Popping Soders: The Unwritten Rule

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  1. The OmniScrooge New Player

    Early this month, I've decided to delve into the forgotten world of PvP to start upping my PVP rating and gear. I've done plenty of duels and the unwritten rule is 'Don't pop soders." For the most part, I see this rule followed in PvP matches but there are those who tend to go against it.

    #1. Do you follow the unwritten rule?
    #2. What do you do when your opponent breaks the rule?
    #3. How do respond those who heal themselves outside of soders (ie. healers & fire tanks)?

    I've lost so many matches by having the most damage that the opponent outlasted by having a good heal setup.
  2. Miserable Committed Player

    What's PvP?
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  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Why are they unwritten? Why not type in what you want the rules to be? Plenty of players don't pvp at all so if they ever do, they aren't aware of the etiquette. So they do what they'd normally do and "break the unwritten rules" and then be accosted publicly for breaking imaginary rules and say "welp, pvp sucks I'm out" and further bury the dead phase.

    And if the rules are typed in and everyone is aware, there aren't any problems till the rules of engagement are broken and the public shaming commences. Writing this out just reminded me why I don't go to the watchtower unless there's no other option lol
  4. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Fact is - it’s completely outdated. It used to be seen as a waste of soders (…when money had value…) so if both parties were cool you removed it from your bar, which you can inspect and see before a duel. Nowadays though with artifacts and the scaling of gear and the post revamp/post Water “shielding effect,” it doesn’t make sense at all with all the different healing mechanisms/damage mitigation.

    Plus there’s the bottled soder artifact…

    And it’s 2021 in DCUO, you’re worried about dueling?
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  5. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    my invites are on ignore, ppl get annoying especially in HoD
  6. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Open world dueling is so busted that I don't care if people supply, orbital, soder or whatever they want. If you want to PvP the system is not good, but arenas are a thing.
  7. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Yeah uhm, anyone using a Healer Powerset or a Tank Powerset is automatically exempt from saying anything about Soder Usage - and Controller or dedicated DPS people should generally just not say anything anyway, These days the mechanics are really one-sided: if someone is using a Healer build and insists that it's unfair for you to use Soders, then it's basically them insisting on cheating, is the real bottom line.

    If someone gives you grief for it, may I suggest sign language, Stone Cold Steve Austin style?
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  8. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player


    Oh hell yea
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    There is only one rule for dueling; define the terms/rules of the duel BEFORE you start. That's it. I have never understood why players like to change/adapt the rules as the duel happens. This is why my duel/match invites are on ignore as well.
  10. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I've seen it all the time in WT/HoD. Someone loses a duel and they go "but you popped a soder". So I guess they automatically didn't lose the duel due to some unknown DCUO technicality? Anyways it's an old dueling tradition that never was going to last because of all the updates ever since. I agree with the sentiment that if you aren't supposed to use it it wouldn't be in the game AND if you couldn't beat them popping a soder you couldn't beat them anyway. Otherwise PvP is dead why do players still hash out stupid beef?
  11. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well im not an fan of such sodar cola users myself i did in the past many pvps for me use something that heals you no matter if it is the sodar cola supply drops or the rules like fire tanks or healer thats shows pure weakness

    as mutch as im against sodar colas but im more against selfhealing roles i mean lets just think about an ice vs fire tank i didnt say ice cant beat fire but i think if the fire guy is same good like you ..you got no chance in hell.:D ..anyway if i wanna show that i be better as my enemy i beat him without cheap tricks or lose but if i lose i do it fair
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It seems to depend on the situation. If you are standing around the 'dueling' areas in WT/HOD, soders seem to be accepted as not used (as is popping heavy SCs). But in the open world it seems more acceptable, especially if you are not flagged up and someone invites you to duel. "Hey buddy, I was just working through a vendor and suddenly I'm dueling...you get what you get" is my thought. Personally I say the same thing to anyone who is doing duels to people at the bank/broker/mail area. You are just trying to catch someone working a vendor in a cheap win...so good luck with that.

    I don't duel a lot any more, but if I'm hanging around in the duel zone, I personally try to keep to the no soder rule...until I see you drink yours....then all bets are off and I'll drop the kitchen sink on you....I'll probably still lose, but I'll do down empty.

    As far as healing powers, meh....that's always been a drawback for fighting a healer or fire toon. Again, if you are in the zone, and you see someone flagged up who appears to be one of them, don't bother fighting them if you feel it's an unfair advantage.
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  13. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    1. I never follow the rule because well, you don't want to die or lose the duel and it's in the game for a reason. To heal you up. Of course there is no need for me to use one when I'm the one winning, so I never pop them when the opponent is like 5 health and I'm like 6 health. When I pop them I hope that they pop one too so the fight continues longer.

    2. I won't have a problem with it unless they're a higher CR or level than me and when I'm low I'll do the same

    3. That's what I want to know. Instantly healing is so annoying when they're consistently doing it when they're low with a pretty low cooldown because they have more than one power to heal themselves. I see it as smart but cowardly because sure you don't want to die or lose the match but if the opponent's only heal is a soder cola and you have like 2 powers to heal yourself excluding the soder cola that's annoying and everyone agrees with that. I'll continue the fight but if I'm doing way more damage to you I don't want you using healing power one after another to keep yourself from dying.

    I'm pretty obsessed with this topic because the other day I was pvping and this guy just wouldn't stop healing with the nature powers he had, I use nature too but I don't use it to heal myself. I was really about to kill him like 50 times until he just had to heal up and heal up and when he killed me he started trashtalking me. I don't have membership so I was only able to reply 5 times and he just wouldn't stop trashtalking me saying "REKT" or "sit down kid lololololool" and it made me furious knowing I'm unable to make a comeback anymore because I can't say anything anymore.
  14. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    True members of the PVP Community have always followed these unwritten rules since the beginning of this game's time. And, that goes before the duel feature had even existed when we first established Fight Club back in 2011. That was a time when our only option was for heroes and villains to face off against each other through honorable fashion in open world PVP phases.

    No colas, as well as no supercharges, trinkets, or pets became the consensus among us. Anyone who violated that was immediately looked down upon and even punished on those FC grounds. The punishment would be an allowance of everyone from the opposing faction to gank the very individuals who broke the code. What that did was teach a form of discipline and respect for each other within that very circle. That history lesson is very important to know when regarding this topic. On top of that, you should be thanking us for why the duel feature happens to exist in this game.

    The problem today is too many of those OG players who had helped to establish such ruling within the PVP community are long gone from this game. With such departure, it makes it that much more difficult to make sure those traditional unwritten rules in dueling stay intact. It's a much newer generation of DCUO players that has pretty much taken over the games population. Most of such players aren't going to know or even understand why such rules are set in place. And, that's not their fault. Because it's up to the OG's, like myself, and other true veterans of the PVP community to teach them that. Yet, we're a dying breed.

    At this point, being 10 yrs down the line from when these rules all first started, PVP is so broken and toxic to the point where it's just too much to care anymore. The newer generation of players today are doing all types of nonsense regarding duels. Popping colas, using supercharges, supply drops, henchman, mixing in gear pieces that allow them to equip HT mods when told to put on "PVP gear," and so forth. Let's not forget what artifacts have done. People go outside of such terms, it makes everything fair game at that point regardless of how frowned upon such may be. The discipline and respect simply isn't there anymore due to the neglect PVP has received.

    And, for the record, if anyone is to tell you otherwise, they were never a true member of the PVP Community to begin with.
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  15. FrankZappa Well-Known Player

    we use to call them the golden rules of pvp and everyone in pvp phase new what they were unless they were new.
    1) no soders (if you pop a soder and still lose it is like losing twice, to pop a soder is admitting defeat)
    2) no trinkets
    3) no sidekicks, henchmen so on
    4) no supercharges
    think that was pretty much it.
    as for heals we just told people to fight in dps role and heals were not as effective in dps role back then.
    now a days pvp is just a mess, best to just avoid it.
    now a days you will probably have to add no artifacts to the list also.