Possibilities are infinite with JL Unbound! Recruiting iconic heroes now!

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    Hello! We are the "JL Unbound" and we are a 2+ year old PS4 iconic league currently in the middle of rebuilding. Our main focus is to effectively progress in the game while also allowing for good vibes at the same time! We regularly hold feat-hunting sessions and have occasional League events such as style contests, holiday parties and more. We also have members who have been playing since launch and regularly keep up with the meta in terms of artifacts, power load-outs, SP distribution and in-game mechanics as well!

    We are mostly a 18+ League, but we do look out for our younger league-mates and encourage respect among peers. But of course, a little roasting here and there doesn't hurt anybody in the long run too! ;)

    If you have an Iconic toon and wish to be apart of a community that encourages leveling and good times, then we are the League for you.

    The main basic requirements are:

    • No CR Requirements at the moment, but we do prefer if you reach at least Level 25/30.
    • Heroes and Neutrals, such as Deathstroke, Black Adam and Harley Quinn.
    • Commitment to activity, no one likes a slacker. But we do understand if you have issues outside of the game that require your attention. We aren't heartless.
    If you wish to join, please add:
    IIHawkmanII - Leader
    Richard TGrayson - Council Member (preferably)
    Hope you join! :cool:

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