Possible Easter Egg?

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  1. LordEmostache New Player

    In Metropolis' Chinatown PD, there are two NPC's that caught my attention. Lightkeeper Ambrose and Sentinel Rolins. Now this may just be a happy coincidence but am I the only one who sees this as a nod to former members of the WWE Stable 'The Shield', Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins?
  2. CHUD Loyal Player

    It's no coincidence,....it's just you seeing what you want to see.
  3. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    No they have been around for some time long before the Shield disbanded.
  4. Chosen One New Player

    As everyone has stated they have been there long before The Shield ever formed.
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    If anything, I think the named NPCs are most likely Easter eggs of SOE/DCUO developers. For example, there's an NPC at the Ace Chemicals solo missions named Higby, which I believe is one of the people behind/working on Planetside 2. There's also a named NPC in the Metrodome HIVE mission that was similar to a dev name from SWG, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.
  6. ARI ATARI New Player

    the damn is c.a.o. damn, the original creative director was named cao.
  7. Netherith Well-Known Player

    That is Chris Cao. He had Spytle's job before Spytle arrived.

    Kinda telling considering the dam in the comic books is actually called the S.A.I. Dam.
  8. Yui Loyal Player

    Don't be surprised. There are lots of easter eggs and references in DCUO :)