In Progress Possible Bug: Non-voted Standard TSDE run does not give credit for "Standard No death" feat

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by KlarkKent, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    I have doubts on this bug because at first we didnt vote for standard and someone died during lois fight and since this feat is wipe-able one, we wiped and redo the Lois Lane fight with no death. We didnt get the credit.
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  2. Yass New Player

    I can confirm. We passed it 2 times without anyone dying and we didn't get it. Since "standard" is the default stage for every elite, we didn't bother to vote it and we didn't get the completion.
  3. SeyanaDC New Player

    I also noticed this, attempted the no death feat with my league and when we finished the 1st boss we checked for credit on Lois and there was no checkpoint. This isn’t even the only feat that is bugged there is a handful of feats that are bugged, such as the hard knock feats, the “ultra-violent” feat, and more. It’d be greatly appreciated if ya could fix this game. :)
  4. Quixotic Developer

    Thanks for the report. I'm working on a fix for this.

    As a work-around for the moment, use the Elite+ console to select Standard and you should get credit as long as no one is knocked out.

    - Quixotic
  5. Stranger Well-Known Player

    As an info: The Feat says "Superman" 3 times. Instead of World Forger / ANti-Monitor
  6. Quixotic Developer

    This should be fixed in the next hotfix.
    And will include no longer listing Superman three times instead of Superman then World Forger then Anti-Monitor. That was a text error in the UI - credit for each boss was being earned correctly so the last Superman is Anti-Monitor and the one above that is World Forger.

    - Quixotic
  7. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Last Boss doesnt grant the progress point for the feat.
  8. Stranger Well-Known Player

    After todays Hotfix it is still not working for us... the last boss (Anti-Monitor)
  9. Quixotic Developer

    I haven't been able to reproduce this. In testing, I've gotten credit for Anti-Monitor in Elite (Standard) each time I've tried. Do you have any other details that might help find the cause?

    - Quixotic
  10. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Sorry for not updating. We've tried it on the late evening (the same day) again with voting for S1 and wiping once at Anti-Monitor then it worked. Maybe the hotfix was for the next day but the notes already released?
    Or maybe because someone used orbital, which we survived... but i doubt.
  11. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Notes are often posted the night before the server restarts. Mepps posted them on the 16th. The title of the notes said the 17th, which indicates the next day they will go Live. If you did this on the 16th and it was still bugged, that's expected. If you have done this since then and it's still bugged, then that's an issue. If you continue to do this and it's fine now, please indicate as such as well.