Power back to healers.

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  1. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Currently my controller side is CR 183, my Vit is 7270 and my Dom is 4834. And I give nice power dumps to DPS and Tanks, but for some reason most healers only ever get a sliver of power, per power dump. Anyone know why this might be. It erks me lol.
  2. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Healers have gigantic power pools, even before they spec. Your power dump goes to the three most fatigued members of the group ... by number, not by percent. If any three other players don't have 100%, completely full power bars, they will get the power dumps instead of the healer, until the healer is so drained of power, they match.
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  3. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Ah thanks. I know about the fatigue, thought that just meant that's who gets the dump. It must be the huge power pool. And then it's splitting that up still. Thanks again.
  4. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Look at this thread, where I answered the same question, but we actually go through a video, and the comparative power pools of each of the players:
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