Potential "free to play for everyone" idea

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  1. Backseid Devoted Player

    Yes. We all want that.

    Here's the thing. Our powers have always been fine. If not for that stupid scoreboard, no one would know the difference. At least not enough to care. So, time wasted.

    As far as bugs go, there are very few that actually matter. In fact, right now I cannot think of even one that bothers me.

    FACT is, one of the tippy top reasons people love, and continue to play, this game is the styles. Just like any other game with decent character customization.

    Just because that's not your thing doesn't mean anything.

    Maybe (most likely) if the Developers of this game had maintained even 5% of the Marketplace every other MMO has, we would have 3x as many more Devs to fix all those "bugs" (or do things right the first time).

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  2. aortenruptur Well-Known Player

    Well if one don't notice the difference between >Ice~Mental~etc. - FOTM-OP-DPS<
    and >Electricity/bottom of the barrel< damage in a raid,
    one should maybe switch to a more "suiting" game.

    More FOTM-damage...
    = shorter boss times
    = less mechanics that kill the group
    = more FOTM player who are justified in their stupidity
    You get the point?

    Not seeing some of the AOEs at the Necron fight (how old is this map/the bug now?),
    or in DWF, still, is mind blowing/numbing.
    Disconnects/crashes once every 1hour/30min for some.
    (I am/was lucky, only 1 DC every 3-6 hours for me)
    Gear/mods disappearing from the inventory (even after imprinting).
    I call that bugs (too name but a few) THAT DO matter!
    You get the point?

    I love my styles, I have armories because of styles.
    But this is not why I am here in the first place.
    I need a safe and sound game first!
    Design follows function!!
    You get the point?

    ... and "WE" would have 3times the Devs, "THEY" would have 3times the share holder value :confused:
    You get the point?
  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I would say ftp until lvl30, open4everyone only if premium (while premium should get unlimited cash to make it worth being at least premium), with loot locks for 1day/solos, 2days/duos, everyMonday+Thursday/alerts and thursday/raids. However: raids should reset every day for legendary members...! No complaints about elite instances locked for a week, but normal raids should reset like alerts if legendary. If they want to rely less on RB and more on subs, this is the way to do it: attract subscribers by making subsciptions attractive...
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  4. DeadSwag Active Player

    Here's the thing about DCUO players: Everyone wants something different. Some play for powers, some play for PvP, some play for style unlocking/customisation, some play to battle DC's greatest, some play with their family, some play solo, some play for Leagues -- point is, this list is endless, and you can't really ever say "the majority wants X," because you'll get a different answer depending on who you speak with.

    DCUO, like a lot of MMOs - maybe more so than most MMOs - is one massive, never-ending juggling act. Pleasing one side upsets the others. Please the others, upset one side. No one is ever going to be 100% happy with the direction, but at the moment, we've got (and had) myriad balance updates to correct under-powered powers and add balance, as well as Style Unlocking coming at some point maybe and open missions so more folks can play.

    This is the first time in five years where Daybreak is actively trying to please everyone at once who plays DCUO. You can argue what the majority wants until the end of time, but you'll be missing one key point: Everyone wants something different. Currently we're in the process of getting everything we want looked at (but it takes time because you can't just flip a switch and have all problems solved instantly), so it's not really worth fretting about what the game should be. The game should be everything it is currently, and more. As I said above, the 'and more' part is being worked on by Daybreak, meaning all of us are getting the game we want.
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  5. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    Extra content would be cool:

    Ive mentioned rehashed quarterly before

    Also one unique lvl for heros and villains every episode, perhaps tied to unique storyline or standalone stories.

    At the same time a unique lvl for each legend character could be cool

    Openworld Events, both free to play and membership/premium.

    New and expanded openworlds, Central City overhaul with introduction of bordering Keystone. New cities like Fawcett city and Atlantis.

    New Holiday events, maybe PVP related. New Holidays altogether and or double Holiday events.
  6. Asentmah Well-Known Player

    You know I feel they should make content free or just make this game subscription based because the episodes don't provide nothing like they did before when you would get legendary characters and powers with the new dlc(episode). Even though that was a trainwreck it was a good concept because you would get more than just flat out content.
  7. GuardsmanX Active Player

    One thing I was thinking of is putting real advertisements on the billboards and signs around Gotham and Metropolis. Could generate a lot of revenue for daybreak! which in turn could shift the cost of the production of the game.