Please Watch What You Say.

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Francesca Lima, May 4, 2013.

  1. Francesca Lima New Player

    I am saying this because I see how some players on this are talking to players that are frustrated. Do not trash them because the players that put money into the game are what keep it running. If you all enjoy upsetting, people do it elsewhere. When the money is gone. POOF, your game is gone before you talk nasty to them on forum asking questions.
  2. Black House New Player

    You know I kind of agree with you, However there are those who only come on these forms to moan and cry about things that while they benefit the wider community, do not directly benefit them. Eveybody should be treated wih respect, that includes the developers as well as those players who wish to express their displeasure.
    That being said if you no longer wish to play they game then just go making a huge song and dance about leaving is rather self defeating.
  3. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    On voice chat I agree since you never know the age of the person on the other side. However if the other petson is a mouth and you can reasonbly tell they are over 15 then the gloves come off. Some of the ost offensive behavior ive heard has been from kidswhich doesnt give me hope for the future. The forum is a diffetent beast IMO since this is the 2nd most hostile site ive ever been on, the level of stupidity here evokes bad reactions on my part, its not that im trying to be mean its just im overwhelmed by the idiocy.
  4. Worlok New Player

    soe doesn't care about you or this game. anything that profits is what they care about.
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