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  1. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Here are some needed changes and tweaks that I feel are necessary to happen. Common things Ive noticed among all power sets is that Pure Might based DPS loadouts outperform Weapon based play styles by a lot. Also most Pets' and Orange damage from mobile AoEs' are set very low atm.

    1. Grant us access to all weapons and their normal combos. Only Mastery Point and Cross weapon combos should cost SP to open. This could also fix players not being able to choose Weapons they haven’t specced from vendors or when opening Weapon cache boxes. New players get all powers for free at Level 30 but I think it will be healthy for them to get all normal weapon attacks available from the very start of the game. TBH, doing level 1-3 missions is odd with just 1 block breaker or a lunge.

    2. Add Support stat buff to Weapon expert: 2%Health and 10% Control Resistance. Control Resistance used to be WM's trait and should return.
    - Remove or significantly reduce Passive power regen penalty. With all cross weapon combos not returning power anymore, Weapon expert got in a bad spot power return wise double penalized for using weapons. And Weapon clipping is now hardly viable under Weapon Expert after normal weapon attacks got nerfed in favor of buffing cross weapon combos.

    3. Make all melee weapons and Point blank melee abilities with 7m spheres/cones instead some being 5m and others 6-7. This should add consistency and make these powers and attacks playable.

    4. Slightly increase supercharge regen from all sources including: Weapons, Superpowers and SC Generators. We should be able to build and use 10000SC ability as often as Orbital Strikes which is something like every 4 mins.

    5. Role less Buffs – Add a slight DPS increase buff to 1-1-1-1 alert groups.

    6. Healers:
    - Remove damage/ healing reducing from Hybrid type healing superpowers that have a damage component.
    - Add 5-10% Power bonus to Healer role.
    - Add healing component/PI to all healer SC Generators while in Healer role.

    - Combine Fortified Assault and Fortified Blocking in 1 Tactical mod.
    Increase the healing proc from Restorative Shielding and Legs’ socket Tactical Mods. Its hardly noticeable.

    - Double the strength and increase cooldown of controllers’ Power Dumps to 2sec.

    9. Sorcery is in dire need of improvements:
    - Add 4 man Healing effect to Karmic Suspension in Healer role.
    - Add a CC effect to at least 1 ability utilizing Karma PI. Sorcery lacks CC effects in general compared to any other power set. The only AoE CC abilities are Karmic Suspension and Transmutate.
    - Shard of Life’s burst and DoT damage needs an increase, it doesn’t hit high enough for such long time playing animation and 300 power cost.
    - Soul Storm should hit additional number of times like similar channeled type abilities like Flame Cascade and Avalanche.
    - Soul Barrage should be further buffed and increased to 300 power cost and should also stun enemies.
    - Fury now prioritize its non projectile attack too much which doesn’t deal enough damage. Something need to change. Either buff his non projectile attacks or make it use the projectiles more often.
    - Buff Soul Well, both in DPS and Support role to 300 Power cost and increase potency.
    - I personally would like Transmutate to be changed back to a high hitting PI utilizing power rather than setting up PI.

    10. Nature:
    - Make Roar a channeled Range Hold weapon attack for Gorilla and Wolf like how is Acid Spit for Insectoid. Then Replace Roar with more generic type animation superpower that suits both Human and Forms with same ability effect.
    - Add 4 man Healing effect to Serpent call while Healer role, which can share a Pheromone stack with Cross Pollination.
    - Swarm's mobile DoT could use a buff.

    11. Rage:
    - Decrease Severe Punishment’s cooldown back to 10 sec or decrease Redirected Rage’s cooldown to 12 sec so we can use it more reliably every rotation during the vulnerability window.
    - Increase Relentless Anger‘s number of healing procs to 12.
    - Decrease cooldown of Rage combos while in tanks stance, they are still longer than those for DPS role!
    - Make Channeled Hate a single target tank taunt.
    - Make Rage Blast a spammable 100 power cost AoE.

    12. Earth:
    - Make Totem respawnable every 12 secs(new cast canceling previous one) with same duration time or decrease cooldown to 18 secs.
    - Make a new alternative ability that can power up Brick in Tank role which is beneficial flagged and can clip other harmful superpowers.
    - Jackhammer – Only needed change here is to increase power cost. Damage nerf or number of hits limited will make it bad for both dps and tanks.
    - Crystal could use a slight buff, its not as bad as Fury but still lacks compared to full Might based LOs. Even when fully Precision specced, most 200 and 300 power cost PI utilizing powers still hit harder than Crystal’s big hit which makes powering up the pet a damage lose.

    13. Atomic Tank:
    - Add a CC effect to Neutrino Blast or Neutron Bomb while in Tank role.

    14. Ice:
    - Buff Artic Gust to 200 power cost and increase damage a bit. Right now Ice is not power hungry but its not dealing enough damage either.
    - Snow Devil"s mobile aoe could use a buff.

    15. Fire:
    - Same like Ice, Flame Cascade should be buffed a bit.
    - Backdraft could use additional or stronger CC effect in Tank role. Active tanking depends a lot at Backdraft’s CC.
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  2. ACW37162 Loyal Player


    Remove role-less buffs completely from the game and trust your players to figure out the controller, healer, and tank icons mean.

    Add most if not all of the Legends unique powers to the Iconic power trees.

    Remove the shielding effect and the supercharge from speed dash and make it a normal tray power.

    I know you guys are busy but it has been since almost, oh I don't know launch (not counting skimming) since you updated, improved, or otherwise paid any quality attention to movement abilities/powers or their animations. Almost all of the flight power animations I would classify as terrible as my kindest interpretation.
  3. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    Request: Build these guys a time machine and directions to public test server.
  4. Noxious Flora Well-Known Player

    Weapon specific power animations like we used to have please.
  5. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Ive been asking about these during the different phases of the revamp in power specific threads. All I did now was to post them at the same place and re phrase or tweak some of the requests.
  6. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    What's wrong with dash attack? I've used it while tanking. It's great for powers that don't have the same type of teleport move that atomic has. Plus, it is a shield.
  7. krytine Loyal Player

    I dont agree with 13. Atomic doesnt need the c.c. on that i would like to see a a single tuant on fractor this way a tank can keep a boss while a second pulls all others away
  8. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Make Legends PVE Stats Clamped like Stabilizer Fragmentation/Seasonal. They are too long now and I now stopped doing them.
  9. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Nothing is wrong with it, it used to be a normal tray power without shielding and much easier to use.

    Dash attack is an awesome power that I would like to be able use much the same same as air dash or whatever the name of the air charge is.

    I don't remember the issue with dash attack a long time ago, I think it was a PVP issue but I could be mistaken.

    As a supercharge it is niche at best with much better options scattered all over the game.

    Then again I would like all the movement tree powers to be updated and much more useful and, heavy sigh, synergize with other power sets.
  10. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    It was first a PvP issue, speedster healers used to be OP. Then it was a thing, somewhat like whirling dervish. If put back, it would be abused.
  11. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I disagree and Im still using Neuron Bomb for my tanking instead of a long range pull.
    Thing is if u tag and stun adds at range when they get up they run straight to you. Now that ranged Atomic combos dont have a CC, after i hit adds with Neutron Bomb they would first randomly attack or sometimes start walking to my group members even though I taunted them. I suspect its about adds' scripted attacks but they are most dangerous for the group in first 2-3 secs when they kinda ''ignore" tank's taunting unless stunned/pulled by the tank.
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  12. krytine Loyal Player

    Good point its just i have that in my tank loadout and i dont want its damage reduced. And if a c.f. was added to it the damage would be lowered.
  13. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Ive been toying with pretty much every power set in the game beside Electricity and Munitions, gathering impressions. The best results about every power set is to always pick Superpowered Focus, spec all crits and Might+Power and then put together a loadout with mostly 300 or more power cost harmful abilities. Even ignoring PIs is not much of a big deal if you have good mix of 300 power cost powers.

    One thing that bothers me is that 300 power cost CC abilities hit higher even without set PI compared to lower power cost pure harmful superpowers that utilize PI. For example, Avalanche, Freeze Breath and even Sonic Shout without set PI are better than pure Arctic Gust spam. Even Heat Vision is better than Arctic Gust at single target.

    I think PI damage has to be increased from 10% bonus to 15% at first and maybe even 20. Otherwise people shout completely ignore following PIs and just grab highest power cost harmful superpowers they can. And if they lack such in their power set(Sorcery) just go for Iconics like Freeze Breath, Batarangs and Sonic Shout.

    Mental PftT can start with Dazed PI (Mass Levitation) and utilize Sonic Shout and Pyrokinesis for mixed PI build which is way better than relying at Terror Tendrils.
  14. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    “Hold” weapon combos have been doing very little damage ever since first second weapons pass but it was ok while weapon “Taps” were able to compensate with their high damage. I kind of lost track after but I think that weapon Taps were nerfed twice in favor of Cross Weapon combos’ (WM) buff. As a result now weapon “Taps” and Cross Weapon combos are doing appropriate damage but normal weapon “Hold” combos are still underperforming and Weapon clipping is underperforming in general. This is most noticeable for “Hold” combos like Smoke Bomb, Spinning Punch, Haymaker, Mega Smash, Doom Spin, Cleave, Flip Slash, Ultra Flurry, Dual Flurry, Scissor Kick.

    Weapon Expert’s weapon buff is not impactful enough since “Hold” combos have low base damage and it has worst power management. Imo, Weapon expert should not have to be conservative on power and should be made more desirable for support roles as well. Since Superpowered focus has increased Passive regen with 10% power bonus but no active power regen, Weapon Expert should have only 2x as stronger Active (weapon) power regen compared to Hybrid and no passive power regen at all. Hybrid will stay in he middle with a little bit of everything. Im also on the fence about Cross Weapon combos not returning power while using Weapon Expert focus. I can understand restricting WM for other focuses but why also for Weapon Expert?

    Another thing Ive been thinking about is making Priority Heals giving Precision and Weapon damage buff to Healer and 3 closest allies. Traditionally almost all healers had and were able to provide sort of a group buff in the past but now Healer role is very sad and lacks any teeth. Doing solos as healer takes the longest and self healing is much more expensive power cost wise compared to tanks or controllers’ CC+ shielding options, making healer weakest solo PvE content role. Making Priority Heals a group buff will also bring other Healers closer to Celestial which can still deal some even if greatly reduced Might based damage.

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