeeally sretching it.
  9. Backseid Devoted Player

    90%? Why would you pick those two colors?

    I'd say 91% salmon and teal most likely :p
  10. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    It could I guess that's a matter of debate. I don't care either way. I just know it may never happen mainly for the reason Owl have stated before.
  11. Aglorenzini Dedicated Player

    lol, you could make a quantum toon look like atomic.
    But not gonna happen. Aside from what I think, the devs won't make anything like this.
  12. Backseid Devoted Player

    That is on no way a "matter of debate". Lol.

    The FACT is that it would be great.

    I just commented on another post of yours. What's up with disliking the ability to change colors???
  13. iAquamanJLA Well-Known Player

    I agree we should get different power colors, but as Owl said, there are many reasons why we can't. However, I think it would be great if there were power skins that you could buy on the marketplace. There could be 1 or 2 additional skins for powers. Obviously some powers can stay the same, such as ice and rage. Earth could have grey as a skin, fire could have yellow or red, light could have blue for heroes, orange for villains, and violet for both, sorcery could have crimson red or white, quantum could have white, celestial could have the whitish yellow or purpleish black for both villain and hero.