possible RwC OP collections feat bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by StealthBlue, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    So, mid October I got the feat that was supposed to start allowing Riddled with Crime OP collections to start having a chance to drop (Quantifiable Street Cred) through a combination of Batman Beyond gear and Riddler gear from the vendor. Before today, I had never had an OP collection drop in RwC content. But last night I bought the last piece of the Riddler set from the vendor and got the feat "Riddler on the Roof". So I'm wondering, were OP collections bugged to trigger from the wrong feat?

    I know people had been complaining of poor/no drops from the episode as well early on, but I wasn't playing that much during those two months. If this is really what is going on, it strikes me as odd that no on realized it until now, but it would explain why complaints about drop rates seemed to go down closer to the launch of earth 3 (more people had finished vendor sets).

    Before anyone asks, I equipped that last vendor piece while wearing mostly 191 and up gear pieces. So there was no way for the Street Cred feat to re-register.
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Nope. Just crap drop rate/dumb luck.
  3. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I figured, but it was worth pointing out. As I said there were fewer complaints towards the end of the episode, when more people likely had the full vendor set, and I didn't get my first one until after finishing the vendor set almost 2 months after getting the feat that was supposed to let OP collections start dropping. It just seemed odd...
  4. dvdira New Player

    I've rarely posted on the forums but I'm a veteran since 2011. Played 1 to 2 years on the ps3 then moved to the pc. Through most of that I have been legendary and buying station cash regularly. I think that qualifies me as a fan of this game, so devs, kindly consider what I am about to ask before you do anything harsh with my account.

    I submitted a ticket regarding drop rates in specifically Rise of the Bat, but it was brushed off as pure bad luck and nothing else. So I'll ask again here. I apologize in advance for the wall of text.

    Since Rise of the Bat started, I have been playing Rise on 3 toons every day. This rate of play has decreased somewhat Earth 3, but our league still runs it every other day whenever we still have time. During the first month of Riddled, I think I spent around 1200+ replay badges replaying that alert, hoping to get one of the 3 OP collections.

    But in all that time, all those replays, UP TO TODAY, I have gotten only 1 OP collection. ONE.

    Enter my leaguemates, none of whom are willing to spend real money to buy station cash to get replay badges. They all regularly get drops from anywhere in the game, with predictable regularity. Every other day, they get an expensive OP collection and are amassing a considerable fortune in in-game cash by selling these. If three days pass without an expensive drop they are actually surprised.

    One of these people got 3 Complex Crime Scenes, and multiple Used Joker Venoms. This person even has the entire OP collections from Earth 3 (both OP items) already and is just waiting to buy the ones off the vendor to get his gear. His last was intel on owlman history a week ago but just the other day got ANOTHER one he could sell. He also got the Ultraman Cape last week. This guy refuses to spend on replay badges from the store and usually buys from ingame resetters. And he only has 2 toons.

    Another leaguemate had had multiple owlman calling cards drop already (3 i think) and like the first guy, also refuses to buy station cash. In fact, he's not legendary most of the time. He just buys episodes that he likes and thats it.

    Those of us in the league who buy station cash and are regularly legendary? We depend on those who don't buy station cash for our OP gear. Now why is that?

    Do people with an established willingness to buy station cash have a lower drop rate than those who don't?

    Of course, the official answer will be no, its just luck. Then my next question is what are the drop rate chances for all? At the end of day the chance to drop must be computed from a mathematical equation that makes sense. So how is this computed?

    It has to be more than just luck because 1 in 220 ((3 toons x 60 days thereabouts) + 40 replays) versus 11 in 130 ((2 toons x 60 days) +10 replays) seems like too wide a range for it to be pure luck.

    I am asking, because some devs over at the defunct Marvel Heroes recently revealed that they tailor-fit discount giveaway chances based on past purchases to influence purchasing behaviour. If a player was established as a regular buyer, he was never given anything higher than a 20% discount. I can't help but wonder if the same practices are being applied here with players who buy replay badges all the time. Common business sense says yes it probably is, but I am hoping otherwise.