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    I have Days like this The Mission touched me after the Watchtower What is called * AMBUSH IN THE CAMERA * They gave me a ticket to enter the Camera ok until there well, I team the ticket and just when I use it The game crashed and I error comes out of the game and asks me to restart the Launcher ok I do it without any problem I analyze the error that occurred and allows me to enter the game again, but when I enter the game again, I continue with the same mission I search in my inventory the ticke which I could not use for the CRASH of the game and I do not have it in inventory, mail or in the bank and I continue with the Mission, which I can not do because I do not have the ticket as I would have used it and the mission intact I can not advance with the game I can not advance in the learning of the game because the mission as many people are commenting is essential to create your own base later, please Fix this problem I have yaa yaa days and I want to continue with my game normal, I only go for the map without advance in History and Map Learning FIX IT PLEASE.
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    If it's FIXED, they don't need to FIX IT.

    Check your 1 PLAYER tab on the ON-DUTY menu and queue for THE VAULT.

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