Potential "free to play for everyone" idea

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BigAl, Jul 21, 2016.

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    The first step will be realizing the potential of the game, there are music artists that would kill for a chance to headline a DC song even in a game.
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    I'll admit that this statement has me deeply concerned. I truly hope that this is simply an acknowledgement of an "interesting suggestion" and nothing more than that.

    The suggested idea is a massive infringement on member benefits, particularly the Premium Members who's fundamental benefit is access to content.

    We have recently seen an example of DCUO expressing its desire to protect Legendary Member benefits. (See below)

    Have you considered the message you are sending to your customers when Premium Members are told that their in game cash cap cannot be changed at all because it would impact a "fundamental perk of membership" for Legendary Members, then endorse a suggestion that would remove an even greater "fundamental perk" of Premium & Legendary Membership?

    DCUO has 2 levels of Membership, Premium and Legendary. Each have clearly defined benefits, which I am fully aware of. Yet while DCUO regularly shows their appreciation to its Legendary members (free pets, early access, etc.), I cannot recall a time in which they have demonstrated any appreciation to their other membership group, Premium. Even F2P is included in any all player appreciation awards, as well as this month's open access. Not all Premium members pay $5.00, and nurse it until we stop playing. There is a sizable community of devoted Premium members, who's monetary contributions to DCUO meet and even exceed some Legendary members.

    I understand that with all things change is inevitable. However I would find it difficult, as a Premium member, to accept an impact of this magnitude to my member benefits. I pay to access content, all content, and primarily the smaller group content. In my opinion a change like the OP suggests would make the Premium membership level practically meaningless.
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    This is by far the best idea ive heard so far on the subject and makes a lot of sense. Would add one small idea that the solos that start each tier should be an iconic instance. I think it helps with the transition from tier to tier reguardless of CR or power.
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  5. Kuno Loyal Player

    Hope you guys are considering our thousands of suggestions about having new styles, hairstyles, skins and weapon packs in the MP.
    What this game really needs to make extra money is having new cosmetic items out regularly.
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  6. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    Could not disagree more with you.

    I would prefer the devs spend time correcting the existing issues with the game (gltiches, powers discrepancies, etc) or creating new content in new worlds, and less time trying to sell us useless cosmetic items. If I was interested in that, I could always go play SIMS.

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  7. BigAl Devoted Player

    As I originally said, it was a brainstorm idea. An idea to draw (and keep) more players playing. Just because he said it was interesting doesn't mean it is a guaranteed implement. And when they go back to large content, do you think that one solo will hurt you that much, when its all the free player has for months on end?

    More money spent in the market means more money that can be put back into the game, right?
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  8. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    Its actually a good idea IMO.
    The suggestion was for a Solo or a Duo...not an Alert or Raid.

  9. Entrust Committed Player

    I'm well aware that the CEO's comment does not an mean that your suggestion will be implamented. However, such a comment can be viewed as an endorsement. Which opens the door to the possibility that new end-game content will be made available, as well as content between t5 through t7, for free to all players.

    If new solos & duos are not added to teirs 5 - 7 for free to players, then the existing instances would be made available to them. Essentially taking content myself & other Premium members paid to access and give it away for free.

    As Mepps said, "I think it comes down to this. If it addresses the need, it impacts membership." When the F2P is made more appealing by adding new free content it diminishes the benefits of membership, particularly Premium Members who specifically purchase access to content. The more free content offered the less appealing membership becomes.

    There are ways to "draw (& keep) more players" without impacting a fundamental benefit of membership. To put it bluntly, don't screw over the paying customers to give the non-paying players more free stuff.
  10. Kuno Loyal Player

    That's 2 completely different issues.
    First off code and programers are not art devs or character designers. So we are talking about different people.
    Game needs both I'm afraid. We need fixes and new content and NEW OPEN WORLD but we also need MP cosmetic stuff because a lot of players care about that and could give the game a HUGE influx of money which it really needs.

    Why do you think we have a small dev team and no open world for more than a year now? Daybreak runs low on resources.

    MP cosmetic items used wisely (like basically most games) could make tons of money so they can hire additional people to work on more things and quality stuff and new zones/open world. Believe me I want bug fixes and open world too!

    That's the bigger picture and all games are business that needs TO MAKE MONEY OFF SOMETHING and RB are getting old so lets try something new with a plan of weekly cosmetic releases and watch the game grow.
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  11. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    We'll agree to disagree.

    With limited resources, I believe they should be spent elsewhere...not on cosmetic stuff.
    I don't pay my Legendary membership to change my toons hair or play SIMS on my base.
    Those cosmetic changes wont keep players here long-term.

  12. seek76 Committed Player

    Here is the only downside I see to this idea. I was legendary for awhile, now I am premium. With the currently set-up structure for the game, I know I will have to keep spending money to progress my character, whether it be legendary or buying access to content. Either way it's money for DB. If you give me solos and/or duos for free, I will no longer have to spend money to progress my character. This equals no money for DB.

    On the one hand, I don't think it's fair that the devs should give their work away for free, but on the other hand, most of the time, I also don't feel the game is worth the asking price.
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  13. Backseid Devoted Player

    Sorry bud, but not only are you in the minority, but the Devs have spent 2+ years doing what you want and have only gone farther down hill.

    This game needs to come back to reality and see where real profits come from.
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  14. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Cosmetic items will provide more resources for use in the game, and the creation of them does not slow down game development, because it uses a separate group of people. Many games are funded entirely by the sale of cosmetic vanity items.

    Look at auras - almost everybody and his dog has an aura these days. Imagine how much money the game could have earned for development if auras had been placed in the MP, at a reasonable price, right from the start. Instead of dropping in game or being put in booster bundles.
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  15. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I have not and would not spend one penny over and above my subscription fee on anything in the marketplace. Everything I have acquired has been purchased with my monthly allowance. I pay my fee and expect to be able to acquire everything I want in the game for doing so.

    If the majority of new styles, auras and other customization items are released as cash shop purchases instead of as in-game assets earned by playing the game, that would be yet another nail in the coffin for me with DCUO. It has already moved quite close to that threshold with the BB auras and the Cosmic Material plus the forthcoming capsules. It truly makes me a bit sad to see it happening because I actually enjoy DCUO but I will not support that kind of game by either playing it or paying for it.

    If these guys go full-SWTOR with the shop, that will completely end it for me and the recent announcements along with those sodas definitely shows the game is headed in that direction.
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  16. myandria Item Storage

    BigAl said: I admit I haven't paid too much attention lately to the forums like I used to (story for another day), so if this idea popped up before, ignore and move along. Otherwise, be ready for a pseudo wall of text.

    I caught a message in what Jack said on the live stream...that a free-to-play game is supposed to be free. I was shooting ideas to a friend, and I came up with a possible solution so that all players can enjoy the full level grind experience, without being stuck behind an overwhelming pay wall. Bear with me.

    With each new episode, there can be a solo (or duo or both) that releases that is of the same tier level, but isn't behind the pay wall of that episode. The duo/solo is free to all players, any alerts or raids are still part of the episode and would need to be purchased. The best gear can still drop from the episode content. The free player can purchase the vendor gear, although it would obviously take longer to acquire. Any plans for crafting the best gear would still be a perk for those that pay (whether premium or sub). All the normal lockouts will apply, nothing else needs to change.

    This is an initial brainstorming idea. This is a chance to make the game free to all, on some level, while still giving the best to those that are willing to open their wallets.

    Please don't turn this thread into bickering and mud slinging. While I always believe if you like a game, you should just pay, there should be alternatives that can help grow the population and keep the game alive longer for us all to enjoy.

    Hmm.. This is interesting but it sounds like too much work; it is a lot of nit picking to avoid paywalls. Paywalls are annoying and discouraging at best; a paywall at every turn is downright depressing and keeps my money in my wallet.

    If this idea was actually implemented the devs would have to go back and make solo/duo content just for free players, since those episodes are already marked for sale. Going forward, the dev team could easily delay making that free content in favor of producing the money making ones. For example, if new content was slated to be released next week, the free content could be slated to be released a couple of weeks later. This is no different then the format they use now; new content is available to members on release, non members have to wait about a week. Also, the devs may run into the problem of the content itself. For example; if a recent paid content release is not well received and that free content is better then there will be a FLAME ON! from the community like never before, especially from the subscribers.

    I still hold the opinion that a lifetime membership is needed here. I have a lifetime membership in another game, and I spend more money freely in that game than for any other that I subscribe to. Why? Without the worry of a monthly, tri-monthly or yearly membership or access to content, I have an easier time deciding exactly what I want to spend my money on and I am more willing to spend it. Also if a player has been a loyal subscriber for a certain amount of time (18 months or so) that player should have permanent full access to the game.
  17. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You're wrong about that. Our ability to customize our characters, new sporadic cosmetic items, and the gear they give us with cool styles and the promise of more to come (like the Deadshot PvP style and Future Batman style coming in time and space capsules) is exactly what's kept me in this game for some long despite the myriad problems the game has suffered through. There are plenty of other things that keep me hooked on this game, but what I mentioned before is the main reason no other MMO has pulled me away...yet. And I know for a fact that i'm not alone in feeling this way.

    I can understand that cosmetics/customization is not a priority for some such as yourself, but you need to recognize that it's a very MAJOR selling point for people that are still hooked on this game. If it weren't for that element (as well as the DC IP) this game would've collapsed a long time ago.

    No matter how useless it may seem to you, the Marketplace is a very important tool that can generate money for the company in a way that won't alienate or anger its customers in the way that Replay Badges/Lottery Boxes Booster Bundles/P2W Colas has upset people. It's a tool that has been ignored for way too long (for mindbogglingly stubborn reasons), and needs to be corrected.
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  18. Backseid Devoted Player

    Oh, I'm with you on "lotto boxes"! Every single game, that's ever used such things, is full of players that absolutely hate it.

    Makes me wonder why any Dev, in any game, would use that method now. Some people just can't learn.

    But as far as just having items for sale, with no RNG, many many many people will gladly strait up pay for extras. It's a fac5. Which is why it's so odd this game has never used it's Marketplace. Especially in a game with better costume changing abilities than anything else out there atm (that I'm aware of).
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  19. aortenruptur Well-Known Player

    Reality check!
    120% :rolleyes: of the player base want a no glitch, error free, power balanced game.
    If you call that the minority, you are sadly mistaken, bud! :p
  20. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I think he was referring to the minority who find the styles pointless. The styles are there to help fund that magical, mythical "no glitch, error free, power balanced game."
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